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  1. I absolutely love, love, love chicken pesto sandwiches I also love ice cream sandwiches...
  2. I just had some porridge (if that counts as food).
  3. I'm feeling great! Other then having to type an essay, I had a pretty relaxing day!
  4. It's adorable!!! Awesome job I love the expression!
  5. "It almost looked like strategy."

  6. I'm feeling kinda disappointed. Long story. But...yeah.
  7. I have a periodic table hanging on my wall I also have a bunch of SU and TLK and synchronized swimming posters. The other stuff on my wall is from my roommate.
  8. Nope. Most people think she's Mary Sue because she's now an alicorn. C'mon peeps, she worked pretty hard to become an alicorn. Also, she had some 'weaknesses' too. In most episodes she had a lot of struggle too. So I don't think she's Mary Sue.
  9. What's up everyone? I'm pretty exhausted right now.

    1. Kyoshi


      Feeling a tad tired myself, but doing alright. I am in one of those gaming moods. :3

  10. Wow, I've finally met a TLK fan! I'm a huge fan too!

    1. twiia


      Thats cool! :)

  11. I have an adorable kitty and an awesome guinea pig. They are both so cute!
  12. Most of the times I dislike them if the person talks WAAAY too much.
  13. My roomie and I are eating ramen noodles right now. We're the unhealthy queens.