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Everything posted by caseyastevens

  1. Don't agree with him at all thats its like the 80's movie. This movie is 10x better than that.
  2. Don't really think its that divisive. From what I've heard and seen, it sounds most bronies enjoyed it than disliked it. Not to mention the fans on this site seemed to love it judging how the poll shows.
  3. Meh. Fame and Misfortune was pretty damn good. I find it to be one of the best this season.
  4. Nope. Thats in character for her. She was going through lots of stress and pressure seeing how they are literally Equestrias only hope. When she found the one thing that could help millions of ponies from enslavement, and was not given permission to use it, of course she was going to try something. She's not going to give up and fail her mission. And yelling at pinkie also adds up because again the stress. That stress turned into anger which resulted in Twilight shouting at Pinkie. But Twilight immediately regreted what she did, and went into serious depression. This whole thing is just showing Twilight isn't perfect and has flaws, and that she's not a "mary sue" like some fans think she is. Even Tara herself said this movie would show how "human" Twilight is.
  5. That was the scene that almost made me cry. Just the expression on Twilight's face after she insulted Pinkie gets me everytime. And the scene after where Twilight is crying by herself. Probably Tara Strong's most emotional performance in the series.
  6. Hell no. From what I've been hearing vast majority of fans loved it.
  7. I get almost teary eyed whenever I hear that amazing orchestra in the opening credits. Though There was another pretty emotional scene in the movie that also made me almost cry.
  8. My first viewing I thought the first act was fast, but after re-watching it, It doesn't bother me anymore, and I don't consider it to be too fast any more.
  9. Storm King was just a guy who wanted power and control. He was still an entertaining bad guy.
  10. Maybe they didn't want to fight back in case of them losing and having some of the hippogriffs being taken prisoners. So instead, they fled to their underwater kingdom instead so they would be safe.
  11. I believe the orb is just a magical artifact that can do many different things and twilight wanted to use its power against the storm king. I don't think it only changes ponies into seaponies. Also there isn't a reason for Discord being absent. He's most likely doing his own thing.
  12. Saw the movie again and I still love it. The fast pace didn't bother me this time around which I thought would happen. Characters, songs, animation, and story are all still great.
  13. Hollywood Reporter did a review and said that this movie might be worse than the emoji movie. What complete bull.
  14. This is most likely going to be one of those movies that general audiences will enjoy more than critics.
  15. IGN made a written review for it, but its garbage. Guy claims to be a fan but gets stuff wrong. Could still go down though. I really wish those earlier positive reviews were part of the score.
  16. Critics did see it. And if you look you can find a bunch of them. Its just that reviews for Rotten Tomato just started today.
  17. Now I see it. Though its weird that the tomato meter isn't up.
  18. I looked, and there is still no reviews on rotten tomato.
  19. Whats wrong? SImple Ways was a good episode. WHich is very odd, because his review doesn't sound negative at all. That grade just came out of nowhere.
  20. On the brighter side, BoxOfficeReport did predict that the movie will be in second behind bladerunner, so maybe it won't turn out so bad.
  21. According to Box Office, the MLP movie is now in the top 5 at with 4.7% of daily sales. Not really a financial guy, so I don't know how much that is.