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  1. After a thread I started earlier today got me thinking, I'd really like to see a sort of Parents' Day episode (since some ponies have moms, dads, both, or neither) to give the mane cast a chance to celebrate those who raised them. Getting all their different families in one place could be just adorable, they could even make use of Twilight's castle for the event. Plus...I keep thinking about Spike giving Twilight a present and thanking her for caring for him as she does since it appears she more or less has had a heavy hand in his upbringing, if she hasn't been his caretaker since she first hatched him outright. It would just be the most precious little episode *-*
  2. Haha I totally missed that cameo in Inspiration Manifestation. I was thinking they could have just become travelers and just aren't in Ponyville very often anymore, which would explain extended absences and why Sweetie Belle seems to basically live with Rarity on a full time basis. But it could also make an interesting story for fanfic writers if Rarity's parents ended up...well, not coming home from that vacation they took back in season two. (Somehow despite being a hardcore non-shipper I have come to really adore Rarity and Applejack in any capacity I can get it in...I have no idea how that happened.) Though you guys did make me think about more family interaction. We now have families for most of the main cast (with Rainbow MAYBE having a parental appearance depending on who you ask) so they could totally do a mother/father's (parent's?) day kind of episode with the main six doing something for the ponies that raised them. I know it'd be really heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time to have AJ honoring Granny Smith, and I doubt they'd let her have more than a line towards her own missing parents...but that could be a really nice episode. Especially to have a chance to see Rarity interact with her own parents for a reason other than Sweetie Bell. But that might be too big an episode for 22 minutes.
  3. I noticed this while re-watching Sister Hooves social - they haven't actually appeared again since dropping Sweetie Bell off so they could go on vacation. Yet forever more after that Sweetie is living with Rarity every time we see her in a home setting, and the parents never show up again. Have they been on vacation all this time? Did they run away and abandon their children? (I know Sweetie Bell is a handful and Rarity is high maintenance but that's so rude O: ) Or...are they in such a state that they would be unable to come back (ala the main theory of where AJ's parents have been this whole series).
  4. Oh had to have been when I was very young because I don't remember. I vaguely remember messing with the dial up in the mid 90s, but I don't know if that's when we got internet for the first time or if we'd had it and they were just fixing it. I knew how to log into the dial up before I knew how to use the rewinder for my favorite VHS tapes. Ok that might be a bit of a stretch since that was literally just hitting one button, but I grew up with a tech-savy mom. We had dial up until I was in 8th grade I think - which was really sad because high speed internet was around by then and all the commercials implied that everyone could have it, and my mom worked for Verizon (technically still does, but they jettisoned her department a few years back and renamed it Frontier). It took Verizon years before they extended high speed internet outside of towns so that we could access it in our 'country home' which was literally half a mile beyond the town line. It's actually because of that crap that I got my first cell phone. I was highly involved in school and had a lot of band, choir, etc practice (not to mention concerts, and a couple school dances) and I'd get stranded because someone would always be on the internet so I couldn't call the landline. And I could never remember my mom's cell phone number. At least, that's what I told her .
  5. On a whole (after watching literally every episode), it is possibly one of the best shows ever created, in my opinion. And I say that after being a staunch hater of it until a few years ago...when I actually sat down and watched the whole thing through. Until that point I'd only seen a few episodes from that time in middle school my brother taped over my Inuyasha recordings (which, no, my mother did not know what that show was about - I told her it was about a person who was half dog who saved the world) with South Park, and all the episodes were from season one, which is still my least favorite season even now. I hate programming that is just crude, gross shock humor, and that's what the early episodes tended to be. So with that as my base point I decided that it had to be the dumbest show ever. But a couple years ago my coworkers at this fast food joint I worked at were talking about all their favorite moments and I remember thinking "wait...South Park did THAT? They were that smart? They were THAT clever? Nuh-uh." So I tried it myself. And they were indeed that smart and that clever. The satire is truly top notch, and it's not really that crude (compared to the other 'shocking cartoons' like Family Guy and that ilk, which are literally just crude for the sake of being crude). Rude, sure, but it's far from just gross-out shocks. Actually most of the time it isn't even gross out, just shocking. They tear apart just about every sacred cow there is, and I think I'm at least the better for it. Holding things so sacred they become untouchable makes jackasses out of people (I mean just look at what certain religious organizations allowed for generations because of their believed untouchability).
