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  1. McLightz started to lose all sence of safety and fear with the constant disorientation it felt like a dream and in his dreams Mclightz was always invincable. He soon joined Eureka's rambles. "first we crash in forest then we go to desert i like desert then we go moon" I AM LIGHTZ HAVE NO FEAR everypony Mclightz is here!" and with that he jumped in the air and started sing his favorite song again "O McTavish is dead and-----....."
  2. "Leave it" muttered Mclightz "we Just dumped our last dependant".
  3. "Why does he even boyher leaving if hes always here" McLightz wondered.
  4. McLightz stood behind the door ready to attack if needed
  5. Mclightz yelled in fustration "arghhhhhhhh"
  6. "understood... LEADER Striker" Mclightz wishpered.
  7. "you have my full attention" wispered Mclightz
  8. "My sole responsibility is to Nord Chieftain Ivy even if I have to protect dear leader with my life it is my duty, But the rest of the crew or the helpless are not my concern." blood-painted McClightz declared as he followed Ivy, still ready to protect the Nord Cheif at all cost. Mclightz then whispered so no other pony could hear "so Striker when do the games begin and what deal can we make to get Ivy to safety the others are of minimal importance?"
  9. yes thats how i found Cumulus. thanks for the suggestion though
  10. I cant get the charactor link to work so i can read other peoples profiles i found cumulus but i cant find eureka and ivy
  11. "Were Both EVIL" Mclightz yelled to striker after he left.
  12. Mclightz neals down defeated when confronted by the stronger opponent. "you win" he forceably mumbles out even though his proud viking mind is telling him other wise.
  13. "Im creepy says the voice in sky" murmered Mclightz under his breath.
  14. Mclightz painted himself in the snakes blood and stood beside Ivy waiting for orders.
  15. Mclightz raised his hoof in the air and let a cheer for his leader "HURRRAAaaa, vicktory and plunder!