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  1. @Dynamo Pad Broken smiles and holds Dynamo's hand, leading to the car and then getting into the driver's seat. "It's at least an hour away to the facility, so we have some time to talk on the drive there, maybe stop off to get some snacks" she says as starts the engine after making sure they were both buckled up. As they begun the drive, she smiles "You think I could pull of a Ursula? Well then I guess it's settled, and yes the dress is adorable" she smiles and hums a little, looking out of the driver's side window as they drive.
  2. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet smiles and returns the hug, wiggling her tittle tail "Thanks so much sweetie" she says with a smile and then kisses him back, "I may just move back here, once things are settled" she says as she then sees Pinkie with the treats they had ordered, "Oh hey Pinks, thanks for bringing our order out" she says. Pinkie Pie just smiles and giggles "It's no problemo Scar Scar" she giggles, using Scarlet's old nickname, "It's great to see you again, hopefully you'll stick around" she giggles and skips back to the back of the store to focus on her baking. Scarlet smiles as she holds the treats "Ready to go back to yours, hon?" she asks then smiles a little more "Your mom still there too?"
  3. @Dynamo Pad "H-how could I ever forget that night" she says as she closes her eyes.. -Flashback- Scarlet, a 10 year old bunny, had just suffered the loss of all of her friends except for Dynamo, but now, she was being sent away by her mother and father to live with her aunt in the big city of Canterlot. She only had a short time to say goodbye to Dynamo, and she was simply just clinging to him and sobbing onto his shoulder "N-no" she says through her tears "I-I tried, I begged and p-pleaded with them, b-but they say I-I'll be safer at my aunt's" she says, still sobbing on his shoulder. "Scarlet, come on honey, we have a long ride ahead of us, please get in" her aunt calls out. "C-coming aunt Snowshoe" she says as she then looks up at Dynamo and then blinks away her tears "I-I'll never forget you D-Dynamo" she says, before kissing him softly on the muzzle, receiving one on the cheek and then going sadly over to her aunt's car. -Back to reality- Scarlet sighs "It felt like that kiss lasted forever" she says softly, holding a paw to her cheek where Dynamo had kissed her all that time ago "So uh, i staying at your house will be for a bit more than just for old time's sake" she chuckles.
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    So i decided to stay after all
  5. @Dynamo Pad Broken smiles and hugs him "I love you too babe" she says and then gets out her phone, showing him the photos of the three characters she wanted to choose to cosplay as. "see, I can't decide because well Ursula is adorable, her alter ego Shiny Chariot is also pretty adorable, while Amanda is just such a dark horse and a bit of a bad ass" she chuckles and hugs him some more, "As for a family cosplay involving Dusky? I would love that, but you are right, we would have to decide on the anime to cosplay as" she smiles "I sometimes try to bid in an auction, but if the price gets a little too high for me, I don't go further..unless it is something I really, really want or something for Dusk" she then sips on her coffee and finishes it. Some time passes and she looks at the time "Honey, we need to get going" she says, standing up and "Thank you for the coffee mom and dad" she says, waiting for Dynamo, before getting her back and waving to her parents and making her way to the car.
  6. i seriously do not know why Poniverse would want to be affiliated with Canterlot's nothing but a major hug box and circlejerk for the popular users from PonySquare, a majority of whom are actually quite transphobic and homophobic..

    1. Key Sharkz

      Key Sharkz

      I won't talk bad about the site, but I gave it a try and found it difficult to find roleplay. People never seemed interested, and getting them to reply was next to impossible.

      I'm sorry your experience was so negative though! Do you need someone to talk to?