  6. I think the only critics I'm subscribed to on YouTube are SilverQuill, MadMunchkin, and the various channels of MatPat (Game Theory, Film Theory, and GTLive). They're really the only ones I catch on YouTube because I can't catch them elsewhere, and MatPat isn't really so much a critic as he is an entertainer. He makes theories about games and movies...then plays video games with his wife live a couple times a week. And they are glorious. Most of my other favorites are all on ChannelAwesome so I just check in there every couple of days. My above and beyond favorite is Nash and Tara with Radio Dead Air's WTFIWWY segment where they tear into the stupid news of the week.
  7. I dont know if you saw my post, but I was immediately reminded of a cross between Chickorita and their evolution of Bayleaf. But I do concede. Your pokemon reference is a might bit more accurate than mine XD. Just give it the neck jewels and done.
  8. So back in Times are a Changeling I recall posting something along the lines of "no wait don't get up in arms yet, one reformed changeling does not mean all will be reformed." Welp. Aside from the problem of 'only pretty things can be good' (thanks a lot Disney -.-) and the rush of their reform, I did enjoy their new designs, aside from Thorax. Thorax resembles the rainbow forms in the fact that they just threw way too much together with way too many colors. He kind of reminds me of the pokemon Chickorita/Bayleaf (Chickorita for the neck, Bayleaf for the shape and size). Behold! The new lord of the changelings. As far as the overall finale goes, the characterizations were a lot of fun and this really did a lot to flesh out the world. I loved seeing Starlight deal with her past and her current worries - that's something I've loved about Sunset and its nice to see it again. Especially when they have different situations. Sunset turned into a she-demon but was still stuck at the same place she tried to destroy and had to deal with their glares and hate head on. Starlight was able to leave and be away from the place where she caused misery (though as we see they weren't all that miserable - I mean, they basically ask her to take over and do all the festival planning for them, so to some degree it seems they really liked having someone like her around, though that could be that they're still recovering from their situation and don't know what to do as they have to be independent now). The mix of characters we got was definitely different. Twilight had better watch out since it seems Discord has made a new friend with Trixie. Pigs are gonna fly guys. Though if this is anything like his friendship with Spike and Big Mac it's probably just a passing "I'm ok with your presence" sort of friendship, vs a "I must go and destroy the changelings for kidnapping you!" Since we know he doesn't particularly dislike the princesses anymore, but he did seem entirely uninterested in a rescue until he heard Fluttershy was captured. And! There's something extra important about this finale - we had strong male characters being strong, and more than just an accessory for the ladies (sorry Shining Armor but lbr here, your most important role so far has been winning the gold medal in the princess javelin competition). I know that's been a sticking point for a lot of people. I admittedly didn't entirely notice it until just this year - I'm a girl who grew up watching male-heavy shows where girls were almost always an accessory, so seeing a show compensating for all of that by having a super female cast has always been great to witness. But it has gone out of its way, especially as of late, to be...well, lets just say problematic (*cough*ZephyrBreeze*cough*SkyStinger). And as I already mentioned even our royal captain of the guard has pretty much only existed as an accessory to his princesses - He was half of Cadence's love magic, he threw Cadence so that she could help the Crystal Ponies, and he fathered an alicorn. That's what he's done in the show. Granted Cadence herself isn't much better (aside from being the female half of that list, she's also been pampered to the point where she has lost her stamina when flying). And...there's Spike? And a plethora of background boys, but that's no help. But now we have a male ruler that isn't evil (take that Sombra!). AND he managed to turn an entire very starving and angry kingdom into yet another love hub for Equestria. Or wherever their kingdom is actually located. While Starlight was the official/unofficial leader of the ragtag band, Thorax was the one who saved the day - and they all did it together and all that lovey mushy stuff. We do need strong male characters that exemplify how great men can work together with great women. Basically, to show how we really can all be equal. And that isn't to say cut down on or take away from the strong ladies (though...Celestia, come on dearie stop getting kidnapped or we'll have to change your name to Princess Peach). know, maybe not all your prominent males have to be either subservient or jerkfaces. All hail King Thorax! Side note - how did I not realize until today that Starlight was voiced by Sango/Barbie? Best part of the finale: Trixie and Discord's relationship. As I said, Twilight needs to watch out because those two hanging out might just be the end of her sanity. Worst part: Wut no song? D: Way to break tradition guys. I was looking forward to the finale song. Edit: After glancing some other comments I did have a little bit to add here - while the songs of both the last two seasons' finales seemed shoe-horned and I have no doubt adding one to this finale would have felt the same way, the songs themselves have become favorites of mine (all three are in the top ten from the entire show for me). Mostly what I was hoping for was another song to put on repeat for the next six months. #soselfish
  9. Halfway there! It's so much fun watching the livestream reactions right now. First half has been golden, but I really want to dig in and talk about the second half >D I'm so excited for this part.
