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  1. @Dynamo Pad Dusk smiles widely as he is nuzzled by his mother and nuzzles her back "Thank you so much mommy" he says again before seeing that his nana had dished out their dinner. He jumps out of Broken's arms and rushes to the table,sitting down and waiting patiently. It was pretty easy to tell which was his though, as his sippy cup of chocolate milk was set there. Broken smiles and shakes her head as she then begins to reach over and hold Dynamo's hand gently "I've met her a couple of times, and yep, we've performed together a couple of times, and she's always been so kind when it comes to criticizing my music" Night smiles and waits for everyone else to sit down before sitting down herself "You'd be right there, I don't think it'll be very long before they do become a couple, especially with how well Dynamo gets along with Dusk" she says, sitting down next to Button, "Dig in everyone, there's enough for seconds if anyone wants any"
  2. @Dynamo Pad Broken smiles "Well..you see my hubby was into those types of music, especially metal and rock, but I'm mostly into dubstep, trance, house and techno" she says with a smile "remixes too, ever heard of Vinyl Scratch? She's like my idol" she says as she walks up the stairs with Dynamo next to her and Dusk following close behind. "I-I like game music, like s-soundtrack music" he says, trying to be a part of the conversation, and it worked, as Broken scoops him up and hugs him "Yes sweetie, you sure do, and mummy is working on a new game remix album just for you" she says, nuzzling him lovingly, "R-really?! Thank you mummy!" he exclaims, hugging her tightly. Night smiles as she nuzzles him "Of course, though you know as well as I do, you'll likely be in my room and Dynamo in Broken's.. I mean we are couples after all, what's the point of sleeping in separate beds?" she asks with a giggle then turns to look at the trio that had come back and smiles, "Broken is such a good mother, I did my best but..she is just so wonderful to our little Dusky"
  3. @Dynamo Pad Broken smiles and gently picks Dusk up into her arms as he slowly wakes up "Honestly? My hubby was more for hard rock and heavy metal, but he was very supportive of my music career" she says and starts to ascend the stairs back up to the 1st floor of the house "And you are welcome" she says as she sees Dusk waking up a bit more. "I-is it dinner time yet, daddy?" he asks, looking up at Dynamo. Night smiles and nuzzles Button as she finishes serving the food and putting the plates and such on the table "It was real fun earlier" she says with a giggle "But I hope you don't see it as me trying to lure you to stay, I want it to be both your and Dynamo's decisions" she says and waits for the others to come up from the rehearsal room.
  4. @Dynamo Pad Broken smiles and held his hand as she listened to him tell her what had happened. She then kisses his cheek "See, your dad was watching over you the whole time, he gave you the strength to go into the tournament and even to win it" she says, smiling even more "I feel the same way with my husband, when ever I feel nervous about releasing a new song to the public during one of my concerts or gigs, I can feel him watching over me and giving me the courage to do so" she then smiles as she could hear Button and her mom talking upstairs "Thank you for telling me everything sweetheart, it shows that you trust me a lot, and it means a lot to me" she says and smiles as Dusk soon woke up with a cute yawn, "I guess we should go upstairs now"
  5. @Dynamo Pad Broken's ears folded down a little as she heard what happened, but she couldn't help but smile as she heard the tone of pride in Dynamo's voice. She nods and gently holds his hand in hers once more "I'm really sorry to hear that, to lose a loved one to such circumstances, is a horrible thing to go through" she says but then smiles at him gently "But want to know what I believe? I believe that when a loved one passes on, they don't completely leave you" she says softly "So long as you hold their memories close to you, then they are always there, and are likely watching over you from the Heavens" she says, nuzzling Dynamo a little, "It could just be a young widow trying to not get lonely and remember her beloved passed on husband"
  6. @Dynamo Pad Broken nods and gently holds his hand in her own, gently rubbing his knuckles with her thumb "Start wherever you feel comfortable starting from dear" she smiles gently at him and rests her head on his shoulder "He does sound like a great guy though" she says before looking up at him once more "So I guess, start with what happened to him then" she says, glancing over to Dusk, thankfully he was still asleep. It was bad enough he lost his father before he was even born, but hearing about what had happened to Dynamo's father, that would likely really upset him.
  7. @Dynamo Pad Broken smiles as she could see that Dusk was once again falling asleep, and knowing that Button and her mom may be a while, she had not problem with putting him down somewhere comfortable and then putting a blanket over him. She kisses his forehead "Sleep well sweetie" she says before sitting down and smiling at Dynamo. "So Dynamo, I know it is a sore spot for you, but I do find that talking about things can help you feel better" she says, patting the spot next to her for him "Please, tell me about your father..from just knowing you today, I can tell he must have been a wonderful stallion who raised you to be who and what you are"
  8. @Dynamo Pad Broken smiles and nods "Yep, well it's mostly full of my DJ equipment, but it does have some instruments and amplifiers" she says, carrying the small sleepy colt in her arms, "My main career is DJing, so you can sort of see why mom and I would like to have someone like you and/or Button around at night to look after Dusk, as the both of us mostly work at night" she nuzzles him and unlocks the door and walks in "Well, welcome to my rehearsal room"
  9. @Dynamo Pad "Yep, more time for us to bond, and time for Button and mom to bond too" Broken says with a smile, as a squeal could be heard from the bathroom and then rounds of giggles. Broken then covers Dusk's ears and looks to Dynamo "Shall we go to the soundproofed rehearsal room? That way Dusky won't have to hear the adult fun mom and button are now having" she asks with a subtle wink to him and picking Dusk up in her arms. Night giggles as she felt the embrace of a certain pegasus stallion, she turns around and kisses him "Well hey there handsome, what took you so long" she asks and kisses him some more.
  10. @Dynamo Pad Night smiles and kisses Button on the cheek once more before heading to her room, she also pokes her head around the corner "And don't think I've forgotten that you're here Dynamo dear, thank you so much for being there for both Broken and Dusk as well." she says before ducking into her private ensuite and getting into the shower, singing softly as she felt the water run down her back and through her mane and fur. Broken smiles and winks to Button "You know Button dude, I'm sure mom wouldn't mind if you paid her a little surprise visit" she says with a teasing laugh. Dusk was snuggled up to Dynamo and nods "I-I know, but I always worry about nana when she goes to work, a-after what I was told what had happened to my daddy"
  11. Akari Maverick

