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  1. Oh wow! I've been gone for so long everythings changed! Hey guys it's CG here and It's been forever since I've posted here. I'm not dead! Anyway here's a video for everyone! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HY2soyQONK0&feature=youtube_gdata ELAPSED TIME: 01:43:22
  2. Oh! I've seen some of your videos! and your deviantART! Your actually qualified for the position. If you are willing. I'm Applejack! More Apple FILLER?
  3. Do you have a deviantart? I actually have not seen your SFM posters. Anyway, I'll check them out and get back to you! Ok, I'll PM you later today with the information about the audition!
  4. Unfourtunatley no, But I could send over some lines if you can pick out characters want, I'll send the lines over revo senil eht dnes ll'I (PSST, That was a filler) Ok, PM me with a short story involving HotDiggedyDemon's Sarcasm and how it can hurt people, Including EgoRaptor. (I'm kidding, Anything but that) Tis a great time for a filler time!
  5. ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT Lets get down to the actual thing I want to talk about. I need some more voices for The Colgate Show.. I do.... So now that I got my point across, I can use a smaller font. There's a list of voices below, But before that I need to discuss something really important... IN A SPOILER Anyway, Here's a list of stuff I need, Vinyl Scratch: Woah, killer DJ pad! And you said this was all your sisters? OR You didn't bring Glow Sticks? TO A RAVE? BLASPHEMY! Berry Punch: Throw me another Cider will ya? I'm losing my buzz.. Derpy: Yep! Right away Colgat
  6. http://goo.gl/vu2GH Here you are! for some reason, iOS devices won't display videos on the current page whether it's YouTube or not. But anyway, It's up there in tinyurlformat! filler
  7. Thought I'd you know make a video with ponies and gamegrumps, I'll slip it under, Slip it right here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naMWGK8TefE So, one of my first gamegrumps animations for SFM, I wish to continue with this, and TheColgateShow, and Sunchasers. BUT! I would like some feedback aswell. SO! What did y'all think?
  8. Anyone wanna play Castle Crashers on PC? Add me on steam @ ColagteGamer

  9. Do you like gamegrumps? Good, Watch Jontron on the Harmonica: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyyrQfxsCog

  10. Oh yeah! Epiosde 8 is tom.! yay..

  11. Well, I just read your topic and now that its locked, I'll just have to comment here. Glad to see your back. I have been watching your videos and I really like them. I am Emeraldstudios100 one of your subscribers. I do hope that your doing okay from the trolls though. They can be a complete bummer sometimes, but don't stop because of them okay? Do visit the Forums, but you can multi-task and make videos too.

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      Well, how could they hack you? You didn't share your password right? Its something just for you to use and only you. No one else needs to know it. Subscribed by the way.

    3. AppleTreeBrony


      IDK how they knew it. He typed it in, So to avoid trouble, I deleted the account.

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      Well, at least you did the right thing. Hope things work out for yea!

  12. Hey guys, before I venture away from the forums for awhile, I decided I'll post this here because I need to build an audience! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmN_LepCoKg What are you're opinions? Will you actually watch this? What can been Improved (Don't say VA, I have a cold -3-, that will be fixed) Thanks!
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