  10. I think the list of countries I don't want to visit would probably be shorter, but here goes: Ireland and Scotland are up at the top, followed by Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Italy, and a return visit to France to round out my top picks of Europe. Then I'd love to visit Korea and Japan. And I've always dreamed of a chance to go to Egypt, though I wilt like a flower in the heat so even if someday I have enough money to I'll probably never go there. I'll just have to settle for museums.
  11. Hiding in my bedroom as Comcast rewires the place. Which I was also doing an hour ago. And will probably be doing an hour from now. No clue how to behave when people come into my home whatsoever.
  12. From what I've observed, even when the ruling powers are dismantled there still isn't much to fear...unless you live in one of the three hotspots (Ponyville, Canterlot, or the Crystal Empire). The first time a crazy all powerful creature tries to cause problems in the country, sure, that's kinda scary, but by the time you've had five or six try to take over and all be taken down within a few days its a bit less frightening. Unlike the real world, none of the threats pervade over long periods of time. Nightmare Moon went down in one night, Discord went down fairly fast, since apparently the first three seasons took place in one years time - Even though I like to completely ignore that factoid from the show because it makes my head hurt, it does put the other attacks into some perspective since they'd have had to have quick turn around times to all fit into the span of one year. Chrysallis, once revealed, went down in an afternoon. Sure the changelings were always there in the background but they didn't come back for quite some time, and when they did...well, I know this is a thread discussing spoilers but I won't speak the spoilers of the season six finale until after Saturday passes. We also see that Ponyville kind of regularly faces other problems (Cerberus, the BugBear, and that's not even touching on the uncontrollable forest of crazy they live next to). Since we don't follow the other locations nearly as much, its hard to say if that's common. From the comics (I know not primary canon, but they still reveal some fun stuffs) we can see that Canterlot has had a few incidents in its time, and from the episodes in the Crystal Empire we can see that they also have their own magical problems when they don't power their heart-stone-shield-maker properly. But that's what you get for building your empire in the frozen north where it's apparently a near constant blizzard. The point I really want to get at is that the ponies don't seem all that worried. Despite all the crazy that happens in Ponyville, they all still live there. They chose to build up their town near the Everfree Forest knowing how dangerous it could be. They could have just been like 'yo Apples are cray cray we ain't livin here,' but apparently rainbow apple jam was enough to convince them to build the magical stomping ground of their nation. And despite all the magical attacks aimed at all of Equestria, no one is clambering to go move in with the zebras or the yaks (er, well, can't blame them there) or to any of the other nations. So...basically, even when the royals are dismantled and changelings are putting everyone in cocoons, everypony still comes out the next day smiling. I know its a happy show so they're probably never going to address the long term emotional consequences of all the attacks, but taking everything presented in the show as the canon lore and lifestyle it seems that perhaps instead of Equestria being unstable....perhaps its so stable that it doesn't really need its rulers. I mean, clearly they still need the rulers, but if a band of six ponies that all started out as every day(ish - Twilight was clearly part of the 1% right from the get go) citizens can handle things, then maybe the other ponies are pretty hearty too and really only need help when the big guns (Discord, Tirek, Chrysallis) come along. I mean...we clearly see in the finale just how hearty some of the citizens can be. Without magic! They might not have been able to turn Discord to stone, but we've seen that with a bit of love and friendship he never needed to be stone in the first place. The only fights they might never have been able to win are Nightmare Moon (since the elements of harmony rainbowed the nightmare right out of her) and the battle against Tirek (since the elements of harmony...rainbowed the magic right out of him, a bit more literally this time). All the crystal ponies needed was for someone to get them their heart then they took care of the rest. It didn't necessarily have to be future princess Twilight, and Cadence didn't necessarily have to majestically swoop over them all pretty like. Then Flurry Heart both caused and solved the problem when it shattered, so without her the problem wouldn't have existed to begin with. Soooooo, yeah that's my rebuttal. :3 Maybe they don't need their princesses as much as the show tries to lead us to believe. Having princesses to do the hard work for them is just a nice perk of living in Equestria.