    2. Scarlet Rose

      Scarlet Rose

      I would appreciate it, PM preffered

    3. ll-_-DreamSquared-_-ll
  7. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet blushed but then heard what Dynamo had to say and nods, hugging him "I am glad you feel the same way Dynamo" she says and then nuzzles his cheek a little "and of course I remember that day, we shared our first kiss..of course I also cried for days, having lost my one true best friend and the one boy I wanted to spend the rest of my life with" she says softly, "Do you remember how our nickname wasn't just the Bestie Squad, but also The Dynamic came up with the second one" she giggles and then goes to sit next to him.
  8. @Dynamo Pad Broken smiles "It was a special pre-order, one of those limited timed ones" she says "I knew it was going to be announced, so I was online the moment it was announced, having already lined up and immediately ordered it" she states then nods "Yeah, Negima is one of my favorite anime series" she says "along with Card Captor: Sakura" she smiles and sips on her coffee "But you are right about the figures. They're either cheap knock-offs or very expensive" she says "Which is why I prefer to go to the store or convention to look at the figurines and statues, to see what kind of make they have" she smiles "I'm also actually working on a Little Witch Academia cosplay, just not sure if I want to go as Professor Ursula, Shiny Chariot or Amanda" she giggles and kisses his cheek.
  9. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet blushes "W-well, he may be a little dense, but I think he already knows..but maybe.." she says to Mr cake then looks to Dynamo "He is just so cute" she blushes and then nods "Uhm could you maybe please give me a little privacy to do so?" she asks and then waits for Mr Cake to go back to his business, for the time being, before looking at Dynamo and smiles softly "Dynamo?" she would ask, blushing softly "I..I think it is time to let you know.." she would looks down, shuffling her feetpaws, "I..well..ever since we were kids..I.." she smiles up at him shyly "I've had feelings for you, still do"
  10. @Dynamo Pad Broken smiles "It's not just the manga, but also the complete anime series! I've watched it on Netflix so many times, but I just love owning physical copies" she smiles "Plus it comes with the movie too, and some collectible cards as well" she giggles and hugs Dynamo before nodding to have some coffee and biscuits "I think Dynamo is right, we should have enough time for at least one mug of coffee" she says, letting go of Dynamo, placing her new manga and anime into her bag before going to make the two their coffee. A moment later, she would return with two mugs of coffee, handing one to Dynamo "Here you go hon, and I like to collect things as well, like the collectible cards and figurines. I've been searching online for Little Witch Academia and Negima: Magister Negi Sprinfrield figurines, but other than some custom ones and cheaply made ones, I haven' been able to find any, which is kind of annoying."
  11. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet blushes "O-oh right, heh nah it's okay Mr Cake" she says, rubbing the back of her head "I just hate dealing with the media, they always hinder my investigations" she chuckles with a sly smile and shakes her head "I guess Pinikie is full of surprises" she says and just laughs a little, "So much has changed since I left. Twilight becoming a Princess, Pinkie showing she can be responsible, Dynamo befriending and Mrs Cake having the twins" she smiles and then looks to Dynamo "And now, here we are...I just hope my presence doesn't open any old wounds" Still looking at Dynamo, she smiles "Do you remember the fields where we used to play?" she says, gently holding his hand in her paw, "I have a feeling, there would be a good place to start" she says before looking to Carrot Cake to address what he had said earlier "If I didn't know better, Mrs Cake was trying to set me and Dynamo up" she giggles and shakes her head "I'm not sure if it's necessary though..." she then leans in and whispers to him "I've always had a crush on Dynamo"
  12. @Dynamo Pad Dusk curled up with his plushies as his mom and dad tucked him in. Broken smiles as she held Dynamo's hand and they made their way down to the living room. Night smiles as she looks up and sees them "Good morning you two, there's some fresh coffee in the pot if you'd like any" she says "Oh and yes, Broken, this came in the mail for you" she says, handing her a parcel, Broken smiles and takes it "Thanks mom" she says and opens it "YES!" she squeals in excitement "The complete Little Witch Academia collection!" She spins around happily and giggling like a little filly on her first day of Magic School. Night just giggles "She loves her anime and manga" she says and then smiles at Dynamo "Surely you two have some time for coffee and biscuits before you two head off"
  13. Scarlet Rose

    Private New Girl in Town (1x1 with Dynamo Pad)

    @Dynamo Pad Scarlet just laughs a little "A beautiful hilltop? Sounds perfect, as for it being ironic, jogging while looking for a jogging route, it is a bit yeah" she chuckles and just smiles a bit more at him "Having a variety of drinks at home is a good thing to have, that way you will have a choice." she looks at him "I do know what it is like to just want to drink soda or energy drinks all the time, it can be a rather unhealthy habit" she would say then looks at him, "I am glad you are making changes to that though" she wags her tail as she says that, clearly concerned for his health. They soon arrived at the dining hall where the buffet was laid out "Try not to have anything too starchy or heavy. Jogging while having eaten too much starch or heavy food is not a good idea at all" she would say to him as she would make her way to the table where the healthy cereals were.
  14. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet nods and sighs "Of course the media would be all over the mass disappearances" she says, rubbing her temples "Makes my job even more difficult. The moment that the media leaks that the Guards have a possible lead, the culprit moves" she says, but then smiles a little "But you are right there, Dynamo and I were inseparable as kids, and now that I'm back, it may just be the case again, I'm not planning on leaving any time soon, unless work calls for it" she says and smiling "Oh you and Mrs Cake had twins? Congratulations Mr Cake, and Pinkie is foalsitting? Wow, she's certainly grown since we last spoke" She then follows Dynamo to the empty booth and waits for their order and smiles "Having backup will always be of help" she says to Dynamo "I have an idea of where to start, but lets wait until we can see Twilight first"
  15. @Dynamo Pad Broken smiles "I know baby, I'm just super nervous" she says and kisses his cheek, looking to the back of the car to see Dusk had fallen asleep again. She then smiles as they arrive at Night and Button's house. "Wake up sweetie, we're here" she says and gently smiles as Dusk just rolls over "Guess he's still kind of tired" she picks him up and cradles him in her arms "Come on love, lets get Dusk into his bed and then make our way to Pinkie's" she says with a smile, gently running a hand through Dusk''s mane while carrying him past the threshold and into the house. Night looks up from her cooking "Hello you three, Dusk asleep?" she asks and then smiles "Well then, put him to bed and don't worry about a thing," she says with a smile, watching as Broken continues to carry Dusk up to his old room and tucks him in, "Mummy and daddy will only be a phone call away sweetie" she kisses his nose and puts his two Luna pluhises in his arms, before turning to Dynamo "Come on love, lets go organize things, unless you want to say goodnight to him as well"