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  1. Private

    Crystal giggles and laughs even more with how Chrysalis was blushing "I see the tables have turned, but just you wait until we get back to the palace, I'd love to see how you handle three beautiful mares drooling all over you, and I think even Belladonna would like a little taste of you" she giggles and kisses him deeply
  2. Digital giggles as she watched but then quite happily went about playing with her lego pirates, being sure not to lose any small pieces. She makes it go zooming around the pool with her magic, and it even made a little noise as it did so, which made her happy enough to squeal and giggle and clap her hands. Luna smiles as she sees the adorable display "Now that is precious"
  3. Private

    Elera giggles "Oh hush up you" she says with a playful nudge and kisses him "But yeah I know what you mean, though we both know that my daddy loves my mummy very much and your daddy loves your mummy very much as well. They wouldn't risk anything"
  4. @Twofer Digit was soon swept into the large stallion's arms and her blush didn't go away, in fact it just intensified and she shot a look at Crimson that says "Why on Equestria am I blushing like this?" she then begins to try and hide her blush behind her mane and just squeaked as she was at a loss for words.
  5. @Twofer Digital blushes as she comes out from hiding "Hello Valiant, I didn't mean to offend, it's just I never got much of a chance many stallions when I was a live" she tries to explain then looks down, still hugging her plush
  6. @Twofer Digital squeaks and hid behind Crimson but poked her head out from behind her "H-hello, I'm D-Digital Blitz" she says softly "I-it's nice to meet you" she squeaks and holds onto a small plush of Spitfire she was carrying with her.
  7. Celestia giggles and snorts "Yeah I found that little lego man on the toilet to be quite funny" she says and laughs at Luna's eyeroll reaction "Oh come on Luna, lighten up, We'r on holiday, there's no need to be so serious all the time" she says as she slides into the pool and sighs as she feels the water surround her. Digital also carefully slides in with all her lego contraptions and giggles
  8. After the sculpture was carefully placed on the table, Digital giggles and skips around happily "Daddy? Can I take my pirate ships into the pool too please?" she asks as she holds up the lego sets that Techno had given her "pretty please?"
  9. Private

    Elera nods as she holds his hand "True, you will have your car then" she says with a smile "Well we have an hour, so it isn't like we have to rush with packing" she says and hugs him "A housewarming party sounds great, though we may have to tell our parents it's not a Swinger's Party" she says with a giggle then blushes "you know, I still can't get the image of our parents doing each other out of my head..It's..well kind of embarassing"
  10. Private

    Crystal grins "Oooh, fun" she giggles and joins her sister, then begins to play with his mane and kiss him while she saw Chrysalis run her hands down his chest "ooh Indicus, aren't you a lucky stallion, the three Changeling Queens are after your love, what ever will you do my dear?" she coos teasingly
  11. @Twofer Digital smiles and nods as she follows "I believe you, you said you died 40 years ago? So that would give you ample opportunity to train newbies like me" she says and continues to follow, still taking in all her surroundings
  12. @Twofer Digital smiles and gets up "You're right, I just didn't like seeing you looking sad" she says and puts her tray away before following her "So what is it you wanted to show me? or is it a surprise?" she asks with a cute little giggle and a wiggle of her flank as she wags her tail like a puppy.
  13. @Twofer Digital smiles and gently places a hand on her shoulder "You died doing your job Crimson, it's more than what I can say for myself" she says almost jokingly to try and lift her spirits (no pun intended), "I'm sure daddy will be fine, he's a strong stallion, and I think he had his heart set on a marefriend before I died" she says and smiles at her again "And look at you now, you took down the spirit of a serial killer with little struggle"
  14. Private

    Elera nods "Yes love, but we should also drop in on at the hospital when the time comes" she says, wagging her tail and walking with him to Amion's place "Well, we've got a fair bit going on today, as much as we've already eaten out these past couple days, I don't think either of us would be up to cooking after moving" she giggles
  15. Private

    "Aaw you're blushing dear sister" Crystal giggles "It's alright though, I don't blame you, Indicus is truly a stallion out of a dream" she giggles once more and looks at Luna with a wink "Uncannily kind, caring and sweet, not to mention he is quite ruggishly handsome"