  13. I lost my original post (the browser crashed and didn't save it like it used to when I had a mac) So here I am trying to recreate its magic: I do have to admit when I heard there was to be a friendship problem at Wonderbolt Academy, I sincerely hoped it meant that it'd be something with the Wonderbolts themselves. I mean...they have some pretty serious issues (even if Spit Fire did apologize to Sorin at the end of Rainbow Falls, the fact that they found that ok in the first place just shows they have a long way to go). BUT I was not disappointed with what we got. Seeing Dashie come completely full circle to help out pegasi that had once been in her place was just too good. Speaking of our main ponies, T-Sparks and The Dashinator were in tippity top form. I love it when they do the cutie map episodes because not only are there friendship lessons to go around Equestria, there's lessons between the mane six too as they learn to gel together in their differing ways. It was really interesting seeing this episode juxtaposed right after Where the Apple Lies. That episode was all about not hiding the truth and telling lies. In this episode their first attempt at solving the problem revolves entirely around not telling the truth. They weren't necessarily lying per say, but they were definitely creating a falsehood by withholding the truth. What really interested me was how, between these two episodes, all theories about AJ and Rainbow having had their elements swapped seems to have been blown to bits. First AJ learned just why honesty is so important (and even then it looked like she had some issues with telling her fibs, and she certainly sucked at keeping up with them - seriously she was a horrible liar), and now in this episode we see Rainbow having absolutely zero qualms with with holding the truth. In fact.....that plan was her plan to begin with. Though I do believe AJ's rainbow-eyes-key episode also revolved around her learning a lesson about with holding the truth, so maybe that whole point was neither here nor there. And on the other side of the equation we have Sky Stinger. Man did he Zephyr that up. I know the idea was that he had a big head because he never failed, thanks to Vapor, but...That was a horrible relationship. I do admire her loyalty, but Sky Stinger was constantly putting her down to build himself up. That kind of trait only really happens in one type of relationship: an abusive one. Sure she was really strong and it turned out she didn't care, but Rainbow also pointed out later that she never really acknowledged her own strengths. So even if she was aware of the situation and 'above it' in a way, it still seemed to be affecting her. Seeing all the people talking about shipping them is giving me flashbacks to Twilight. Not the pony. The rancid book/movie series about an abusive vampire and the robot he eventually had a child with. I do not ship them. I really hope for something better for Vapor. She's a beautiful character and deserves someone who cares about her more than himself. (Heyy maybe we could tie up Flash Sentry by shipping him with Vapor. Can this be a thing? Keep Flash away from Twilight by putting his nice-guy-ness to good use with a nice girl pegasus?) When I watched the livestream lots of people were saying "Zephyr was worse" but I have to disagree. Zephyr was annoying and whiney and took advantage of his family, but he didn't outright abuse them. And at the end of the day, he just really had confidence issues and didn't know how to express them, which is kind of a common problem. Annoying and sometimes you want to punch them in the face, yes. Abusive? Not half as much as Sky Stinger. Even his 'compliments' were backhanded and raised him above her. Not once did he ever just compliment her for her own abilities. And no, telling her she has a cute sneeze does not count. His childhood is no excuse for that behavior. (Tho....the Princess of Flying was a really funny joke. Especially if he thinks he's ahead of Dashie on that list.) Ughhhh I was so not rooting for him. Now don't get me wrong, I liked this episode well enough. I was ok with the ending. I just think they went a little to hard on his character because I sincerely wanted him to fail. Or at least be just mediocre and have a 'long way to go.' MLP used to do that sort of thing all the time. Having him excel was too much. All I can do now is hope he doesn't come back up. Vapor tho - I'd love to see her again any day. And speaking of Vapor, the ways she helped Sky Stinger were kind of genius. If the Wonderbolts used her tricks to help each other out, they could make their performances 30% cooler. She'd be a great choreographer for them. If she doesn't want to be in the center of attention that might be a better fit for her. :3 She'd also make a stellar back up for Rainbow in case 'Official Friendship business' gets in the way of Wonderbolt business. Gotta love Angel Wings :3
  14. I'm really curious as to how Zephyr ever got a cutie mark. Like, getting a cutie mark means you realized your 'true calling' right? The only exception we've ever seen was Trouble Shoes because even though he got his he completely misinterpreted it. Diamond Tiara kind of almost was like this, but she knew she liked to lead, she just didn't know how to be a good leader. So she knew her talent, but not how to use it. The whole cutie mark thing never comes up with Zephyr but if he's this lost then clearly he hasn't realized his talent. Which is apparently hair dressing? Only not really, that's just something he dedicates himself to at the end. And a feather with some breezy lines has nothing to do with hair dressing anyway. So what is his true talent? I want to hear his cutie mark story. Because from what we see, he's completely clueless and lost, which should point towards an adult pony who shouldn't have a cutie mark.