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  1. Everypony, Princess Bella just told me that her account is suspended until September 2017.

    1. Heir to the Monado

      Heir to the Monado

      That's gotta be harsh. You know if she's getting the birthday wishes we're sending her?

    2. twiia


      I'll contact her on wattpad. She might see your birthday wishes. I'm not sure though.

  2. I need to drink water

    1. Chrylestia600


      Lol. What for in particular?

    2. Princess Bella

      Princess Bella

      @Chrylestia600 I haven't drank actual plain water in a month or so *insert LOL emoji*. Only milk, OJ, yogurt, and lemonade *insert 4 LOL emojis*

    3. Chrylestia600


      Wish I could drink that stuff that often, haha (love love love lemonade :D). But it's rarely available to me. Anyway, yeah, you probably should drink some, then. XD I don't mind drinking normal water, but where I live, it always tastes like chemicals. Bleh. LOL

  3. I just wanted to see the age range on here! Not being a stalker LOL!
  4. I like your avatar, lol. That picture of Celestia is cute.

    1. Princess Bella

      Princess Bella

      Thanks! I like yours too! Black and pink is the best combo!

    2. Chrylestia600
  5. I JUST REALIZED I'M A MUFFIN NOW! Give me some frosting and I'll be a CUPCAKE!

  6. I'm reading "Ali's Pretty Little Lies". It's a prequel of Pretty Little Liars. I still can't find the first book though
  7. They're my favorite animal too! I love their bushy tails and cleverness! Plus Nick in Zootopia was awesome
  8. Probably hand on experiments. I don't like moving and getting messy
  9. "When I'm sad I eat. When I'm happy I eat. When I'm angry I eat. Therefore I am a pig."
  10. Probably a RainbowDash even though it's probably not a good idea