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  1. Sea food - calamari, shrimp, canned tuna are my favs. I do also enjoy some beef mosty burgers at McDonald's.
  2. I have Netflix since 2016. Well considering what is happening at present this should have been expected. I can live without having full hd for the time being. Better than crashing servers and/or other more important services.
  3. 40+, active tabs 5-10. I have my browser set to open always open/contiune previous browsing session. I have 8gb of ram in my notebook as I don't have to care too much about that.
  4. 40down/4up I would post a screenshot but I'm posting this from an xbox.
  5. Never got banned. And I have been probably on 10+ different forums. I don't act like an idiot and basically ignore other jerks that I came across. Very had sometimes when people are idiots but I manage not to lose my cool.
  6. Not that much really. Going to the store is now problematic as my mom who is over 60 is afraid of getting the virus. She had cancer a few years ago. Can't order groceries online and have them delivered to my house because all the delivery dates are full for the next 1+ weeks. Well we have enough stuff for the following 2 weeks probably. I don't normally spend a lot of time outside the house on most days. I do go outside every day for a walk in the forest that is near by to our house. Ordering new computer parts will also probably have to wait. Oh well
  7. Gericom ego: Pentium M 1.6ghz, 512mb of ram, radeon mobility 9600 64mb, 60gb hdd 4200rpm, 15 screen. Asus a6km: Turion 64 ml-37, 1gb ram, geforce go 7300, 100gb hdd, 15.4. Dell inspiron 1520: Core 2 duo t7500, 2gb ddr2, geforce 8600m gt 256mb, 160gb hdd, 15.4. Inspiron 13 7359: Core i7 6500u, 8gb ddr3l, hd 520 igpu, 256 samsung ssd, 13.3 full hd ips touchscreen, passive stylus.
  8. Oh and I also remember doing a google search with the keywords: swat kats fan art back in 2005/06 and clicking on images. Lol on the first or second page and I saw furry porn for the first time. I didn't even knew that cartoon/furry porn existed until then. Hahaha
  9. Ohh swat kats. I remember that cartoon from my childhood. That was my favorite cartoon along with pinky and the brain, and the real adventures of jonny quest. Cartoon network really had great cartoons while I was growing up. I bought the swat kats cartoon dvd on amazon some years ago.
  10. I was to a big shopping centre just today. Lots less people in the supermarket than usually. McDonald's was mostly full.
  11. My first pc had the following specs: Amd k5 pr133 - 100mhz, 8mb ram, 1mb video card, cd-rom, 14inch Hyundai crt,... The ram was later upgrade to 32mb and I also got a 3dfx voodoo 4mb graphic accelerator. I remember playing nfs 2 se and nfs 3. The visual effects were awesome. No more software rendering:) 2nd pc: Asus p2b, celeron 466, nvidia riva tnt 16mb, 128mb sdr ram, 10gb hdd, nokia 447zi, windows 98 and later win 2000. 3rd pc: Asus p4c800-e deluxe, pentium 4 3.2E, radeon 9800pro 128gb, 1gb ddr ram, at the beginning I had the same monitor as above later I got an acer al1751 lcd monitor, 160gb hitachi deskstar. Also I later upgraded the graphic card to a radeon x800 xt pe 256mb. 4th pc: Asus p5w dh deluxe, core 2 duo e6600, 2gb ddr2 ram, radeon x1650pro 256mb, 160gb hitachi deskstar. 5th pc: Asus p6x58d premium, i7 930, 6gb ddr3 ram, intel x25m g2 80gb ssd, 500gb wd blue hdd, radeon hd 5970 2gb, dell ultrasharp 2209wa. Need to post my notebooks tomorrow as it's already quite late and need to go to bed.
  12. One bottle of coca cola a day on average. 0.5l. If anyone is wondering about my weight it's 61kg and I'm 183cm tall.
  13. A new monitor. I ordered and got a dell up3017. Paid 996euro for it.
  14. My city only has McDonald's restaurants. Mcd fries are than those in Burger King. Visited and ate at Burger King about 5 times. I eat at mcd about once a month.