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  1. I'm from europe and halloween isn't a big thing here. we got our own celebration/festival that is similar to halloween.
  2. my dad, mom, grandma often had arguments. I did absolutely nothing. They did it so often that I got used to it.
  3. I think lots of anti americanism comes from the fact that lots of people are ignorant. america is the best at everything, lots of guns makes us free and safe, complaning about unimportant shit, america first, european countries that have good social welfare programs are socialist countries... etc stuff I'm anti Trump and anti alt-right. I think the guy is a joke and the worst leader of any western country. I also dislike communism and the extreme left. btw I'm european and I have been to the US 3 times
  4. hugs are nice. I have been getting a lot of hugs from my mom. my dad died not so long ago and I need them.
  5. I watched it for a bit and found it enjoyable
  6. Probably with dogs. I always liked dogs and I used to walk a german shepherd when I was 13.
  7. I forgot to mention that I had some problems while I was in school. I have dyslexia, concentration problems. got often beat up in primary school. finished vocational high school. went to a private high school to learn about computers. was there 3 months and I had problems at home. after 3 months I stopped going there. I know I'm a failure. at least I'm good with computers and speak 3 languages.
  8. when my mom left. happened a few times already
  9. I never cared, nor did it ever bother me.
  10. I know one weed smoker and he is totally off. today he woke me up/came to our house at 2:30am talked about how he will end capitalism, how he can manipulate time, how he jumps between different multiverses, last time he talked how he will use a space taxi and travel the universe and other nonsense that I've forgot. he also smokes cigarettes, drinks, takes ecstasy and mixes all of that with weed. meh I don't know what to say.
  11. android phones. iphones are too expensive, windows phones are mostly a joke.
  12. pretty sure that france is the cradle of freedom.
  13. I don't know? how about killing myself?
  14. I was to London in 2008. nice place but it rained a lot