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  1. @Jedishy "You were having a nightmare last night and was having trouble sleeping" she says, still meditating, "I did what I could to calm you, but I didn't it was my place to wash your fur" she smiles a little "and good morning to you too hon"
  2. @Scare Effect @megisawsm417 Briarstar nodded and purred slightly "It certainly is a good thing, with catmint being scarce this season" she says @Scare Effect Willow nods "What was it about Jinx?"
  3. @Jedishy Tranquil smiles, feeling that she's done all she could do for now, she kisses his nose and makes her way back to her own room, snuggling under the blankets and falling into a deep sleep. It wouldn't be until about 6:30am when she wakes up. She looks out the window "Still dark" she thinks to herself as she made her way to her living room for some morning meditation.
  4. @Dynamo Pad Devin blushed a little but smiles and hugs her daughter back before waving to them. Scarlet smiles and looks to Dynamo before nodding and making her way to the car, putting her bags into the back and then getting into the passenger seat "Yep, first stop, Sugarcube Corner"
  5. @Dynamo Pad Orange smiles and nods, "I'm sure that my mom and dad will be really happy to hear we are together" she says as she piles up her plate with her favorite foods and then makes her way to the table to sit down and eat. "Oh, Dynamo, I forgot my drink, could you please get me a cherry cola?" she asks with a smile. Starlight shakes her head "I had my doubts about that letter you sent me, I'm just glad that you're okay, i had missed you a lot" she says, getting her own plate of food.
  6. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet smiles at him and nods "Oh of course, the sour worms are for when I'm in particular moods" she says with a giggle, hugging him and thanking him for the treats before she goes back to hugging her Litten plush and nomming on her snacks "Oh yes, I usually go with Snivy, as it was always my favorite from that generation"
  7. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet smiles "it's okay mrs Steps" she says "Mommy has never really been an early riser" she says and nods, picking up her day bags "We will, and Dynamo's right, we'll message you when we get to Manehatten and then when we are on our way home" she says "Oh and don't forget to visit Sugarcube Corner sometime today" she reminds Gentle as she hugs her and Devin once more before looking to Dynamo "Come on sweetie, it's still early enough for us to just about beat the morning rush hour"
  8. @Amanita Silver cried as he was being hugged by Rayven and Starry "I-I was just wishing they would go away a-and not bother me anymore a-and they j-just burst into flames" he whimpers and curls up, still crying.
  9. @Jedishy Tranquil could feel his unrest and gets up, covering a yawn. She puts her dressing robe on and makes her way to his room. She thought about knocking on his door, but thought not to, so she just walked in and sat next to him, gently taking his hand in hers and using some of her unique calming magic to help calm him and his sleep down.
  10. @Dynamo Pad "Slow and easy, see how things go is a go for me" Devin says with a smile and nods as they then descend the stairs to the living room. "Hey kids, glad we could see you two off before you left" she says, hugging the two. Scarlet smiles and hugs her mother back "We wanted to say goodbye to the both of you, I mean we will be coming back, don't worry about that, but it's always nice to say goodbye to loved ones before going on a trip" she says with a smile.
  11. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet nods "I know, I normally choose Litten, but sometimes I choose Poplio, as I do quite like the evolved version" she says, sitting back down and hugging her plush Litten "Alright, if you want to pay, just get me some jellybeans, chips and sour gummy worms please" she says with a smile.
  12. @Dynamo Pad "I feel that my parents will be very delighted to see I'm back to my old self" she says and smiles, hugging him "and then things will go back to normal" she says, then thinks for a moment "how about this? One of us pays for lunch, the other pays for dinner?" she asks him. Starlight looked at him and sighed before hugging him "I kind of had a feeling that may have happened" she says "you could always grasp the spell, but you could never really use magic" she says "I'm not mad or upset, and I am glad you found a home in the Crystal Empire..and I remember how your mom is like, my father is about the same"
  13. @Amanita (haha yep) "Snuggles will have to wait, that sounds like Silver" she says, making her way towards her brother's door and walks in, only to find him crying. She immediately goes to hug him "Shh, what's wrong silver" she asks, as he points to is drawings, they seem to have..caught on fire and turned to ash.
  14. OOC Thread HERE @Jedishy Early evening at the Canterlot Street Cafe, a piano could be heard playing a soothing song. It was loud enough to be heard, but soft enough that ponies would not have to talk loudly to be heard over it, and sitting at said piano, was a pony that others would not think would be good at the piano. Her name was Jaded "Swansong" Requiem, or at least, that is what she liked to be called. Jaded is a tall, somewhat slim light grey/off white unicorn mare with a long blond mane and tail. She normally wore a tshirt of her favorite band, fishnet stockings, and a jacket, but not this time. This time, she was wearing, a blue dress that seemed to sparkle in the night light and hug her form nicely. The mare had her eyes closed as she played a song titled "Once in a While, Talk of the Old Days".
  15. OOC Thread HERE; Rayven's Info HERE The mischievous young princess could be found wondering around the streets of Canterlot, wondering what kind of mischief she could get into. She looks at all the various shops and stores that were open, "This could be a golden opportunity to get some sweets for free" she thinks to herself, spotting a sweet store.