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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Got stung by wasps, ants and bees over the years. Got nipped by a dog while riding my bike passed a house. Got attacked by a little kid wielding plastic power ranger weapons...
  4. Currently a baker for a supermarket, working from 3am to around 12 lunch. It's not a bad job, pays the bills with money to spare, but doesn't give me a sense of achievement. Plus the hours are starting to drive my girlfriend nuts.
  5. One of those store bought, oven bake, pizzas. I'm having regrets....
  6. I come from the Land Down Under (Australia)! Where women cry and men chunder! (not sure if those are the right lyrics but they work for me)
  7. Depends on the group of people, whether they're rowdy or not. If it's just an issue about being naked than I have no problem going nude, but if there is not enough room for me to do my laps than there really isn't any point for me to be in the pool....
  8. She does these things to feed herself and her hive which are (presumably) her children. On top of that, when she could have easily killed the ponies she had captured and replaced, she repeatedly does not (the alternate future storyline not-withstanding). And, by the end of the season finale, she has had her kingdom and children transformed and turned against her. I think she has every right to be angry right now but next we meet her she will probably be sad and depressed and possibly suicidal, with only her pride and anger at perceived injustices keeping her going. She does not deserve to die or be banished. She already has been.
  9. The bitter sweet endings of Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. It's even more bitter sweet when you actually meet that Link again in Twilight Princess to find him regretting what he missed out on.
  10. My question is "Why" do we need these questions answered? It's not like they are currently important to the plot (like when we saw the Changeling flying to the Crystal Empire at the end of the Season 6 opening). Sure, we could have a "Zecora" episode and that could answer the Zebra culture question (much like we had a Griffon episode and a Dragon episode to illustrate those cultures) but overall none of these questions need to be answered, at all.
  11. Apparently any character that is more powerful or more skilled in a certain area than the main character is considered a "Mary Sue" now. Apparently "Over Powered" means "Mary Sue" now. English.....
  12. I think I like Starlight a bit more after watching this episode. She uses her spells (eg her talents) to solve perceived problems. In this case, the problem of no one co-operating (as she perceives it) to get everything done as effectively and efficiently as possible. I imagine those that work management positions can relate a lot with her situation here and appreciate her solution. Of course, the pitfalls of working with automatons with no sense of independence are also showcased here (as are the pitfalls of working with a group of independents who are all focused on their own things). Very interesting episode.