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Status Replies posted by Zachary

  1. Good morning pones and other sentient beings.

    Lets have a good day!

  2. Guys, I have terrible news. I just found out my cousin Stephan committed suicide yesterday. I need some time and space to cry about it.


    1. Zachary


      I'm sorry for your loss, *hugs you*


      It's horrible to see your relative died. :(

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  3. Good morning everyone! :) Today's gonna be a good day, a great day, I can tell already. You know why? Because we're gonna make it one, and nothing can stop us. :D

    Have a great Wednesday everyone.

  4. Eight hours & five minutes,

    That's how much time's remaining.

    I can't just wait for it,

    My battery's quickly draining.

    So I feel like I should sleep, but should I?

    Yea, I think it's time that I will get some shut-eye.


    Yet another sign off poem inspired by the talented @Nosotros., who had the idea to write a poem first! So thank you Rhythm Red once again for the idea! :catface: So, yep. 8 hours and 5 minutes left until the show starts! Which also means that it's 3:25 a.m. here on my side. :please: I should get some sleep while I wait. I sure don't want to fall asleep while watching the episodes now, would I? :muffins: Goodnight everyone and hope everyone has a fantastic remainder of the day! :P Oh. and happy late Friday! (AKA Saturday) :squee: