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  1. Contrary to popular belief, Fire and I actually get along quite well. Thunderstorms are second only to humans when it comes to causing wildfires, there's plenty of water on the sun, and fire ice is in fact a thing that exists (my home lake, Vostok, has plenty). Sure, water might extinguish most forms of fire, but it also extinguishes most forms of life if they stay immersed in it for too long, and nobody says water and life are polar opposites. We've both been around for aeons - it's hard to coexist for that long without working out some sort of professional relationship.
  2. Another thing me Pappy used tah do.

     See, he a slow reader. And them thar books got that nasty habit of havin both durn pages facein’ ya at the same time! So the simple solution... is to fold the book in half, along the spine. To read just one page forward. In a process most books react to with tiny, screamy cracking noises. 
    I used to find his small paperbacks with front covers in corkscrew curls, shedding page fragments like hairs or him reading a third a book with a loose pile of sheets nearby. And he’d wonder why he needed to throw books away after he was done.

    I don’ come from Smart.

    1. Duality


      That is easily the most heinous book crime I've ever heard of. Your pappy is a literary psychopath. :yeahno:

  3. Hey, you too? My apologies for counting you out, I thought you and Reader might have been down for the count since only Loud Opinion responded to my 'are y'all still interested' post from November. Looks like we might have enough people active to start after all! Just waiting on @Denim&Venöm's final application (which shouldn't take long) and then we can get started all over again. I do want to keep the RP on Searching, though, since while we do have enough people to get the ball rolling it would be nice to get a couple more people on board to flesh things out. Hopefully @Buck Testa
  4. Oh, hey, that's great news! I hope life's been treating you satisfactorily despite the bustle, and I'm certainly glad to have you still on board.
  5. @Denim&Venöm @dragon4111 @reader8363 @Buck Testa @Loud Opinion Hey all, I've changed the RP status to Searching as I don't think we have quite enough players to start currently. Denim is working on the hopefully-final version of Miko's application and Loud Opinion is all in for the RP's start, but I haven't heard from Buck in 9 months and Reader hasn't come online since early November. I'd like to have 1 or 2 more active players before starting up, if I can manage it, but if I don't get any bites in the next couple weeks it might be worth reconsidering for a reduced number of players.
  6. Books, series of books, video games, it's all the same answer for me. If'n ye don't like the thing - or more pertinently, if it's dull, poorly designed, or otherwise mediocre -, cast it into the pit of indifference. Time is too valuable to waste on half-baked entertainment - but on the flipside, of course, your commitment to cognising all aspects of a piece of art should be roughly proportional to how well crafted it is, if you have any desire to give things the appreciation they deserve. My unwarranted advice is thus to yeet your subpar tome, my good chap, and devote your attention and t
  7. @Denim&Venöm @dragon4111 @reader8363 @Buck Testa @Loud Opinion@Lektra Bolt Hey all - I'm not gone for good, despite the best attempts of this past year. I've been whittling away at Miko's complete and comprehensive backstory with Denim for several months, and getting pounded by the pandemic and the resultant work overload for the rest of the all-too-many months I've been MIA. Very sorry to all who've been waiting on the posts I didn't put up for most of this year, and I sure hope you've been having a better time of things than me. My relationship with work is currently at the sta
  8. So, pokemon had two content expansions. A seperate little area for each, self-contained. Each their own boss Legendary pokeyman. First was Bearman Punchgood. Second, but clearly superior was Tinyman Bigbrain. I think you would approve.


    That’s a battlecry i’m working on: “I Read.”

    1. Duality


      All we need now is to mix it up a little and have Bearman Bigbrain and his trusty sidekick Tinyman Punchgood. It'd be the best superhero TV show of the last decade. :proud:

  9. That's some incredible architecture right there. I do want to keep Salem's appearance canonically fluid but I can definitely see the Admin block looking something like that. Whereabouts were those photos taken?
  10. babysitting_by_sandara_de3gmuz-fullview.

    You look like you deserve a quality smol floof

    1. Widdershins


      The dragon is floof, yas?

       Is it a creature or a plant? I wanna say a leaf elemental!

    2. Duality


      The kitties are the floof. Dragon is  r u s t l

      I think it's supposed to be a sort of nature-spirit dragon, but 'leaf elemental' is pretty much the same thing as far as my knowledge of wyrm metaphysics extends. :P

  11. How math works:


    1. Duality


      Successful mathematicians in the past had very high cranial bone density to keep their brains on the inside. In the modern age, of course, we've developed an artificial workaround: titanium skull implants.

      Sadly however this has the tragic side effect of amplifying 5G government mind-control rays to the point where the only way to guarantee independence of thought is by wearing aluminium foil helmets to block them out. :kirin:

    2. Widdershins


      And here i’ve been eating the aluminum. 
      Which is why Im so twitchy.

  12. Suppose hydras are a subspecies of dragon. There’s just so much creative room with them!


  13. WGnlMgh_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium

    Have some perfect croissants. :proud:

    1. Widdershins


      Aww, they are cute!

  14. Fin-ally got around to reading that Shark Article (Sharticle?) you did link me a while back!

     Great Whites do seem smart enough to plan things, set up social gatherings of their kin, differentiate nationalities of their species. It seems like even in that depicted feeding of them, the sharks knew the aim wasn't to give them food, but more of a sport in which they rough-housed. They knew they weren't there to eat humans, but maybe whap one if they got in the way of chasing the fish head.

    ...but they do seem dim-witted in that animalistic way. Like i've said before, mouth-centric. Playbiting, tossing things around in a catlike manner. Dragging around a live seabird, then releasing it as if to give the human in the boat a show to talk about. They know what they're doing, and can be good at it when they set they're mind to it... just not smart enough to have reasoning. Like perhaps not going up to a boat just because they smell food. 

     Which is why I say they're like Pokemon. They see the world though their mouth, can be trained, but are mostly concerned with doing their shtick.

    Sharks are chill bros. And I'm glad to hear that. Goes well with my sharkpony OC....

     Soup. He's Soup da Shark.

  15. I'm about halfway through OneShot but the clover file won't open on my mac ;-;

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Duality


      Ohhh okay subject tech levels have been ascertained apologies

      Running programs in 'administrator mode' allows them to override any other programs that might be interfering with their operation by giving them the full digital authority of You, the User. Sadly this appears to be more of a Windows thing upon further research. Restarting your computer is a good idea - maybe check to see if the file is being blocked by your security software or something too? Probably the easiest way to check that is to turn it off for a short time and try opening the clover app then.

    3. Frostgage


      Thank you for the tips sir. I'm confident that I'll get it figured out soon

      I don't want Niko to think I've abandoned them ;-;

    4. Duality


      Don't worry sir Niko is smart and brave :proud:

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