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  2. "Tempest" - Like 75% of everyone I'm part of that 75% To make up for it, Grubber was my 2nd favorite character
  3. I rewatched be prepared and it did not have the same impact on me as a 5 year old as OUYE as a 27 year old. I have my bias and this thread is about opinions anyways
  4. I quit competitive gaming, entirely. I don’t even have the motivation to make moment videos anymore. It feels like a chore. Playing competitive games is too hard. Everyone’s always trying to win. The only way to compete against that is to compete. It’s a retardedly simple idea, but I’m sure you get it. Players are only valued or respected when they’re good. From my perception, you’re only respected if you’re among the top 10% of players at local levels. At national/world levels, you have to be among the top 1%. The reward is nowhere near worth the work. The bottom 90% get NOTHING. That’s where I’ve been throughout almost all of my Smash Bros Melee career, especially on YoutubeBut enough about being emo about the past. I like art. Admittedly for the clop, but there are some pictures by bronies, and even furries too, that I can easily enjoy. Sometimes I get creative ideas that I’d like to bring out and the best I can currently do are paying for them through commissions. Drawing them on my own would be fun, I imagine. So after having some art inspiration from the My Little Pony movie, I bought myself a tablet. I have no idea what any art theory words there even are, but something about the movie strikes me as very artistic. The visuals are so great to look at. Allspark did an amazing job making 3D models look like the flash animation counterpart of the show. Everything looks 2DThen there’s also the need to do something valuable that I constantly feel. It’s why I can’t enjoy most single player games anymore. Playing them does nothing to benefit anyone. Multiplayer games do nothing good for anyone else either. What does supporting Quake Champions by merely being a player do for anyone? Give everyone 1 more player to play with online sometimes? That’s worth almost nothing, pretty much. I get that communities are shaped by many individual people. As a player and an unknown youtuber, I can’t do anything great for anyoneArt is just what I think is the best way I can do something good for others on my own strategies. I won’t be looking up any tutorials nor ask anyone for advice on how to draw well. So far, I’ve developed my own grip for holding a stylus pen. I have no idea if anyone does what I do. But from what I’ve discovered so far on my own technique is that it’s great for drawing straight along the X and Y axes. Or at least I think so. But what do I know?For now, I’m practicing the most basic of shapes and letters to merely learn how to control a pen. Farther into the future, I imagine myself as a sketch artist. I would like to draw something that gets viewers feeling and thinking in certain ways. Maybe with a monochrome style, they can fill in the colors with their own imaginations. It’s a subtle reflection of myself, how there are so few details about me on the surface. I’m quite reserved. But I think all of you secretly know me ♥
  5. General

    LOL, not in the slightest. I'm not THAT sexy, just halfway to that level ^.^
  6. Of course there are some. I just have no idea what the prevalence rate is. Does anyone?
  7. I'm ready to pucker up ♥
  8. Gaming

    Guilty Gear Xrd's characters look like they're from a real anime. Even the animations seem to run at what looks like 24 frames/second It uses Unreal Engine 3 The background doesn't look very anime though
  9. I like the show partly because it's a meme. It's also the most unique show out there; a little girl's show with a high budget and the characters are usually horses But what I also like about it are the sappy lessons of friendship. They're nice ♥
  10. General

    Conservative I'm pro 2nd amendment. Guns are a deterrent against criminals doing whatever violent crime they're trying to do. A bullet can be shot at them in only a few seconds. Cops arriving at the crime scene takes a few minutes. The vast majority of people who have guns are law abiding citizens. A 99% majority
  11. Girls aren't worth the effort it takes to get with them Never had a GF ever and I'm happy
  12. Gaming

    I used to go to Smash Bros Melee tournaments actively for 7 years. I almost got good, but things prevented me from ever achieving it. I quit because I don't have the youth I used to have to work a full time job and go to 3 events weekly and make content from the game for Youtube. I ran out of enjoyment of the game permanently. I can't enjoy going back and I've even tried it. I'm much more into FPSs these days. They're far more relaxing Also, I used to actively play Street FIgher 3 3rd Strike online and I was a pretty good online warrior, hehee. I just abused Chun-Li's best moves ^.^
  13. I lost a game of Smash Bros by suiciding 4 times, taking only 10% damage
  14. The best quote I've ever read about race from anyone was in a biography of Malcom X. At the end of 1 of the last chapters, Malcom returned to America and a white guy recognized him and wanted to shake hands with a famous black man. Malcom responded with "I'll shake hands with another human being", as best as I can recall the quote. Race shouldn't even matter
  15. General

    I thought they were the latest stupid meme fad back in Spring-Summer 2011. Nothing beyond that