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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. zerox

    Your Religion?

    agnostic-deist for me
  3. zerox

    Political Stand?

    centrist more or less. I'm probably 70% liberal and 30% conservative.
  4. zerox

    What Languages Would You Like to Speak

    I speak english, slovenian and croatian. I would like to learn german.
  5. zerox

    building what is this building

    looks like a warehouse or factory
  6. zerox


    I'm unemployed. I have dyslexia, concentration issues, had ADD when I was little and I have been under extreme amounts of stress in the past few years (both my dad and dog died, my mom left me for a few years,...etc) and I really feel incapable of working. btw at present I don't get any government support.
  7. zerox

    Smoker Thread

    how did you get hold of them? here in europe you can't buy them before you are 18years old. also I don't smoke. tried at but it wasn't my thing
  8. zerox

    Would bronies count as furries?

    if we are already talking about furries I think we should mention otherkin/therians. haha they actually believe that they are dragons, wolves, foxes, big cats etc I'm a very acceptable/tolerant person but this is just crazy.
  9. posting it again. marko.tosevski I'm quite bored if anyone wants to talk with me.
  10. I waste my life all the time. I was productive while going to school but nowadays I just sit in front of the pc for most of the day.
  11. zerox

    Would bronies count as furries?

    I'm not totally sure but I would say no. most bronies see themselves to be different from furries. just btw I read some furry drama online and it's funny as hell. if I wanna a good laugh I head to FA and read some of their drama.
  12. zerox

    Do you love talking about yourself?

    dunno what I would talk about myself as I'm a pretty boring person. also I would probably talk about how my life wasn't fair and how I miss my father.
  13. zerox

    Soviet stuff

    I also liked the ussr anthem and I love that trololololol guy. can't find anything else that I like except their space program. Sputnik, Yuri Gagarin and the Soyuz rockets
  14. went on a competition with a program that I programmed in visual basic.
  15. I'm from europe and halloween isn't a big thing here. we got our own celebration/festival that is similar to halloween.