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  1. Scarlet Rose

    Private New Girl in Town (1x1 with Dynamo Pad)

    @Dynamo Pad She smiles and nods as she then hears the beeping of the microwave and takes out the two plates, bringing them over to the bed and handing one plate to Dynamo "That is true, from what I have seen from you so far, you would offer me the extra slice" she says with a giggle and sits down to cuddle up with him, nibbling on her first slice and resting on him for comfort "Plus, we have a house-warming party to plan." she says with a big smile and kisses him.
  2. Scarlet Rose

    Private Meeting of the Minds (1x1 RP with Jedishy)

    @Jedishy Tranquil giggles and nods "Oh of course, silly me" she says and pokes her tongue out at him "How about we leave work for work time then?" she suggests "Enjoy the rest of the evening together, talk about other things"
  3. Scarlet Rose

    Private Meeting of the Minds (1x1 RP with Jedishy)

    @Jedishy She smiles and takes everything to the counter and pays for them "Well, I was just thinking of hanging at home, as for you not having a job..I'd like to think you helping around the store is a job for you..I'm more than willing to work out a pay for you"
  4. Scarlet Rose

    Open Moonbutt's Granddaughter

    @Amanita "Oh yes, it's over there" she says pointing to the bottle of leather shampoo and shivers in just a little excitement as she hears the soft voice of Starry whispering in her ear. She smiles over at her "The massage is a welcome addition as well"
  5. Scarlet Rose

    Open Moonbutt's Granddaughter

    @Amanita Rayven nods and her wings flares a little "Oh yes please" she says, her tail swaying slightly as she felt the gentle touch of Starry washing her back. "Mm oh this feels so good" she murrs softly.
  6. Scarlet Rose

    Private Meeting of the Minds (1x1 RP with Jedishy)

    @Jedishy Tranquil smiles, returning the hug "That's all I ask for, is your honesty, and I truly appreciate it" she says, leading him into the best sweet store in the district. She smiles at him "Pick out whatever you'd like, it's on me" she says as she picks up her basket and begun to go through the store, putting the sweets and treats she wanted into it.
  7. Scarlet Rose

    Open Moonbutt's Granddaughter

    @Amanita Rayven nuzzles into the mare's chest and smiles with a nod "Yes please, it's always so hard to reach" she says "I'll wash yours in turn, if you'd like" she offers, getting the sponge and putting some fur shampoo onto it.
  8. Scarlet Rose

    Open A New Kingdom

    @Loud Opinion Jaded nods and smiles as she levitates the pendant with her magic before igniting it with what could be said to be balefire. As she did, her appearance started to change, she was no longer white with blond mane and tail, but a light blue with a teal mane and tail. Her eyes had gone from blue to green and she wore a friendly smile on her face as she stretches. "Aah, it's so good to be free from that cursed thing" she says, smiling at him, "Hi, you may have met my cursed counter part, Jaded Swansong, my true name is actually Tranquil Serenity, it is nice to meet you" she says, reaching a hoof out to him. "Oh and don't worry, I am still able to do my best to help you lift your curse, or at least, try to" she smiles at him "Oh and no need to worry, I won't be doing any of that spooky stuff that Jaded did, especially talk with spirits, that stuff creeped me out to be honest" she says with a small smile.
  9. Scarlet Rose

    The Past, Present and Future.

