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  1. Good night everypony!

    1. Johnny1226


      Good night Zachary 

  2. What will you do when Generation 5 is released?

    I'll watch the first 2 Episodes to see if I like it, If I like it then I'll keep watching, If I don't like it, Oh well.
  3. Animation What are your favorite cartoons?

    My Favorite Cartoon is The Loud House, We Bare Bears, The Original Teen Titans and The Amazing World of Gumball.
  4. Good morning Everypony.

    1. Johnny1226


      Good morning Zachary 

  5. Good night Everypony.

    1. Johnny1226


      Good night Zachary 

    2. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      Goodnight Zachary! :)

  6. Happy birthday!

    1. ShinGoji


      Thank you!! :D

  7. Good morning Everypony.

    1. Flutterlicioustep but better

      Flutterlicioustep but better

      Morning yo! Nice profile pic btw, in case i haven't already said :P

    2. Johnny1226


      Good morning Zachary 

  8. Good night Everypony.

  9. Mega Thread Count to a million

  10. Favorite Color?

    My favorite color is Blue and Purple.
  11. Mega Thread How famous is the user above you?

  12. Mega Thread The Banned Game

    @BloodDrops Banned because You don't eat Ponies, Bad Zombie! @Sherbertlicious Music-Guardlicious Banned for Ninja again
  13. Mega Thread The Banned Game

    @BloodDrops Banned for eating posts, Bad Zombie, Bad! @Sherbertlicious Music-Guardlicious Banned for Ninja.
  14. Comment and I will...

    Hello! That sounds interesting, Do me!