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  1. eragaedrhaerh

    A request for a bit of help

    I gave $5. Sorry its not more
  2. eragaedrhaerh

    Discord Name/Tag Contact Option

    Would it be possible to add a Discord field to the Contact Information on our profiles? Me and most of my friends have recently moved over there from Skype, and I'm sure many others are doing the same. Thanks.
  3. eragaedrhaerh

    Mega Thread General Contact Sharing Thread

    There's a Discord server going on here: is infinite) Everyone is welcome!
  4. eragaedrhaerh

    What was the last food you ate?

    a vegetable burrito (veg, guac, rice, lettuce etc.)
  5. Confused... very, very confused.
  6. eragaedrhaerh

    My top 5 favorite pony youtuber

    KP is cool, apart from her I tend to stay away from analysis channels. I'm a frequent viewer of comedy stuffs, especially DawnSomewhere, and agrol. Also, I seem to be watching a lot of gmod stuff from Breezy (kuledud3) and Bing.
  7. eragaedrhaerh

    Gaming What food/drink is your 'gamer fuel'?

    Mostly Doritos (When I have any) to eat, although I'd usually order some pizza and ice cream if some friends are round. To drink, It'd be Coke (I'm hooked on the stuff), and tea, lots and lots of strong tea. Maybe the occasional coffee.
  8. eragaedrhaerh

    Top 10 Cities that Deserve a Brony Convention

    I second Belfast! Now that BUCK's over, we need another con here in the UK, aside from BCUK
  9. eragaedrhaerh

    General Investing in the stock market

    LOYAL3's a great place to start, but I eventually moved to DeGiro, due to LOYAL's lack of real time trades (and, obviously, if you want to go a bit more advanced, you need more options than just blue chips) Although, I'm considering finding another broker, DeGiro's back office is still pretty poor compared to a lot of it's competitors.
  10. eragaedrhaerh

    Pinkie Pie with Balloons

    This is awesome! Great job, also, I really like the clouds for some reason :3
  11. eragaedrhaerh

    S06:E18 - Buckball Season

    6-5 to Ponyville! I have to say, this episode seems to lack depth, the moral was maybe a tad too obvious and easily solved... On another note, Sports Pinkie is so cute... It was decent, 4/5
  12. eragaedrhaerh

    S06:E18 - Buckball Season

    Was that.... a Water Boy reference???
  13. eragaedrhaerh

    S06:E18 - Buckball Season

    WOOP! LESSGO! Already off with some AppleDash
  14. eragaedrhaerh

    New OCs!

    ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh *squeeeeeeeeeeeee* so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee
  15. eragaedrhaerh

    Spoiler Preview for Buckball Season.

    gheeee snails... i'm quite hyped for this episode.