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  1. Hey everypony. You may be wondering what I was doing for the past year or so. Well... I am sad to say... but I am no longer working on this project. I have lost interest to what I believed was quite an ambitious project and not receiving very much help. I also have my personal life (including a full-time job) and many other much smaller things I am working on which prevents me from working on this project. However, I will not completely destroy this project that I worked very hard on. I will keep it on my shelf to admire and remember the experiences I had in working on it. Sorry to disappoint anypony who is interested in this project. I hope that you are still enjoying the show and the fan-made projects associated with it.
  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Hey everypony! I am still working on this game at a slow rate. With the help of Yoshi Greenwater, I added more characters and audience members as shown in the picture below. The plot is coming along well and having somepony else modifying the dialogue to be better. Let me know if you have any ideas for the game.
  4. I'm glad that you saw the pic. It is not ready for testing yet, but I will let you know! Pinkie Pie will definitely have her party cannon. She will probably break the fourth wall occasionally in the dialogues. I got a list of ideas for her! Like CandleLight said, the game is very early in progress, but it is progressing!
  5. Hello! I am still making progress with this game. Here is what the first section of the first level looks like!
  6. Hey everypony! I am making slow progress with the game. With the help of an artist, I was able to add what I call the battle option selector that displays the available battle options. You can select an option and rotate them.
  7. Thanks for the input. I want to keep the swing, but I see that the percussion is a bit overpowering. The chord progression does contain more than the i and VII in the non-intro phases of the track, but the intro does only contain the i and the VII. Perhaps the intro needs to have at least one more chord? The tune does sound like it could fit in a special shop area, but fitting in a tip/trick/tutorial tune is almost exactly what I want since the battle against Trixie is the very first battle in the game (although Twilight will see her again later in the game). If you want to take on her theme, go ahead. I would like to hear it! Also, take your time. I haven't focused on my project for a while and just getting back to it. Thanks
  8. In my spare time, I went ahead and revised "Trixie's Theme". I completely removed the harpsichord since I think it sounds poor and I changed it to be more simple and "mischievous" in feeling, something that makes you say "Oh boy. It's her again". I hope you like it!
  9. For now, I need artists that can do concept art, environment art such as building and foliage textures, particle effects such as explosions and magic, UI art including the title screen, and other misc art. If the artist can also do 3d modeling, that will be great as well. Animators are also very important, especially since I just finished my sprite animation editor. As a note, the art style must be Paper Mario-like with the MLP theme, but you already know that. :-P Again, I would really appreciate it if any artist helps out. I will reward anypony for their efforts!
  10. Thanks! The re-organizing joke was my older brother's idea! That will be great! If they are interested, they can send me an email (
  11. Status Update: I took a long brake from game development and starting to get back to it. For this month, I have been developing the sprite animation editor for my game engine and it is close to being done. The animation editor, as of now, is shown below. There are bugs that need to be fixed, but once they are fixed (along with a few more little features), it will be ready for animators to start creating Paper Mario-like animations for the game. I am pretty happy on how it is turning out.
  12. I like it! It is more upbeat than easy listening and fits well with the area. It does have that melody that says, "You are in a tutorial." The use of the strings is good. I think adding one or two more complimentary instruments may help it be more interesting (perhaps percussion), but it is good for now. I'll let you know if there are other themes that I want you to work on.
  13. Alright. There is a theme that is needed in the game that gets played in an area called "Road to Canterlot". This area acts as a tutorial level that teaches the gamer some of the mechanics of the game. I want the music in this area to be casual. It should be more upbeat than easy listening. It doesn't have to be catchy or complex. It should be something nice to listen too but gets you going and makes you happy. Please read the spoiler section to get the context of the area. Keep the context and style of the game in mind as you compose the background music for the area. Listening back on the Paper Mario soundtrack (especially the N64 version), the music does use synthesized instruments. But, with technology back then, they have to come up with something to sound close to real instruments. For this Paper-style game, I still want the main instruments to be realistic, but if it is needed, you can add synthesized sounds and instruments to compliment the main instruments. I recommend listening to the Paper Mario soundtrack and the Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door soundtrack to get some ideas and inspiration. Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing it. Thanks again.
  14. It is a nice tune and has interesting choice of synth instruments. The percussion is good. The problem is that it sounds way too sinister, especially if it is about Trixie who really isn't sinister. In addition, it doesn't get me into the battle zone; it's not catchy and upbeat enough. Otherwise, it is a decent battle theme and I may use it in the game in a different environment and context. For this game's music in general, I want them to be more towards realistic instruments than synthesizers (synthesized instruments may be okay). There is nothing wrong with synthesizers, but it doesn't fit the style and context of the game. The entire game is main happy and upbeat, nothing dramatic (except for a few occasions in the story but there isn't a lot). Thus, the music should fit that style. There may be a few occasions that synthesizers may work in the game, but for now, realistic instruments is the way to go. I like to thank you, C. Thunder Dash, for helping me with my version of Trixie's Battle Theme and presenting your own version. I am still looking forward to hearing the normal battle theme. If that is also completely synthesized, . . . well . . . let me hear it first before I make a decision. Otherwise, thanks a bunch.