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  1. This is the most awesomazingtasticallyfun site ever!! The walking dictionary has returned!!

    1. Choros Isorropai

      Choros Isorropai

      it will be fun to see what words you use... I have read the dictionary (when I was 10 I think...)

      and though my spelling can be horrid, at times, and my grammer is lacking... I still know the use of a lot of words, even if I don't quite use them...

      example: copasetic...

    2. SweetieBelleCMC


      Copasetic means and I quote " An excellent order"


  2. Hey everypony! Sweetie Belle here! And I just wanted to express my feelings for this site...

  3. * blushes* B..Button Mash....he's really cu....nice! And...uh...cool! And his hat is so adorable!!! Wait...did I just say that?!!
  4. Through the whole episode Rainbow Dash was acting like a jerk. I even questioned why scootaloo was so obsessed with this self-absorbed pegasus. Then I started questioning why the town had the element of laughter try to knock some sense into Rainbow Dash... As soon as I saw Pinkie in bed, I knew this was going to end the same as mysterious mare do well. The somewhat reasonable and sensible ones giving Dash a taste of her own medicine...But...Cmon!! The whole zombie pony thing was pretty awesome bordering on weird, bordering on stupid. I was waiting for a zombie pony episode but in my opinion, t
  5. SweetieBelleCMC

    So, i just say hi?

    Hello there!! Im Sweetie Belle and im kind of new to this thing..... i joined like...2 minutes ago and they want me to " introduce myself". Anyways....I hope you're just as excited as I am!!
  6. Welcome to MLP Forums, SweetieBelle135731! I hope you have a great time here. /)

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