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  1. Yu-gi-oh duel monsters. Watched all the 5 seasons. I also saw most gx episodes.
  2. Can't pronounce myth correctly. It always comes out as meat. English is not my native language so that's not surprising.
  3. The theory of everything. Movie about Stephen Hawking's life.
  4. My favorite retro console is the original xbox from 2001. I modchipped the console myself. I played us NTSC games on my pal console, it played DVDs from all regions I watched region 1 and 2 NTSC/pal DVDs, it was possible to access files on my usb key from the xbox's usb 1.1 ports and I even watched divx movies directly from my usb key.
  5. Newsflash Trump is actually the one who is unfit for office. Biden at least has a brain, isn't rich and spoiled, was vp for 8 years, has empathy as he lost his wife and later on his adult son. I could go on but I made my point.
  6. I'm quite happy with my 9 axes test. Looks that I'm a moderate. Which is correct. I consider myself centre to centre left.
  7. Did the test again. Closest Match: Social Democracy
  8. Merry Birthiversary! 

  9. Happy birthday! :balloon:

  10. Happy birthday! :D

  11. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

    1. zerox



  12. Computer pic. Need to connect a few things more and probably arrange the cables in different way.
  13. I finished assembling my new computer. I will take a few pics later.
  14. Computer is almost done now. Btw you should have noticed that the cpu isn't installed or that the m.2 slot is empty.