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  1. @Dynamo Pad He chuckles a little "Mythic as in rarity of item" he would say, following Dynamo back to the town "You know how it normally goes. Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Heroic.." he'd explain "Well here you also get Mythic and Ultra Rare" he says then chuckles a bit more "That is true, well Kestrel is my second name, my full name is Sora Kestrel" he would say and they soon arrived at the town, "Yeah one great thing about this game that I have found, is that if you party with someone who has the same shareable quest as you, the progress updates and it's easier to turn in" he would mention, making his way to the NPC who had given them the quest.
  2. @Loud Opinion Tranquil would smile a little and then when she saw that Limbo had finished with her friend, she'd call over to her and wave "Limbo, over here" she would say and when Limbo had rejoined the group, she would smile a little more "Did you get any information from your friend?" she would ask "Afraid I, myself haven't gotten very far, I could only think of either dragons or well, the fanciful imps or demons" she'd say with an awkward chuckle and sigh "I'm actually beginning to feel like I've almost just done all I can do for them" she would say, looking over to both Gold Dust and Silver Tongue "I will tag along as long as the others want me to, but I'm not even sure if I'm all that welcome anymore" she would say, "I do have my shop I need to tend to, lots of...reimagining I suppose you could say"
  3. @Dynamo Pad He looks at the gear and frowns "You serious? You only got some crappy armor?" he'd ask "Well if we can find the Pool of Mythic, maybe you can toss them in and get something better, if not, you can always sell them or salvage them" he would suggest and looking at the quest, it seemed to have shared when they entered into the party together and that it had been completed "Well, I think it is near time for the opening ceremony for the launch, so yeah we probably should head back to town, hand in the quest and then wait, I guess"
  4. @Dynamo Pad Kestrel would nod and rush in, using his special attack on the now stunned monster, damaging it a fair bit. This battle would go on for that for a while until they had finally brought the big brute down. "whew, now that's what I call a battle" he'd say as he'd give the thumbs up over to Kyubiki as he went over to the chest. As he opened it, his eyes opened "No way!" he'd exclaim "It dropped a mythic!" he'd exclaim, pointing to the DarkBlade Claymore "Ooh and some nice armor, wanna see what you got?" he would ask
  5. @Blitz Boom Thunder would smile and nod "An hour at Sloppy Joe's" he would say and smile some more "Sure sounds good, and I'll definitely give her your regards, I am sure she would love to hear that her work is appreciated" he would say, waving to Tidal and then making his way to his little sister's. About forty minutes later, he would be finished talking with Fluttershy and then arrive about 20 minutes early, so he'd get himself a thickshake and make his way to a table.
  6. @Dynamo Pad "Kyubiki hmm?" He'd ask "Cool name, and well, I might tell you if it's my real name after we defeat this boss, depending on how well we actually work together" he says with a subtle wink, "And you work at an arcade? That's awesome, and yeah I bet the free games is a really cool bonus" he would say "And yeah, College is a killer, but I want to be able to move out of my folks' house and live on my own, and a good education is the first stepping stone to a good job" He smile and nods and marks the monster as the target, locking it "Ready" he would say, standing back and waiting for his turn to rush in and hit the break point.
  7. @Dynamo Pad Sora thinks for a moment "Oh when I say Fighter, I meant like the heavy classes" he'd chuckle a little "I'm at level 10, I got on every chance I got, but college" he smiles and nods, listening to Dynamo's strategy, and nods some more "Okay yeah, that definitely sounds like a better strategy" he would say "And my name? It's Kestrel" he would say, taking another glance at the monster, "Alright yeah, you take charge and we'll do the switch strategy" he says as he readies himself, "Also you probably didn't see me very often as I'm usually a solo player"
  8. @Dynamo Pad Sora chuckles "Yeah, well considering you're here already and you have somewhat beginner gear but at the same time it's not newbie gear" he'd say "And yeah I'm also a beta tester, from the start" he'd then accept the party invite and smile "I actually didn't know they had classes here" he says "But yeah I also chose a fighter class, as is probably evident by my claymore" he says and then looks at the monster "Hmm..we're both fighting class, how-ever you are Paladin class right? So do you have any heal moves?" he would ask "If so, then the strategy that I'm suggesting is I'll be the tank, I'll rush the monster and hit it with my special attacks, and you can heal, occasionally, hitting the monster if it gets too close to you" he would say "What do you think?"
  9. @Dynamo Pad Sora would nod "Well, I kinda wanna have a go at this world event before anyone else does, but I'm a few levels below being able to solo it" he would explain, "Perhaps, if we form a party, we could take this thing down" He would say, leaning on his sword a little, it was a claymore and he'd check out Dynamo's stats as he awaited for his answer. "I take it you were a beta tester too?" He would ask, "That or you were incredibly lucky to get a unreleased avatar" he would remark and looks at the gear he was wearing, which, like his, was still pretty much beginner gear, but he was hoping that the boss for this world event would drop something he could use.
  10. @Dynamo Pad Sora had made his way to a field, there was quest to farm a number of the beasts that inhabited said field for particular drops that the beasts would, well, drop. He had slain about 30 of the beasts and collected a majority of what he needed to finish the quest. How-ever, he had triggered a world event and he blinked as he saw the level of the monster "Oh shoot, this mother's going to take.." he'd think for a moment, until he saw someone nearby and waved them down "hey, you there" he would call to them "What level are you?"
  11. OOC Here It was early evening and the griffon known as Sora Kestrel would get home from his college class and hurriedly get out his Full Immersion VR gear. He was excited as that evening was going to be the full release of the newest game he was a beta tester for, the game was called Legends Online, and he had already gained a bit of reputation as being a mostly solo player. He chucked his backpack on his bed and plugged into the game. -In the game- He would find himself as his rather feminine in appearance, but that was kind of the way he liked it. He would go to the town quest board to do a few quests before the official launch.
  12. OOC for the RP between myself and Dynamo Pad RP will be here