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  1. One slot left in my requests or art trades before I go on holiday for a week

  2. Fenneko

    Animation When will the Simpsons end?

    Predictions made correct or not, in my opinion, The Simpsons has been suffering from seasonal rot for a long time now, much like some other shows like South Park and Spongebob Squarepants, just to name two.
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    Request Shop Requests On Hiatus!

    I am going to have to put yours on my next list when I get back from my holiday.
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    Request Shop Requests On Hiatus!

    @FARG2003 Here is your request, I hope you like it One slot left before I go on holiday and call it quits for a bit
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    Request Shop Requests On Hiatus!

    @dsc here is your 2nd request
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    Art Trades!

    @Fay Here is my part of our Art Trade, I hope that you like it
  7. Byron nods and then pulls a chair out for her "M'lady" he says with a bow, he may be many things, and gentleman and chivalrous were two of them. Arcania smiles and nuzzles Indicus once more "So Crystal, could you please show us where the hunters were last spotted?"
  8. "Aye, well she is aptly named the Pirate Queen o' te Emerald Isles" he says "Queen was going ter make 'er a countess, but she said neigh, that she was as equal ter Queen as ter Queen herself, and thus she started becomin' a Pirate an' made a name fer herself, often taxing merchant vessels or taken ter booty" Arcania smiles and opens the doors, "Here we are"
  9. He nods "'Tis so, though ya know..we aren't exactly the type to ransack, pillage 'n all that," he says, still rubbing her knuckles with his thumb gently ""In fact, yer may 'ave heard of me sister... Grace O'Malley, also known as Granuaile"
  10. Byron smiles "Aye, well we're from te sapphire bay area. Most of us were born n grew up in the docks" he flashes her a grin, his fluffy tail gently swaying, "And yes, most of us also in te stocks as well" he laughs "We are pirates af'er all" he says. Arcania smiles "Indeed and it would seem our sea captain has gotten a hold on your Nebula"
  11. Byron grins "YA HERE THAT YA SEA DOGS! GOT ONE OF OUR OWN 'ERE!" he shouts to his crew who cheer loudly for Nebula. "We always cheer when we come across one of our one" he mentions to her "T'en it is a extra special pleasure ter meet yer" he bows once more
  12. Byron grins as he gently holds her arm, holding her hand and gently rubbing her knuckles with his thumb, walking her to the war room "Aye, ye have a interesting and wonderful accent, ye wouldn't have happened to have spent a lot o' time in the Emerald Shores?"