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  1. Happy Birthday!!!


  2. Happy Birthday!!!!


  3. Your Ponysona is SO cute!

  4. Sounds like this will be a good ep! I can't wait!!!!!
  5. Happy Easter everypony! Hmm... I've been wondering. What would the Pony version of this holiday be called and  how do you suppose it would be celebrated?



    1. GlimGlam


      Happy Easter bro How are you doing? 

      How about Easter pony day 

      as to how it would be celebrated probably the same way as the original Easter.

    2. SapphireStar


      Perhaps it would be the first day after Winter Wrap-Up? I'm not sure how long it takes for the flowers, trees, etc. to be in full-bloom, so maybe not right after... Not sure what they'd call it, but there would definitely be a festival of some sort, wherein renewal and re-birth would be the focus. I could definitely still see eggs and baby animals and flowers and such being part of the celebration theme. Maybe the ponies still color/decorate eggs? Unfertilized ones given freely by their bird friends? I like the idea of them going on egg hunts, but not sure there would be an "Easter Bunny". Who would hide the eggs?

      As the ponies are celebrating, there would likely be special foods eaten on the holiday that have to do with the newly-blooming flowers and grasses. Maybe such delicacies are only available/eaten around this time of year? I could also see an emphasis on flower shows and the wearing of new Spring-themed hats/dresses (pony version of Easter Parade, anyone?) Perhaps it becomes a custom to give pots of flowers to your friends as gifts?

  6. Hey there! Great job on the new banner! :pinkie:

    1. Totally Roseluck

      Totally Roseluck

      Thanks! I'm still really new to drawing so that means a lot. :pinkie:

      And thanks for the follow. post-25189-0-33094200-1412626540.png

    2. Sweet Palette

      Sweet Palette

      You're very welcome!

  7. Does anyone else love it when the princesses use the royal Canterlot voice? Because I do! :wub:

  8. It's like, there's so much of his story that's gone untold. Having him in the spotlight, finally would be the perfect opportunity for that! He wasn't my favorite bad guy (not really sure I have a favorite) but he's an intriguing character and it would be nice to know more about him.
  9. I just finished watching it. Personally, I enjoyed it but I was a little disappointed about how it ended. I was really hoping to see more of King Sombra.
  10. Just finished watching "Beginning of the End" parts 1 & 2 and I have to say. Not too shabby. I won't give any spoilers to anyone who hasn't already seen it. But overall, not a bad way to kick off the season.

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    2. Sparklefan1234


      I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

    3. Sweet Palette

      Sweet Palette

      How 'bout this, SapphireStar? Get your work done (or see how much further you can get) and then reward yourself with the first episode. Go back to work and then after, reward yourself with episode 2. :)


    4. SapphireStar


      I'm going to watch them tonight. Super excited! :D

  11. This is a gift for my friend @Tim_Kangaroo We both LOVE Princess Luna!
  12. So, I see Discord has taken over the forum. :huh:

    1. RaritySparkleArtist


      strange for me are normal, maybe im not affected by the discord since all on my life is a crazyyyy mess hahaha :darling:

    2. CosmicSpark


      I had to mute the site, I am listening to youtube

  13. Hey everypony! So this is pretty much where I'll be posting my work. Hope you all enjoy! This is a gift art for Lightning Bliss! Been meaning to do one for a while now. Hope you like it Blissy!
  14. My name is Sweet Palette. Though technicality, I'm not new here. Some of you may remember me as Spicy Demon. After a bit of drama and mental decline, I needed some time away to heal and reinvent myself. Having said that, I'm hoping to return to a clean slate and a new ponysona! You can learn all about HERE here, if you'd like.
  15. Whoot! Baseball season is officially here!!!!



    CINNAMON-STITCH just finished my Sweet Palette plush! Isn't she cute?!! https://www.deviantart.com/cinnamon-stitch/art/mlp-plushie-oc-commission-Panda-jenn-791224947

    1. Pathfinder


      She's adorable! ^^

  17. Hey there my fellow Bronies and Pegasisters! Sorry for the long absence. After a bit of drama and mental decline, I needed some time away to heal and reinvent myself. Having said that, I've returned with a brand new Ponysona! Those of you who were getting sick of Spicy's antics don't have to worry about her anymore. Sweet Palette is her polar opposite! Spicy may pop up from time to time if I should feel like drawing her, but Spicy sightings will likely be rare.

    Anyway, good to be back! Hope everypony is doing well! :wub: