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  1. Mountain Dew, nuff said.
  2. Texas, Fort Sam Houston - San Antonio. I like to go to the shoppette across the street whenever I can.
  3. Kinda a requirement to wear something more than twice in the Army so yes.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmJRgCtPWiw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6PGx8z1Ubc I pretty much just listen to Sim Gretina for pony songs. I used to listen to Aviators but I kinda drifted from them.
  5. Lolno, Ive already been in school for 1 week and I know im gonna get rekt this year. ;-; Onward to adventure, right?
  6. 5 glitters/1 = too much glitter. Prepare yourself for the ban hammer.
  7. The Hot Zone is what im currently reading.
  8. Its simple, all you got to do is make a pun or joke about the person above you based on their avatar or name. Play nice and have fun. (*u*)/
  9. Hey, what is your avatar? Is it a seal in a gas mask or something? o.o'

    1. Iko


      XD Yeah, its a crying seal in a hoodie and gas mask.

  10. Death by a yellow pages book, congrats you have earned yourself a unique and inefficient death.