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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. @@Ranger22,@@Randimaxis, As soon as they got running down the hall, not once did Dusk Rose look back. The doors revealing more and more monstrosities on either side of them was only more reason to keep running. She looked to the end of the hall, hoping they could get there in time to shut the door on them, but she heard gunshots behind them and tried to believe that they were dead thanks to Whitetip ('cause from what she had seen, it was hard to imagine their mutual acquaintance as a pure-gunslinger bringing in death at high noon). Even if she were wrong, there was still the door. It'd keep them out, wouldn't it? When they got near, Rose's submachine gun and electric pistol were at the ready. The moment they were out, she immediately turned around to telekinetically slam the door shut. Her guns faltered in the air for a bit, but it didn't take long at for her to reassert her magic over them. That, of course, was when she saw just what was in front of them, to the right, to the left, all around. Hearing Whitetip's exclamation, she couldn't agree more. Part of her began to suspect that the two of them had been lead into a trap and regret not being more assertive in taking a less direct approach, the former especially when she saw him utilize such destructive power. But when she suddenly felt bullets hit her shields, she bolted for the right, turning invisible. In a place that was more or less not getting littered with bullets, she saw the whiptails and the loader bots and immediately came up with a plan, fighting against her racing heart. Letting her submachine gun rest across herself once more, she stuck more to the wall, getting behind the loader bots and the whiptails. She eyed the tail of the whiptail that was closest to one of the loader bots and after several precious seconds of hesitation (caused partially by getting hit with a few stray bullets that her shield blocked), its tail became enveloped in golden magic and was wound around the loader bot, finishing in a very basic double knot. Wasting no more time, she drew out her electric pistol and shot the area where the knot was tied around the loader bot a few times in hopes of electrocuting them both. In hopes of at least deterring the other whiptails and the other loader bot, she shot a few more electric rounds at the loader bot and let loose some bullets from the submachine gun before she made a quick retreat. From her (partial) hiding place, still invisible, and still getting hit by stray bullets, Rose watched the enemies on the right and waited.
  3. @@Ranger22,@@Randimaxis, Dusk Rose felt her ears stand up and turn towards the unexpected source of voiced gratitude. She wondered if there was something else beneath that "Thank you", but it sounded genuine to her. Taking his warning of the dangers to come, she sighed in partial amusement. She thought to herself that she wouldn't even be a few miles near this damned place, but she gets a nagging suspicion and is all a sudden willing to go through bullet hell just to satisfy her curiosity. Checking her guns one last time, she decided to switch her corrosive pistol with the one with the electric rounds and decided to put the submachine gun to use, though she cursed its weight without noticing the mark it had dug into her shoulder. Her knife, of course, stayed where it was. When the question of the Doctor's prior knowledge of their arrival came up, she threw in her two cents as she looked around the place. Her ears twitched, for she felt no need to hear what she thought was surprise and fear. "You were an important experiment. I don't think he would just deem you out of sight, out of mind." Rose gave Whitetip a look of "Be serious here" when he threw his two cents in, thought not entirely sure if he was serious or if one actually existed. Then she gritted her teeth and fought the urge to drop everything and cover her ears as that irritating voice came on the speakers. Experiment meat... There was no way she was going to let herself die or get captured in a place like this. As soon as she saw the Loader Bots, Rose immediately ducked, hesitating to rise even with the shield protecting them. It didn't take her long at all to figure that the weapons they had were extremely dangerous, so she bolted for the east door. Rose went so fast that her hooves slid a bit on the floor as she stopped at the door, almost slamming into the wall. She looked back at the shield, the bullet hell, and the others.
  4. Probably not as often as I should. It's long, thick, and straight, but I often braid my hair and it looks more wavy when I unravel it. On the rather rare occasion I get a haircut, it's only enough to get out split ends, trim my bangs, and put in layers.