    So, to start this off, this is a look back at my past (the last 4 or so years). I remember when I had found out about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the fandom. It was in the middle of 2013, I was in a dead end marriage and pretty much had no friends, no thanks to my ex wife. An ex of mine had found an old copy of the original g1 MLP movie I had made for her and had contacted me... I won't go into detail here, but suffice it to say, I thought of looking up episodes for my 11 yr old step daughter and 3 year old son to watch. But instead I had found G4, started watching it and found the fandom. Skip ahead a month or so. I had been going to some of my local meetups and had made some friends. I had then found out about PonyconAu and my wife (now ex) had reluctantly let me go to it. On the first day, I felt so alone and depressed, I had just sat in a corner on my phone. That is until some of my friends introduced me to Evdog, who then proceeded to spend the rest of the day with me, essentially saving my life. Skip once more to November 2013. I had enough of my now ex wife trying to control me and backing out of agreements we would make. I then also find out, she had been cheating on me with our guild master from SWTOR for a few months now. That was the last straw, I ended up telling her I wanted a divorce, which she took surprisingly well. A week passed and a friend (now ex friend) had offered for me to move in with them, and so I did near the end of the month. Skip to December 2013 to early 2014. I had been struggling with my depression a lot, and the separation wasn't helping any at all either. I was going through having to move not once but twice over the coming months and coming to terms with not only my sexuality but also my gender dysphoria, as it was all so new to me.. now during that time, I was also very confrontational, aggressive, abrasive and down right immature. I had said and done things to other members on here that were just (see above) and honestly, looking back, while I wasn't trying to be edgy, it's how I came across and I cringe at it all. Now my struggling with above things were and still aren't any excuse or reason for the way that I acted and behaved back then. There are some old members on here (notably Lightning Bliss, though I doubt she'll see this), that I may have upset or angered with my past behavior. I sincerely wish to offer my deepest regret for my past and hope that somehow we can well and truly bury the hatchet, as I quite enjoy her content on YouTube. I'd also like to offer the same apology to anyone else on here I have offended in the past. This, I hope doesn't come across as me trying to sound more mature than I am, as I know I still have a lot of maturing to do. This is simply me looking back at my past and wishing none of that happened on here. TL;DR: I looked back on my past, cringed, want to apologise to anyone I offended. Second, let's look at my present (or more specifically, 2017 to now)... Skip to mid to late 2017, when my ban was kindly lifted due to the help I received from some members on here. I have now made some awesome new friends and rekindled some old ones as well. Back in 2017 to mid 2018, I was still in a bad situation with housemates and living situations in general, but thanks to the support I got from my friends on here, I got through it all. In mid 2018, I had finally moved back into my parents house with my live in partner and things since then have been getting better and better. I hope that with the coming times ahead of us, I can continue growing in maturity and continue to enjoy my time here. Lastly, the future. No one can really tell what the future will hold for us, what with the closing of FiM's chapter being Season 9, and Gen 5 coming in the future with two more movies possibly also being in the future. What I can say is this, I hope we can all continue being friends on and off these forums, and go on a brand new journey together when Gen 5 does eventually start. Sincerely, Scarlet Rose P.S whew this took ages to write on my phone, but I am glad I finally got around to writing it
  10. Eh...2 modes of mind right now..both conflicting and both causing the depression... :/

  11. @Dynamo Pad The girls all look at each other, then at Dynamo "Don't worry D-Pad" Starlight says "We've got this" she smiles, holding her bass guitar at the ready, as Sunset looks to Jaded who just smiles "Lets show this prick who's right and who will win" she says with a almost wicked grin. Kenzie looks over to Button and gives the thumbs up, she's made it so that Cheat Code couldn't cheat, what so ever.
  12. Scarlet Rose

    Private Meeting of the Minds (1x1 RP with Jedishy)

    @Jedishy Tranquil giggles a little "Same, to be honest" she says and shakes her head "I mean..I've never had a coltfriend before..Salvador usually scared any stallion with intention of dating me, away" she says and then smiles at him "and by regular acquaintance, I hope you mean, boyfriend, because I am now really hoping that you will stay with me" she says and looks away briefly, she was babbling now, and she just sighs a little.
  13. Scarlet Rose

    Private New Girl in Town (1x1 with Dynamo Pad)

    @Dynamo Pad Scarlet looks in both boxes "Seems we had an equal amount of each. There's four slices of both pizzas left" she says "So, that's 2 pieces of each, each" she says, nodding as she heard what he wanted and then took the slices, put them on two plates and reheated them in the microwave. She looks at him and smiles "So, when we get back to Ponyville, up for a game of Guitar Hero or something like that?" she asks with a small smile.
  14. Scarlet Rose

    Private Meeting of the Minds (1x1 RP with Jedishy)

    @Jedishy She smiles and accepts it, "It sure does sound like a plan to me" she says, leading him towards the sweets district, "and careful, else ponies might think that we're together" she giggles and kisses his cheek "N-not that I'd mind, mind you"
  15. Scarlet Rose

    Open In Search of a New Home (GROUP Warrior Cats)

    @megisawsm417 (That was a lucky guess, I wasn't sure if it was 8 weeks or 14 weeks) Breezepaw giggles and nods "Oh yes, according to my mother before I was sold, I was a right pawful" she says and smiles over at the three kits sleeping up against her Whisper nods "Indeed, and I think it is quite lovely how well she is treating your kits, she just..seems to love them"