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  1. I'm not sure how I feel about this episode. On one hand there's no reason to dislike it. It has continuity, character development, and a great morale/life lesson. In fact there should be very little reason to not like this episode, and yet I still can't figure out why I didn't like it. Perhaps its the timing? Yall can't argue that out of all the mane 6 RD evolved the fastest as a character. She is the most changed. Seriously I'm just now getting a new friend into the show and we're watching MLP together and its blatantly obvious the two most evolved character of the mane 6 are RD and Twilight. Rarity and AJ have had their moments too I'm not denying that. And if we exclude Glims from here because it's obvious that if she were in this equation she would be the most evolved character but let's focus on the mane 6. Lately Pinkie Pie seems to have stagnated as a character completely. She hasn't had any development since Pinkie Pride. In fact I would dare say she back-pedaled and lost some of her original charm for me. Now Pinkie is just lol random and that can get annoying when I look at the rest of the cast. Flutters on the other hand is a mix bag. She had little to no character development for 4 seasons. Hell it was only just last season when she finally had a big moment in Flutter Brother. Maybe that is the reason why I don't like this episode. The timing. It took Fluttershy 7 seasons to finally have her moment and it wasn't even that grande, comparing the multiple RD, and Twilight episodes were they have their moment and accomplish their dreams, this one seems underwhelming to say the least. It's like we reached the finish line and realize it was only a 1 mile long race instead of a great big accomplishing marathon. The payoff for waiting seems forced when the goal was so simple. Even though RD has accomplished her dream she still has a long way to go in her journey, as does Twilight, Rarity, and Starlight. But much like Applejack I don't see where Fluttershy can go from here. Then again, Fluttershy wasn't always known for having "big dreams". So in essence there is no reason to dislike this episode in my opinion because it still has everything a great episode needs, continuity, character development, and great lesson/morale, its just the timing of this whole thing seems forced and there's little telling what's next. Still I have to say way better than last week's episode.
  2. Well I'm back. I finished my next music video a week behind too. Something I'm not entirely fond of. But that's okay. I also found material for an Equestria Girls PMV. Guess I gotta get back to work again. :P

  3. Also another shameless plug for the music video I just finished.
  4. It finally happened. I have given in to the cancer...
  5. I'm going to be super inactive on all platforms of social media for the next few weeks. I am super behind on my music video production schedule and need to crack down and get busy. Sorry guys.

  6. Basically why I've been so inactive. Been working on this constantly.

  7. Yo I just finished my kinetic typography AMV of Steven Universe! Check it out guys!
  8. SHAMELESS PLUG WARNING!!! This is why I've been so inactive lately. Been working so hard on this.
  9. Bruh listen there is no insect on this earth that can win against those giant beetles of the animal kingdom. Trust me watch those insect fight videos on youtube. Besides being hilarious the beetles in the fight 95% always win.
  10. SHAMELESS PLUG WARNING (take off headphones)
  11. We're back! Livestreaming production of the #StevenUniverse #AMV for #education Come join in on the party!

  12. I'm livestreaming production of the #StevenUniverse #AMV right now for #education Come check it out and learn

  13. Sorry I've been gone for so long. But I finally beat Pokemon Sun. And I asked my Dad to buy me Pokemon Moon for Christmas. Because the story is just so good that I have to play it again. My final team you ask?
  14. I also made a series of 5 videos outlining everything you'll need to know to make quality videos in Sony Vegas Pro 13. Check out this playlist!
  15. Finally finished logging all 3 seasons of Steven Universe. Next I gotta compile all the b-roll and then finally begin the editing process. This new music video is making great progress!