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  1. This is the first fandom I've ever been in. I've always enjoyed any show in complete isolation, away from the world. I personally feel like my analysis skills when it comes to any show are not really like a professional critic, and I feel like because of that fact, my statements and perceptions of the show are wrong. Here's my own reasoning. "I like MLP (the general show and the episodes) for this and that but I have not-good-but-not-bad or poor reasoning skills to say why, therefore I am wrong. "I am able to deduce the flaws in the episodes, therefore my deductive reasoning is superior to everyone's and that I'm right. Conclusively, MLP is a factually horrible show and should be cancelled. At the very least it should be improved but the chances of that happening are absolute 0 because the writers don't care about what is good writing and they are in the wrong." I can't help if my analyzing skills are not good but I feel like everyone just shoots down my opinion even after hearing them. I don't feel welcome at all. Should I have unequaled analyzing skills so I can see the show for what it really is, even though I may not be capable of improving? Should I stop treating it lightly and treat it seriously because treating it seriously is the "proper" way to approach it and that I should never look at it with a lighthearted view?
  2. I have often held MLP in to a high regard like I've never done to a TV show before. But I always feel threatened by the others' words saying it is imperfect, whereas I expect it to be, in a hyperbolic way, godlike. As my question implies, does MLP deserve to be erased from human memory because we are all angry with it being not flawless, or at least, because it's not like the "superior" shows that I probably have or have not heard of?
  3. Here's the way I see it. The fandom now is a society that is already hunting down all those who deviate in opinion. They're out for the dissidents' blood. Something like this: A= Hates S6 B= Loves S6 A: This season is the worst, period. We have our justifications for proving it objectively and all the Bs who argue are wrong. It won't matter if the Bs' words are heard because they are irrelevant and these traitors are refusing to see the truth. (Like in ancient human society) EXTERMINATE THE BS (pronounced bees)! I feel like I am a B because I swore to myself to always love the show no matter what. But now every time I show up on EquestriaDaily, here or anywhere else I personally think that the As want to crush my head under their foot. I really feel like that will truly happen. In other words, I love all the episodes of S6 but everyone says they are right when they say it is actually horrible and I am wrong, insane and demented for saying it is great and that everyone will come after me for saying them. I don't jump on the hateful bandwagon because I'm blindly accepting their view or because I want to just because it's popular opinion. I jump on it because I think I have to. I do it out of fear. I feel scared and frightened and that I can't run the risk of being hurt when I have opposing opinions. I feel like I should completely submit to the view that S6 is the worst season ever or have my head cut off for saying otherwise. I feel like the fandom is already a tyranny and dictatorship to me, expecting 101% control over our thoughts and everything else. That's exactly why I came here, why I'm watching in the first place, but I feel like the fandom will exclude those who have those thought. I feel like they expect us to take it extremely seriously when I can't help but treat it lightly.
  4. Well I feel forced to agree with that general opinion when I don't at all. You don't believe me? Trust me it happens. I told you I'm not of the jesting type when I say it does happen (the getting cardiac pains part). I'm always a very rigid person and my feelings since the show began up till this point have always remained the same: loving and enjoying it. Am I wrong to say that the show isn't going stale at all? Rather that it's improving? Frankly I don't care if you say if it's natural or universal to all tv shows that they degenerate. I don't see it like that. Am I wrong in not seeing it like that? Whenever I like something I tell myself to always stick to it.
  5. It's my first time being here but I needed someplace to vent out. I've been trying to watch Season 6 but everywhere I look on EQD and here, all I see is nothing but hate for the season. I get reasons like Twi is acting OOC in NSP, ND was the worst conclusion for RD and all that. Honestly I get cardiac pains from reading, NO JOKE. It goes against my perception of the show and even though everyone's words are not directed at me, it's convinced me that my view of the show is wrong. Am I wrong in liking Season 6?
  6. Welcome to MLP Forums, meduni! I hope you have a great time here. /)