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Posts posted by caseyastevens

  1. 2 hours ago, Batbrony said:

    I said in my "Fame and Misfortune" review and I'll say it again, that was an episode that was so divisive that there is no wrong way to feel about it.  Some people loved it, some people hated it, me, I mostly got a 'meh' takeaway from it because it felt like it was critiquing corners of the fandom that I can't really say I'm  part of in that I've only ever been to one con and, largely, conducted myself pretty well around celebs.  That and, unlike this episode, there wasn't a proper resolution between the Mane 6 and the "bad eggs" among their fans, which by the end of the episode was... pretty much all of their fans.  This episode focused on both the positive and negative aspects of having so many fans, whereas "Fame and Misfortune" focued squarely on the negative (though I did find Star Tracker to be a lame duck of a character, and a tad creepy, for most of the episode, he didn't do much for me but he also seemed pretty harmless overall).

    Don't really think its that divisive.  From what I've heard and seen, it sounds most bronies enjoyed it than disliked it.  Not to mention the fans on this site seemed to love it judging how the poll shows.  

  2. 1 minute ago, Batbrony said:

    Ehhhhhh, "Fame and Misfortune" was critiquing every aspect of the fandom it could, and a ton of it was specifically con behavior, not just online behavior.  It didn't even have much of a resolution, which was partly intentional, but also made it kind of unsatisfying.  Like I said, I didn't loathe that episode like others did, but it was hardly one of the better ones of the season and felt a little too... raw in its delivery.

    Meh.  Fame and Misfortune was pretty damn good.  I find it to be one of the best this season.

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  3. 7 minutes ago, Azureth said:

    So does anyone else feel it was out of character for Twilight to resort to theft as well as the way she shouted at Pinkie on the beach? Especially given all that they've been through?

    Nope.  Thats in character for her.  She was going through lots of stress and pressure seeing how they are literally Equestrias only hope.  When she found the one thing that could help millions of ponies from enslavement, and was not given permission to use it, of course she was going to try something.  She's not going to give up and fail her mission.  And yelling at pinkie also adds up because again the stress.  That stress turned into anger which resulted in Twilight shouting at Pinkie.  But Twilight immediately regreted what she did, and went into serious depression.  This whole thing is just showing Twilight isn't perfect and has flaws, and that she's not a "mary sue" like some fans think she is.  Even Tara herself said this movie would show how "human" Twilight is.

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  4. 7 minutes ago, Mint Chaser said:

    I think the part that got me the worst was when Twilight yelled at Pinkie and Pinkie teared up..that hurt..and yes,that intro as well

    That was the scene that almost made me cry.  Just the expression on Twilight's face after she insulted Pinkie gets me everytime.  And the scene after where Twilight is crying by herself.  Probably Tara Strong's most emotional performance in the series.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, ChikoritaCheezits said:

    Time to talk about the movie in spoiler fashion.

    I genuently liked it. The songs and the animation were great. The art style shift takes some getting used to, but once you do, you start to notice the little details like how detailed the backgrounds look. All songs are pretty much Disney quality (I instantly bought One Small Thing after the movie was over).

    Now, there are flaws. First off, Fluttershy does next to nothing. She does one awesome thing in the climax fight, but other than that, she either stands there or cowards. I would say this is because she didn't get matched up with any of the new characters (like Pinkie with Skystsr) but then you remember AJ and Spike didn't and they did more. I will say though her cousnling that henchmen was really funny. 

    The other flaw is that the first act is way too fast paced. It's basically they have the party and they're thrown into the conflict. It thankfully gets better about a quarter of the way through.

    other than that, it's a pretty fun ride. I could easily nitpick other things like some IGN or Rotton Tomatoes critics have, but that would ruin the fun. And yes, this film is fun. 

    My first viewing I thought the first act was fast, but after re-watching it, It doesn't bother me anymore, and I don't consider it to be too fast any more.  

  6. 15 minutes ago, C. Thunder Dash said:

    Omg...the movie was phenomenal. The character development was stellar and don't get me started on the seapony transformation...just brilliant. It's too bad it led to the big vertical drop though...ugh...that was heartbreaking...only negative comment I could say are: The Storm King needed more development. He had know "reason behind the motives" story like Tempest did, through her song, and now...speaking of which...we now know that an Ursa Minor is capable of slicing unicorn horns. 

