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  1. @Dynamo Pad "Pokken! That's the name, yeah, I really like it too. I hear they're going to start having sanctioned tournaments soon, so I wanna get some practice in." She states with a smile "So we're going to the Game shop then to the pop culture shop"
  2. @Dynamo Pad Sora nods "We'll also have to figure out the best route to drive to get there" she'd say "Honestly though, in looking forward to going home, i haven't seen my parents in ages" she says, beginning to drive to the store.
  3. @Dynamo Pad Night would nod "It's going to be something special, that's for sure. I'm just really happy that Dusk and Dynamo get along so well." She says "If what I've heard about Dynamo's parents is true, then I'm not really surprised"
  4. @Dynamo Pad "Well the groceries for the most part, but I'm sure Charlene can unpack our suitcases herself" he smiles "Put it this way, think of how Scarlet sleeps, then think of how Charlene sleeps. Put those two in one small fox kit and you've got Tabby sleeping"
  5. 5/10 mainly because I feel I should know you but don't
  6. @Dynamo Pad Fenrir would smile "It's pretty darn adorable" he'd say and then shake his head "It's fine Dynamo, with more people to cater for, it only stands to reason that the list will be longer" he says and nods "Thanks, though I might just take a rest while Charlene unpacks"
  7. @Dynamo Pad Night would laugh "Oh yeah, too true" she would say, answering the door as their pizza arrives "I'm sure there will be some obvious signs that it is a cake though" she chuckles, placing the pizza onto the coffee table before cuddling up to Button and enjoying a slice of her half.
  8. @Illiad Easle I was going to wrap it up with the shutting down of the ring, but I have the same feeling. If you'd like it to end now, we can.
  9. @Dynamo Pad "Alright, it's settled then" Sora says "We'll go half on shopping and you can pay for dinner" she says, leading him to her car, returning the nuzzle. "I'll get a friend here to look after my car for us until we can get it to Mt Aeris"
  10. @Dynamo Pad She would nod "I'm just used to rising early when I had a job that required me to do so" she would say "As for the light breakfast, it is possible" she chuckles as she walks with him to the escalators and nods "I could probably hold breakfast off for a bit longer" she smiles "It's not like I'm starving, just hungry" she says, then nods "I've got a few orders to pick up, and I also wanted to check out that new fighting game, you know, it's Tekken but with Pokemon"
  11. @Illiad Easle Enigma would nod and and go as to where her image was and waited "Alright.." she would say "I think I was in the library when this happened" she would suggest, looking around her surroundings.
  12. @Illiad Easle As the three Lings entered into her memories, she shivers just a little but then she could feel everything going in reverse, or that is what it felt like. First was obviously the moments before she had arrived in Equestria via the mirror. She was in an old abandoned house that she was investigating and hoping to cleanse, possibly so she could renovate it and claim it as her own. She had found herself in, of course the attic, where the mirror was resting. After that, it went into reverse again, and this time it was at the orphanage, where she was a bit older and had learned to shift. She had been reading books on it and she had shifted just as she was being told she was too old for the orphanage now.