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  1. Greetings everypony, my name is Shadow Strike, Prince of Empyria, a far away land. For reference, here is what I look like: You may ask me questions, and I may answer..or not.
  2. My kitty cat, she is the cutest and such a lovable snugglebug.
  3. @Dynamo Pad "Alright hon, best to go say bye to your mom" she'd say "It'd be rude otherwise, and I'll just make myself comfortable in the passenger side" she'd tell him, getting into the passenger side of the car and leaning the seat back to take a bit of a rest while waiting for Dynamo.
  4. I love it, he's pretty cute, but the gradient for the hooves is a little off, as it looks like he stepped in something.
  5. Thanks mate, I just need to focus on my mental health a bit more, I've gotten a lot of slack with a lot of things due to it and I just feel so gross
  6. @Dynamo Pad @Samurai Equine @Pastel Heart @Kronos the Revenant @Windy Breeze @PawelS @C. Thunder Dash Hey everyone, just letting you all know that I think I might drop out. It's nothing personal, I just don't feel that while my mental health is at the state it is right now, that I can't give this RP my all and best, as I feel my responses have been pretty lacking as of late.
  7. @Dynamo Pad Seir just chuckles "Alright if you say so" he'd say, "You lot go on a head, I'll cover you" he says, acting as a tank for the aggro of the bulk of the beasts "Just call my name when we're ready for the big battle, I don't want to miss out on that, k?" he'd ask, smashing into the beasts that tried chasing them.
  8. @Dynamo Pad Seir would look at Dynamo "I don't know who you are talking about, but I guess that this is what my ability is, and why I had that really annoying feeling earlier" he'd say, still smashing through the mechanical beasts "Alright, lets get to this boss then, one can only do so much with these beasts" he'd say "Lets also get you reunited with your sweetheart, eh"
  9. @Dynamo Pad "Thanks" Seir would say to Dynamo as he took the card, but he'd look at it over and over, "Uh..I think you gave me bl.." he was about to finish his sentence when that itch and his clairvoyance flared up "A-argh okay, okay! Geeze" he grumbles as he looks at the card and then at Dynamo, "Lets see if this works" he'd say as he would then look back at the card "Per.So.Na" he says and then something big happens. The card bursts into a ball of blue flames his his hoof and as he crushes it, he is surrounded by the aforementioned blue flames and a image of Izanagi appears. After that, Seir grins "Alright lets get it on!" he shouts as he hops off of the motorcycle and begins tearing into the mechanical beasts.
  10. @Dynamo Pad @Pastel Heart @ExplosionMare @Samurai Equine @Windy Breeze @PawelS @GeneralDirection @C. Thunder Dash "I've got a bad feeling about this" Seir would tell his comrades as they approached, the itch getting worse. but looked around "Alright, I agree, lets go with the way with the beasts, I would rather not take any unnecessary risks right now" he'd say to them, "If what you all are saying about this Kronos fella, this is going to be a tough fight, and we're going to need all of us at our best to defeat him"
  11. @Dynamo Pad "Like owner like dog" she giggles and nods "Probably would be a good idea to take them to a dog park to play first then home for a snooze and cuddle" she'd say to him "minimize the collateral damage in the house and all" she smiles and nods "I'm good dear, don't worry about me, lets get this stuff to the car" she smiles, walking with him through the bedroom door, down the stairs and to the car, gently placing them into the back.