    Storm King was just a guy who wanted power and control.  He was still an entertaining bad guy.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Azureth said:

    But that just begs the question as to why they chose to use the power to turn themselves into seaponies and hide instead of using it against the storm king in the first place.

    Maybe they didn't want to fight back in case of them losing and having some of the hippogriffs being taken prisoners.  So instead, they fled to their underwater kingdom instead so they would be safe.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Azureth said:

    So I asked this before but never got an answer: Had Twilight managed to get the seapony orb thing just how was she planning to use it to save Equestria? From what I could tell all it could do was turn Ponies into seapony's. Was she planning on turning everypony in Equestria into seaponies? 

    One other question: Is there any in-universe reason why they never thought to have Discord for help? Seems having an all-powerful demi-god would have came in REAL handy!

    I believe the orb is just a magical artifact that can do many different things and twilight wanted to use its power against the storm king.  I don't think it only changes ponies into seaponies.  Also there isn't a reason for Discord being absent.  He's most likely doing his own thing.

  9. 2 minutes ago, VeroxVitrus said:

    MLP Movie Review

    My Little Pony: The Movie is a mess that hides itself under the well drawn backgrounds and locations of the movie. Like I predicted from seeing the trailers, this movie was going to be beautiful but the story would doom it to low ratings. The first issue I have with the movie is that it feels like an extended MLP episode, everything in the movie could of been covered in 21 minutes but the film has filler and unneeded lackluster musical numbers thrown in to extend the running time. 

    Another thing that the movie does badly is the story, it's too basic. I'm not saying it needs to be lord of the rings or the matrix but the writers could of been more risky with the plot. I have watched all of the mlp episodes to date and I'm pretty sure the writers could come up with something less cliche than this. You have this GIANT world filled with lore and vast amount of creatures and you stick to a plot line about some villain trying to takeover the world?

    Speaking of cliches this film is filled to the brim with them, everything you see in a typical movie is in this. The obvious evil villain, the plan to dominate the world, the villains sidekick just there for laughs, the sudden moment of hopefulness and the bad guy being defeated. Like I said before the writers can do better than this, they're playing it too safe. When the films not trying to throw everything but the kitchen sink at you it does have some unique moments to it, but the problem here is that they're only on screen for a couple of minutes before we move on to the next creature that bumps into the mane 6 on their quest.

    One minute we are with a cat called capper who wants to use the mane 6 to wipe away his debt (Bioshock Infinite anyone?) and then the next minute we are on a ship with pirates working for the storm king and then after that where in an underwater city that screams bargain atlantica with a mermaid like creature. It's like the mane 6 rented the locations for 5 minutes and needed to get through filming as quickly as possible, because of this the film can't develop the new characters properly and they just become so forgettable at the end of the movie. 

    When the film is trying to make undeveloped characters it's also rendering some of them completely stupid, take the storm king for example who was shown to be a powerful king who set cities on fire and forced people to work with him in the comics only to be turned into a big stupid oaf in the film that's at threatening as a teletubby. And if you thought maybe tempest could redeem the film a bit you're wrong, Tempest it just another bland villain with an uninteresting backstory that only gets hit by the stupid reform cliche my little pony has a thing for at the end. 

    This film is Garbage, the only thing I can give it points for is it's beautiful art style.

    Nope.  I thought it was pretty awesome movie.  8.5/10

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  10. 3 minutes ago, ChikoritaCheezits said:

    You've also gotta keep in mind that there's a good chance these people didn't even watch the movie considering it's just starting to release to the public, and could just be downvoting it to troll. It's good to wait a few days to see how it fluctuates. You also gotta keep in mind that not everyone cares for the show and might not get attached to the characters the same way others do.

    This is most likely going to be one of those movies that general audiences will enjoy more than critics.

  11. IGN made a written review for it, but its garbage.  Guy claims to be a fan but gets stuff wrong.

    1 minute ago, The Artist Formerly Known As A.V. said:



    Good news: It's currently risen to 60% (meaning it's now in "Fresh" territory).

    Could still go down though.  I really wish those earlier positive reviews were part of the score.

  12. 10 minutes ago, Kiryu-Chan said:

    >Number 9
    >Simple Ways


    Whats wrong?  SImple Ways was a good episode.

    1 minute ago, immblueversion said:

    That review...gave the film one-and-a-half stars. And you know what else? The exact same review with the exact same author gave it a D+ on another site.

    WHich is very odd, because his review doesn't sound negative at all.  That grade just came out of nowhere.