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  1. You could get a multimedia laptop with discrete graphics for a good price on eBay, amazon or newegg. Nvidia mx250/350 would ran most games at low or medium settings. I'm not from the US but that should be in the range of 600-700usd.
  2. The situation in 2 weeks should be very interesting in the US. Cases due to the 4th of July celebrations are going to spike a bit. 100k new cases are coming sooner than later.
  3. Bought NFS heat and traffic giant on steam for 27eur.
  4. Interesting. When I'm down or not feeling well I don't eat any comfort food. I do drink sugary drinks or something similar but I don't eat. Feeling quite tired/down today. Ate only once today that would be dinner + one chocolate and that's it.
  5. Other than being good with computers/technology in general I can't see that I have any other talents.
  6. Need for speed III. Very old and classic game for me. I played that game on my first computer. Never had a genuine copy until now. Was only 2-3eur on eBay brand new so I bought it.
  7. Hmm... Computers/Tech/the internet and soda beverages.
  8. The Beatles? That's from the 60/70s.
  9. I'm 183cm and my father was somewhere between 186-188cm but I am taller than my mom. She is probably about 177cm.
  10. I have no interest in guns, also I'm from Europe where most people don't own guns or see much need for them.
  11. Remember when you need to install flash player to watch YouTube videos? Hehe YouTube has progressed to html5 for video playback.
  12. Hmm I have a few: eng, german they do notebook, smartphone, tablet, sometimes hardware reviews, they have CPU, GPU benches of both mobile and smartphone cpus/gpus, they also have best buys guides/advice... Protonmail if someone wants free, private and encrypted email.
  13. Anyone used windows 2000 in the year 2000? I got a genuine version for cheap from a guy who bought it and wanted to play dos games like panzer general and similar but he didn't get far lol. Well tech people know that NT based systems like win 2k and newer don't have dos so playing dos games natively on those OSes without an emulator like dosbox isn't possible. Also win 2k was the first windows to natively support usb mass storage devices. I connected an usb key and got the message new hardware detected, installing drivers, your device is ready. The OS didn't ask me to provide any drivers.