  5. @@Ranger22,@@Randimaxis, When the suffering mare exploded, Dusk Rose instinctively raised a hoof to shield herself from the debris. A few flying metal bits made some small cuts in her sleeves, but there was no damage to herself for her shield to ward off. When she lowered her hoof, she saw what remained of the mare and stared. It wasn't a mutilated stranger she saw. Rose saw instead an aging unicorn mare who was a lighter shade of purple with the same pale yellow eyes. Her last request echoed in her head, but it wasn't in the stranger's strangled voice. She heard her own response to it from a mere two months back. That was the last time she saw her, hopefully not the very last. She let out a sigh, shaking her head. Looking up, she briefly met Whitetip's gaze before quickly looking to the side. She was just about to say "Thanks" before a most grating voice came on the speakers. Her ears twitched in annoyance every few seconds as she listened, though annoyance wasn't all she felt. Looking around, Rose half-expected to be set upon on all directions by more cyborg monstrosities. She looked around for possible escape routes, putting away her guns and going through a mental list of her personal weaponry. It was foolish, coming down here with only a few recorded accounts, the occasional correspondence, and other things as clues. Walking around to get a better look at the place without wandering too far from the group, she flatly answered,"I have to know. And even if I wanted to leave, I have a feeling he wouldn't let me go so easily. If we want to survive, we end this." Turning away from them, she checked the ammo in her pistols while going over ways to counter the enemies they had seen thus far.
  6. I don't think it's anything unique to this fandom. MLP isn't the first show to have heartwarming and heartrending moments that provoke tears. It's also not the first to have a fandom who express what they're feeling. As for myself? I'm not exactly the emotive type. I'll get amazed, shocked, depressed, but not submerged in tears.
  7. Not terribly proud of America at this moment, but I kind of regard America like I regard an annoying friend of mine; I'm frustrated, but I can't help but love it. So if anyone asks, I'll say that I'm American. Besides, "Virginian" just doesn't sound right to me, even though it's more accurate and specific.
  8. @@Randimaxis, @@Ranger22, Dusk Rose couldn't help but grin for a bit. She was just about getting ready to aim for the same places again expecting that she had missed, but it looks like the past few weeks had paid off. Not to mention that it looked as though Whitetip had done away with the cyborgs. Aiming for the remaining spider drones, she once again eyed the heads and the legs. Then she realized too late that in fact, not ALL of the cyborgs were dead, and she momentarily froze. To her embarrassment, she was quickly reminded of the protective mist and her own shields, which actually really held up fine for the most part. She slowly rose, trying to push aside what would've happened if she wasn't a) given a powerful shield, b ) given armor, and c) covered in black mist. Focus and caution took back their place in the span of about a few seconds. She took the machine pistol and tried to line up a headshot on one of the cyborgs, then she became witness to their guide's power. With it came the feeling of dread that came to her when they first spotted that cyborg at the beginning. Only multiplying it by a hundred. Watching the flesh rapidly decompose after his move, she suddenly felt a bit vulnerable, not helped with the realization that her invisibility was going to run out in a few seconds. "Please... kill me..." The cyborg's plea rung more clearly in her head than the horrid shriek from seconds before. The tone sounded... so familiar. The moment she saw bullets fly, she dropped to the floor, trying to submerge herself as best she could. She didn't hear her pistols hit the ground as she brought them down with her, though her yellow magic still enveloped them. Rose quickly got up to fire at the cyborg, but then she stopped in time so as to not shoot Whitetip as he came to her protection. Her question of "What are you doing?" got drowned out by the bullet hell around them. As he stepped to the side, she gave him a concerned sideways glance as she waited, crouched in the dark mists, to see if the cyborg's last request was granted. The sense of obligation to help comply was strong, but her need to conserve her ammo was stronger.
  9. @@Ranger22,@@Randimaxis, As she followed, Dusk Rose cursed in her head for using her spell too early. The past few weeks had given her time to improve the spell's duration, but a timer was already ticking down. But more important than that, she had a bad feeling about the spider things' movements. Wherever they were going, they were likely called to it, like they're being given telepathic commands. At least, that's what she initially thought. She watched them do a weird sequence of taps and when they finished, it was at that point that she decided to levitate out the corrosive pistol, bringing it to her front and the machine pistol more to the side. Them being in a hallway, it was very easy for them to turn around see that black mist. Not only that, somepony or something (or a combo of the two) could come up behind them. As long as the spell was up, she knew she was mostly safe, but she wasn't keen on losing her help either. Then out came more abominations. She examined the newcomers intently, trying to pinpoint parts of them to best target if things took a turn for the violent. As she did so, she slowly backed away, hoping the group could get away in time. That hope then shriveled up and died as she felt herself caught by their glare. Fourteen glares, to be exact, follow by a sound that was surely going to inspire some... interesting art later. Tense and tight, the sounds of explosions and gunfire filled her ears. Alongside all of the fear and the composure that formed a restraining bolt, she was slightly amazed. Whitetip really wasn't showing off, carrying all those guns when they first met. Then again, was there ever any doubt, given the planet they're on? Then again, didn't one drunk mare show off to her one evening and then shoot her own hoof off? Regaining some calm from the darkly hilarious memory, she turned her attention to the spiders. She wondered for a second why their guide wasn't doing anything, but she quickly figured that it was because he wasn't much of a multi-tasker. So, she turned the machine pistol on the spiders and fired at their heads. They provided bigger targets and if they're anything like living beings, headshots would slow them significantly, she thought. Then, looking to conserve her corrosive ammo, she aimed the corrosive pistol at the upper parts of the legs on the closest ones and fired a few shots, hoping it would cripple them and make it harder for the others to get closer. Taking a few steps back, she focused intently on the enemies in front of them, feeling her heart race. She had to admit, this felt rather exciting. A dangerous feeling.
