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  1. On 11/27/2017 at 2:19 PM, Crystal Peppermint said:

    It's sounds more like you just want to use her for sex.

    If you don't like her for how she is, then just be a man and tell her you don't have feelings for her.

    She wants to use me for sex. I don't want to have sex with her if she doesn't lose any weight

    I currently don't have feelings for her because she's my boss and our relationship is currently only boss & employee. I'm a very reserved person. I don't like opening up to anyone without having the deepest trust for them. Very few people know me below the surface. Only 1 of my real life friends knows me deeply. This isn't a test nor anything like that, it's merely being ultra introverted

    11 hours ago, BronyNumber42 said:

    I would add that you should be honest and not lead someone along. It's ok to have whatever standards you want as long as you are honest. You can still be friends, and you both can figure out what your relationship should be.

    If I get to the point of a date, my only plan is to test the waters with her and find out what happens before planning too far ahead. I really don't know what to expect and I don't want to plan on unreliable predicted information. I think it's fair to want an attractive girlfriend if she wants an attractive boyfriend. I have no idea how to politely bring up this fact. Since I don't know what she wants, beyond touching my muscles and seeing my abs, I don't know what I could offer her to make the exchange fair. But if the relationship turns into an agreement of fulfilling each others requirements, will it be worth having?

    7 hours ago, ShadOBabe said:

    EDIT: Also I’m a creationist, so I don’t give a rat’s ass about evolution either.

    This comment is debate suicide

    7 hours ago, ShadOBabe said:

    But yeah if she’s totally cool with the fact that his first thoughts going into a relationship was “how can I change this human being to fit MY needs”, then yeah go for it.

    Not entirely accurate. I don't know if I want a relationship with her if she won't exercise on her own freewill

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  2. Heya, I stumbled upon your blog, and I was just hoping that people are able to give you some good advice. Have you tried the life advice section, just in case people miss it?


    If it was me, I'd have a short break and try again in couple weeks. I'm sure it's just early start of the year business that crops up. 

    He finally responded way too late, but I didn't want to bring it up and we just played games online. I think I know how to handle this friend now


    I've had similar experiences, trying to co-ordinate anything with my friends seems like a one sided effort. I don't really know how to help the situation though since "just making new friends" is way easier said than done. I know how you feel though, being constantly let down like that is something I know all to well.

    I'm not interested in making new friends, really

  3. Back in the old days, like before the year 2012 or so, there used to be a few top level pros who were that level in several games. Justin Wong (Street Fighter, Marvel Vs Capcom, Capcom Vs SNK), Fatal1ty (Quake, Unreal Tournament, Painkiller) and Mew2King (Melee, Brawl) are 3 of the best examples I can think of and there were several others near/at the top among their multiple games too. But these days, the competition is so well established and the player skills from entry, to highest, are just so much better in every game than before. The super tops make reliable livings from competing in tournaments and these players play 10-14 hours/day every day. If a player or team can't dedicate that much focus into their 1 game, they're not going to place well in tournaments anymore. Some players are veterans who've been playing the game/genre for a decade or even longer. Entering tournaments is just so difficult. You have no idea until you try competing. When I started back on January 2, 2009, I didn't win my 1st tournament set until July 10, 2009. It took me another 6 months to win my 2nd. Imagine playing against the super tops


    Fame was a great replacement for friends. It's a feeling unlike anything else. I never got tired of it and people have told me in person that I'm fun to play games with. Nothing has ever made me feel better


    The cost of $12,000 that I estimate comes from driving to so many tournaments, buying so much equipment, paying for tournament and venue fees, paying for food, paying for hotels, and how often I'd pay for each of these things. At 1 point in 2015, I was entering 3 tournaments every week. I captured so much content for my Youtube channel that I had to buy a $1,050 custom PC to help me render everything. $300 of the cost was spend on just the CPU


    Melee's metagame is dictated by character choices. There is a noticeable portion of players who'll preach to main a character and have a 2ndary to cover those characters' weaknesses. The game's balance is atrocious, even among the tournament viable 8, and there are simply things that better characters can do that worse characters can't handle. Fortunately, a little bit more side on the ideology that it's better to focus all of your efforts into perfecting the 1 character you can play at a time and just fight through the unfair character disadvantages. It'll make them improve faster and there's a psychological benefit to it of preventing players from entering any degree of learned helplessness


    5,000 subscribers for a fighting game wouldn't be considered pathetic if the year was 2012, but 2013 happened and now it's pathetic. Getting 50,000 subscribers is the accomplishment that 5,000 was a few years ago. I remember the days when the most subscribed to channel in Melee had only 9,000 or so and he was the unrivaled king of tournament Melee on Youtube. It took several years for others to even get to his level. He stayed at that count because he suddenly unfortunately went inactive because work enslaved him just so he could afford to live


    My Youtube channel is about me making funny moment videos. I play to troll rather than to win. Unfortunately, Melee's tournament scene only likes competitive content. They don't like casual gaming. I've experienced the unfortunate side of this from some of my best friends

  4. Welcome to the game of life. The objective is to stay alive, have offspring, keep them alive, and help them get offspring too for the game to continue. Everyone loses when there are no more humans


    Straight sex makes babies, money/resources help people stay alive, war eliminates enemies who want to end your game. Good luck and play well



    Don't ask for others to help you for nothing in their return if you don't do things for them for nothing in your own return. You'll be a hypocrite. But even if you do things for others without any return, stop it. You're making a tool out of yourself when you clearly want to be someone's friend. Associate with someone who will trade equally with you. Be valued and value others

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