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  1. So i am searching for someone to play someone who begins to have interest in my OC Tender Cotton. Things may and well get a bit awkward at first, due to his shyness and anxiety. How, when and where they meet can be discussed further, and either gender and any race/species is fine by me. Rules: 1. General Site Rules apply 2. No Mary-Sue/Gary-Lu Ocs 3. Canon Characters are alright 4. Keep it PG 13+ please 5. Please try to respond as often as possible 6. Please try to respond with at least a paragraph 7. If unsure about something, please discuss it with me 8. Above all else, have fun
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    Tender Cotton
  3. @Dynamo Pad Broken smiles and nods "Of course babe, make yourself comfortable" she says, leaning over to kiss him before sitting down on the bed, removing her metal leg and arm "Makes things a bit more difficult, but boy are those girls uncomfortable when I try to sleep" she chuckles before wriggling under the covers and sighs happily. She wraps her natural arm around Dynamo as she feels him lay down beside her "Goodnight sweetheart, hopefully Dusky will also have a goodnight sleep" Night nods "Sure, lets check in on our grandcolt first" she says, taking the empty wine glasses to the kitchen and the bottle back into the fridge "And of course, you're in my bed tonight, darling" she says before stretching and leading the way to Dusk's room.
  4. @Dynamo Pad Broken smiles as she finishes her glass of wine "Sounds good to me" she then covers a yawn "Well, I think it is time we went to bed, we've got a big day tomorrow, not just the moving, but Dynamo's and my date. And then the next night his training begins" she smiles and hugs Dynamo "Thanks for the wine mom and dad" she then holds Dynamo's hand "Come dear, let us go to bed" she then leads him to her bedroom, before closing the door behind them and getting undressed and ready for bed.
  5. @Dynamo Pad Broken smiles as she hugs Dynamo close "And we can always being all my gaming equipment" she suggests "Just one big collection. We'll be spoiled for choice on what to play, and of course, Dusk will be too, but with guidance" she says as she sips some more on her drink "Gonna start packing and the moving process, oh and dear, is there space for a studio? Like for my music stuff?" she asks.
  6. @Dynamo Pad Broken smiles as she takes the wine glass "Thanks mom, and yeah, I thought about it, plus having both Dynamo and Button here with you, me and Dusky on a steady basis would make things a bit cramped" she says with a chuckle, sitting down and sipping on her wine. "Besides, I think there's probably gonna be some things at Dynamo's that Dusk will absolutely love, other than just Dynamo and myself" Night smiles and kisses Button, "Mm you are right there, as much as we'd love having you here, I think its time for you to move out and have your own space" she sips on her own wine "and I bet you are right, from what Button told me about Pinball, I'm sure there's plenty of things he has there that Dusky will love"
  7. @Dynamo Pad Dusk looks up as he sees Dynamo "I-I call him grandpa Button now" he says with a giggle as he curls up more in Broken's arms before she lays him down onto his bed and tucks him in, giving him his favorite plushie of Luna. "I'm really proud of you sweetie" Broken says to Dusk "Going to sleep like that, without fuss, and in Button's lap like that, I am sure that it meant quite a lot to him" she kisses his nose "Sleep well baby boy, big day tomorrow" she says and Dusk nods as he cuddles his stuffie "N-nini mommy, nini daddy" he would say before yawning cutely and falling asleep. Night smiles and nuzzles Button as she then sees Dynamo and Broken walk down the stairs. "Mom, Dynamo and I have been talking and well.." she smiles as she holds Dynamo's hand "Dusk and I will move into his house, so that he won't lost his mentor's old house" she says "But don't worry, we will visit as often as possible and of course, you are more than welcome to visit us as well" Night smiles and nods "I understand dear, I am going to miss you two, but I am assuming that Pinball's old house has sentimental value to Dynamo, and I'm proud of you for thinking of Dynamo first" she says as Broken smiles, "I know mom, besides, as much I love being here and having your help with raising Dusk, I think it is time for me to move out, give you some space again." Night nods "I understand dear, would you two care to join us for some wine?"
  8. Anyone who does stupid shit like street racing, drag racing, train surfing etc, deserves what they get imo


  9. @Dynamo Pad Broken smiles and nuzzles him "Maybe we could keep it and have it like a holiday house?" she says "Or, Dusk and I move in there, and we just visit mom often?" she says "Yes, that works better, what do you think sweetie?" she asks as she hugs and kiss him back. Night smiles and nods, gently stroking Dusk's mane some mare "Yes, he has a wonderful father and grandfather now" she says and kisses Button just as Dynamo and Broken walks through the door "Just in time you two, Dusk just fell asleep in Button's lap" she says, motioning to the sleeping colt who was very happy right then. Broken smiles wide "That is really precious, and you know what Button? It means he likes you, as well as trusting and loving you, so I guess, I get to call you dad from now on?" she asks as she gently picks the sleeping Dusk up into her arms "Come on sweetie, bed time, and who knows, maybe auntie Luna will pay you a visit in your dreams" she says as Dusk soon opens his eyes "M-mama? O-okay" he says as he curls up in her arms.
  10. @Dynamo Pad Broken smiles as she nuzzles into his chest again "I am very happy to hear that, my love" she says and looks up at him "It has been difficult raising him on my own. I mean, I am very grateful for mom's help, but she's been super busy with her own work at times, but now..I think I'd be more free to do more music and gigs" she says and kisses him on the lips "And you are right, it is important for him to have us as the last he sees when he closes his eyes and the first when he opens them" she smiles "Soo, I know though we hadn't even gone on our first date yet, but, it's quite clear to me that we both love each other and are meant for each you want to..I don't know...move in with me?" Night smiles and kisses him back "Nope, no more worries" she says, gently stroking her hand through Dusk's mane and smiling softly "and I'm sure Broken and Dynamo will be back very soon to tuck him in." she says and looks down at her sleeping grandson "He is such a precious little colt"
  11. Calico

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    They could be used as they are or used for refferences
  12. So, as the title says, I would very much like a avatar done of my oc Nocturne Dream, and one of her as a signature as well please. Here are some picture of her to use as reference:
  13. @Dynamo Pad Broken squeals and giggles as she is then scooped up into Dynamo's arms "Well now, such a charming stallion"she giggles and nuzzles into his chest "Sorry, I never miss a night of tucking Dusk in if I can help it" she says, wrapping her arms around him. "Mm love you sweetie" Night smiles as she gently strokes the colt's mane and nuzzles Button "I suppose the excitement finally got to him. Don't forget, he's spent his whole life so far without a father figure and without a grandfather figure."
  14. @Dynamo Pad Broken smiles and nods "Yeah, it seemed he and Rogue got all the attention" she chortles and then shakes her head and looks up to the sky "Yeah, lets head home, so that we can be home in time to tuck Dusk in" she says, getting up and stretches "I'm looking really forward to our date tomorrow night too" she says, kissing him softly and making her way back to the house. Dusk giggles and then climbs into Button's lap and curls up, gently dropping the controller as he closes his eyes and falls asleep