  10. Dusk Rose had to be honest with herself; she didn't particularly like their plan. But longer routes in a highly armed, highly secured, highly unfamiliar place meant to her a higher chance of death and/or capture, not to mention that blowing the place to high hell was the last thing she wanted. Besides, she also had to admit that after seeing that unholy monstrosity, she just wanted to be done with the place. But if she had to choose between leaving right at this moment and having to see a few more of those... things, in order to learn something, well, the answer was quite obvious. As they made their way down the hall, Rose looked all around. She was amazed. The walls, the floor, the lights, it all looked so old, how long ago was this place constructed? And if there was some sort of maintenance team, they truly sucked at their jobs. Not that she herself was any better back at home. That reminded her; how was- no, no time for that. As she looked all over the area, she also couldn't help but eye the dark mists that aided in their approach. Grateful as she was for the cover it provided them, she couldn't help but feel as though it secretly wanted to kill her. Tracing the mists back to their, ah, source, she began to wonder if he was really the only one with this darkness of his. What had they done after his escape? Did they decide to make more? Being told to keep to the middle thankfully stopped that train of thought from going into some dark places, leaving room to think on why somepony like herself should be in the middle. But that didn't last, as she went invisible and drew out her ordinary pistol as soon as she saw the cylinders come from the ceiling and horrid spider things come from the tubes. Then she reflexively lifted her hooves as the black mists surrounded them, about to back away before the explanation was given. Tentatively, she kept low to the ground, not that the spider things or anypony really could see her anyway. As she snuck by the bio-machinery, she felt more dread weighing on her. Just, what WERE those things?! Why in Celestia's name did they need bloody heads?! But no time for analysis, all there was to do was get on by.
  11. Dusk Rose's ear flicked in annoyance at his tone, but his words weren't lost on her. She had a feeling that she struck a nerve, but it could also just be irritation. At least, going off of what she was currently feeling about how she didn't get the sort of answers she was looking for. But no time to dwell on that, as there was the question of strategy. Just as she opened her mouth to speak, she tasted something foul on her tongue and that was when the lights came on. Her eyes didn't have enough time to adjust, so the walls of preserved parts was a bit of a shocker. The initial shock eventually gave way to curiosity edged with the ever-present sense of foreboding. Slowly with steady steps, she walked by the shelves, reminded of those horror stories she read a lot of. She had an idea of what fiction is like. She had an idea of what the real thing is like. Yet, she could not begin to describe the two coming together. Walking around the room and taking small breaths to keep from tasting the scent, she said,"Well, I believe we should go after the Center Office. Or rather, we go towards Dr. Skinner, I diverge at some point, I make my way there, and, assuming I survive, you get mission control." Then she paused, then sighed and said,"Otherwise, if the path is going to take too long, I'll be with you two all the way. Either way, I'd like to make sure we don't get any surprises."
  12. @@Ranger22,@@Randimaxis, Dusk Rose internally sighed in relief as Whitetip decided to just avoid the guard. She had a feeling he was itching for a fight (or maybe it was Mr. Mummy), and that just wouldn't go over well at all. Not against some THING with a missile launcher. Nodding to Whitetip, she chose the corrosive pistol and prepared to draw it out the moment the guard spotted him as he made a run for the mummy's position. She could just about tell the sounds Whitetip's armor was making from the guards' hoof-steps. She waited a few seconds, half-expecting the guard to come galloping through towards him. But when he was across, she turned on her invisibility and swiftly but silently made her way towards where the rest of the team was. When she got there, she dispelled her spell as she walked past the two, not wishing to startle them with the illusion of a disembodied voice or her apparent disappearance. She turned to face them and paused, noticing something black in the darkness past them. Maybe it was just the darkness, but she couldn't see any other numbers on the wall. Was it put there just recently? Did he know about them? Looking over in the stallion's direction, she cocked her head and asked in a low, quiet voice,"How long has it been since you've been here?"