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Everything posted by Zachary

  1. Zachary

    Food What's your favorite food?

    Pizza but I also Like Pasta, Burgers, Tacos, and All Kind of Food that I eat!
  2. 28. Not going to be that Guy that Only post Numbers. How everyone is Doing!
  3. Torterra, Use Wood Hammer! It's Super Effective!
  4. Zachary

    I'm f-f-fluttersh..shy

    Thanks for the Welcome you 2!
  5. Zachary

    Are you excited for school?

    Not really, But I'm still at Home School so I don't start School.
  6. Zachary

    Who's your favorite WWE wrestler.

    Old School: The Rock Stone Cold Steve Austin Eddie Guerrero Hulk Hogan Macho Man Randy Savage Kurt Angle Edge Triple H New School: Shinsuke Nakamura John Cena Randy Orton Kevin Owens A.J. Styles Dean Ambrose That's it....
  7. Zachary

    What was the last food you ate?

    The Last thing I ate was Nachos but that was Last Night.
  8. Zachary

    What's the last thing you drank?

    The Last thing I drink is.... Water, Yup, That's it.
  9. Zachary

    General How old are you?

    I'm Currently 15 but I'll be 16 Next June.