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  1. Didn't watch a New Episode today, Because I missed the Live Stream, I'll watch it Tomorrow.

  2. My Favorite is Rarity Takes Manehattan and Twilight's Kingdom.
  3. Gaming

    Recently bought Splatoon 2 for Nintendo switch.
  4. Hello! How is everypony Day's going?

    So far Pretty good, Currently spending the Night at My Grandma's house

    Also, We tried to get some Wendy's and We ordered the Food, A Drink and a 50 cent Frosty but then She thought that her Debit card went Missing so We went to the Parking lot and She Found it on her Purse and Well, 1 one of the Employees from Wendy's (Old Lady) is Not Smart and We couldn't get Wendy's, Instead we Went to Cici's Pizza and It's so Good! Also, We got Splatoon 2 and 2 New Controllers at GameStop and We went to Walmart to buy Food and I buy a Candy Bar Called Twix.

    1. KTAG


      Sounds like you had fun

    2. Crosswind99


      Sounds like a pretty good night. My day is just beginning 

  5. 8/10