    Private A Wufksy in Equestria (With Lord Valtasar)

    @Lord Valtasar Mika smiled as his first shift ended a couple hours later and he stretches "Ah that was a good day" he says to himself and texts Aya "Hey Aya, gonna go pick up Justin from Fluttershy's, do you need a lift home or anything?"
  12. Akari Maverick

    Private A Wufksy in Equestria (With Lord Valtasar)

    @Lord Valtasar Mika chuckles and asks Rarity, who was more than delighted to have Aya look at the photos, so he sent over the ones of him in the punk outfit and one of him in a corset/skirt combination. He chuckles as he presses the send button and goes back to looking at some more of the outfits he had to try on, at least he got to choose which ones to try on and in which order, from that point on.
  13. @Dynamo Pad Night sighs "Yeah, it wasn't easy of course, but his uniform kind of gave it away" she says and chuckles a little "And who ever said that Changelings are stubborn was understating it quite a lot" she chuckles and smells the food "Mm smells like the dinner is ready" she says "I'm just gonna go shower and change, then I'll be down for dinner" she says, gently kissing Button on the cheek "Thanks for looking after my babies, dear" she says to him softly and walks up the stairs to her room and private ensuite. Broken smiles "See Dusky, nana came home just as we said she would" she says, helping him to dry his tears, and he nods 'O-okay mommy, I know" he says and snuggles up to her lovingly, as Broken just holds him close. Even though she seemed confident, her face showed that there was a look of massive relief.
  14. @Dynamo Pad Dusk looked up at everyone, smiling a little "R-really?" he asks as Broken smiles back at him "Really really, sweetie" she says reassuringly "None of us will be leaving you for as long as we can stay here for you for" she says and then looks up to Button "Thanks Button, mom shouldn't be too much longer" she says and hugs both Dynamo and Dusk close to her. After a while, she smiles a bit more at Dynamo "I know how it feels, it's the same with my music. I sometimes change up my style, and the real fans will stay but the ones who aren't real, will just leave, and maybe just come back every now and then" she says and then just looks at the door as it opens and her mother trudges in and flops on the sofa, still in her armor.
  15. @Dynamo Pad Broken nods as she goes to help Button with making dinner, while Dusk sat next to Dynamo. "W-well, I had a dream w-where everyone had left me a-and it was completely dark all around me" he says, curling up in Dynamo's lap, "A-and when I saw that nana had gone, I-I thought it was going to come true" he whimpers a little. Broken was helping Button with dinner, but she heard what Dusk had said, and she was sure that Button had too. She places a gentle hand on his shoulder and then goes over to Dusk and Dynamo, sitting down, "Oh sweetie, no one is ever going to leave you" she says gently to him, gently stroking the small colt's mane "Mommy won't leave you, nana won't leave you, and I am sure Dynamo and Button here won't leave you either."