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  1. Princess Bella

    General How old are you?

    I just wanted to see the age range on here! Not being a stalker LOL!
  2. Princess Bella

    Mega Thread What book are you reading?

    I'm reading "Ali's Pretty Little Lies". It's a prequel of Pretty Little Liars. I still can't find the first book though
  3. Princess Bella


    They're my favorite animal too! I love their bushy tails and cleverness! Plus Nick in Zootopia was awesome
  4. Probably hand on experiments. I don't like moving and getting messy
  5. Princess Bella

    Favorite advice/quote?

    "When I'm sad I eat. When I'm happy I eat. When I'm angry I eat. Therefore I am a pig."
  6. Princess Bella

    What is your ideal pet?

    Probably a RainbowDash even though it's probably not a good idea
  7. Princess Bella

    General What were you doing just 10 minutes ago?

    Reading Alleigent and eating food
  8. Princess Bella

    Am I a horrible person?

    You're fun to talk to! By the way did you get dissed by someponies on forums and want to make ammends? Or was it "BlueJay" that dissed you and you want to make ammends with? Someponies can be mean! But you're a great person and I don't hate you!
  9. Princess Bella

    Hey I'm new! Need some friends :)

    Thank you so much! I will stop by later for sure! This was so helpful!
  10. Princess Bella

    Hey I'm new! Need some friends :)

    Haha yes! (Wouldn't it be weird if we just blurted that out in a conversation with our parents or something? *shudders*) Thank you for the welcome! Oh and also the cider! It's delicious!
  11. Princess Bella

    Hey I'm new! Need some friends :)

    YASSSSS!!!! We should totally be friends! Thank you! I will PM you some time! Thank you for he welcome! Btw love that rainbowdash pic! Hiya!!! I think it's so cool that u have a youtube channel! YASSSS!!!!!! Cupcakes are like, the best!!!
  12. Princess Bella

    Hey I'm new! Need some friends :)

    Well thank you very much! I most certainly will enjoy it! Haha well thank you! I have tried PMing people, and i might just get the hang of it! Haha hello Rinixx! You most certainly smell like cupcakes! I will PM u for sure! Thanks! I will definintly have fun here! Thanks! I'll stay here for a loooooong time Thank you! I would really apreciate the help!
  13. Princess Bella

    Hey I'm new! Need some friends :)

    Thx Varrack! I'll add you as a friend! Haha well you're far more experienced than I am!
  14. Princess Bella

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    I'm feeling very confused. Because I'm lost in this site
  15. Princess Bella

    General What did you dream about last night?

    I dreamed about eating bagels