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  1. Did you know! The difference between sauce and jam (jelly for y'all illiterates) is not determined by their constituents (sweet or savoury) or their method of delivery (squeezed or spread), but in fact by their method of manufacture! Sauces are made by liquefying ingredients before combining them, whereas jams are made by mashing up solid and liquid ingredients into a sort of sumptuous slurry!

    As such, 'chocolate sauce' is indeed a sauce despite being sweet, tomato sauce (ketchup y'all) is a sauce even when stored in a jar and spread with a knife (people do this), and marmalade is in fact a sauce due to being made via liquefaction of ingredients! In fact, if you shake a can of baked beans until it all mushes together into tasty mulch, you have yourself a technical jam!




    Disclaimer: The above status update is unrepentant fabrication in its entirety. If you were fooled, duped, or otherwise bamboozled, your penance is to spread this story across the internet to enrage cuisine pedants.

    Also, if knowledge was power I'd be a street magician. :wau:


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    2. Duality



      Consistency is a direct result of manufacture, so our definitions are isomorphic under some intent-invariant linguistic transformation but also my definition is causally prior and thus superior. :proud:


      See above, but also burn the jelly heretic


      Unfortunately the good old Uncomfortably Associated States of 'Murica contain several dialects (collectively referred to as 'heretic English') that refer to jam as jelly and jelly as Jell-o, hence my bracketed translations. Obviously they're not the same thing but occasionally they're referred to by the same word, much to the confusion of non-illiterates.

    3. Mirage


      I shall take no responsibility for the predatorial food empire which brainwashes the masses so much that our language actually changes as a result, ie, Jell-O, which is actually product name that has also become an adjective. It is the greatest success of a brand - to become a part of the language.

    4. Altastrofae


      Yeah, it's gelatin, and where I'm from, no one calls Jelly, "Jell-o" we only use that term for actual gelatin

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