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  1. I think both Rarity and Fluttershy would split the vote on that one. Pinky would be next, followed by Twilight, while AJ and Dash would be considered more tomboyish.
  2. I always get a kick outta finding references to MLP in web comics. Here's one from the latest Faux Pas comic.
  3. I never saw them when they were on the telly, but I have seen them via YouTube and Netflix.
  4. One that came to mind right away was the TV series, Redwall. If you haven't seen this it's well worth checking out. There aren't any ponies, that I recall, but the characters, mostly small cretures like mice, foxes, etc., are quite interesting and the stories can be quite dramatic. Also, while they are anthropomorified, they still behave like animals, to a degree.
  5. Mortar

    New Start

    Hey, Jason, welcome aboard.
  6. For the poll, I voted for Trixie. I just like the blue/white combo. I was surprised the Pinky got 0 votes. Now, as far as ANY pony is concerned, I think Octavia has the prettiest mane, but then she's the prettiest pony, period.
  7. I havent' seen S8 yet (come on, Netfiix!), so I just have the first seven to go by, but based on their behavior, I would definitely say they aren't in the teen years yet. And you can't judge it be changes in interests. That happens even at sub-teen years. In fact, it happens quite rapidly sometimes.. I got four nephews who seemed to changed their interests almost on a monthly basis; soccer one month, karate the next... If I had to guess, I'd say they were around 10. Another thing to consider is the lifespan of each group of ponies. Celestia is over a thousand years old, though this may b
  8. 1) Interesting characters 2) Doesn't treat the audience like idiots, despite it being for kids. 3) Great tunes.
  9. Mortar

    Your favourite...

    I'm pretty much brand agnostic. Whatever fits best and costs the least. What is your favorite musical instrument?
  10. Mortar

    Mornin' Everypony!

    > My name is Cherry Crust, but you can just call me Cherry! I think Crusty would a neat nick, but Cherry it is. Welcome aboard.
  11. I haven't read the responses, so it's probably been said before. She Celestia's younger sister. How much younger we don't know, so it's reasonable she'd be smaller.
  12. Yep, definitely high-end keyboard. I had to go downscale a bit for my workstation; got a Roland Juno G, but I'm happy with it. Studio One's a nice DAW. If I wasn't already entrenched with Reason (no regrets), that would've been a contender. I do have a few Korgs: Radius, MS2000R and the complete Volca line, except the mixers (yet). Anywho, look forward to hearing more of your tunes.
  13. I'm into synths myself. What kind of keyboard, and what do you mean by "live setup"?
  14. No. Passing through the portal changes the traveler to the the species of the destination. In the case of someone from the Human world to the ponyverse, they might find themselves as a griffin, yak or any other species of that world.
  15. A touch of reverb can enhance a track, but what I was referring to was the sound quality of the instruments. They sounded rather phony, especially the brass. What kind of setup do you have?
  16. Not bad. Seemed rather "midi", if you know what I mean.
  17. No, and anticipate no change in the foreseeable future.
  18. What is that on the right side of his head? Is he saluting?
  19. Mortar

    General Ponies in Faux Pas

    Thought you guys would like this.
  20. How do we know Twilight's Mother's name? I've seen seasons 1-7 and it's never mentioned. Is it in season 8? As for cutie marks, what I've noticed is how unrelated some of them seem to be to their owners. For example, Cheerilee has three flowers with smiley faces on them, which has no connotation to being a teacher, or anything having to do with education. Snips has a pair of scissors, which would imply he's good at cutting things (future mane stylist, perhaps?), but as we see, he's not the sharpest pair in the drawer. His friend Snails is also a bit of a contradiction. Snails has a.
  21. Mortar

    Critique Wanted Which do you prefer?

    Gotta go with the brown/orange version. Less creepy than the others.
  22. Not a fan of CMC eps. Fluttershy is a whinny little @#$% Somebody PLEASE slip Pinky a Valium.
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