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    Banned because not in RL
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    1. Penguinbrony24


      Not a problem :squee:

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    Banned for posting a Banned Gif.
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  6. Welp, definitely Screwed.
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    Banned because I don't smoke Weed and I hate Cocaine! Okay, Let's not talk about that Anymore.
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    Banned because I hate Drugs!
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    Banned because I don't do drugs.
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    Banned because What do you Mean? I'm not Rich IRL.
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    @ScruffyTheStallion Banned because Yes, My Real name is Zachary! @Duality Banned because I drink Water!
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    @ShadowDash13 Banned because I signed up for a Brownie Day Couple of days ago. @Duality Banned for Ninja
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    Honest Apple: Rarity Playing the Guitar! That's the Only Great Part!
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    1. Kyoshi


      In a pool of diamonds I assume? :grin: