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    Japan, actually. Amazingly.
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    It's all a show, I really should relax.
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    Been loyal to the gameboy console my whole life. Deeply entrenched into the Pokemon fandom to where I'll buy anything Gamefreak puts their stamp on no matter how bad of a glitchy mess their games may be. *cough*pokemongo*cough*

    Recently got into Fire Emblem & Phoenix Wright's games.
    But mostly else, I try to practice my drawing & reading. Other then alot of listening to the radio & YouTube with occasional Netflix, not much else. Haven't so much as seen any television in over a decade.

    As to topics I like, I'm usually prone to the supernatural, magical or fantastical. I'm also quite the rabid DragoNerd & am incapable of viewing anything they do as bad!
    I'm quite interested in biology & sciences and a big animal lover. Though... if the 22 dogs plus more pets I've had over the years has taught me anything, they're quite messy too... so taking care of said animals isn't all that high on the list, heh.

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  1. I have recently started Pearl version in what I call a “Hate Run.”

     It’s where you go out of your way to raise pokemon that you have actively avoided; be it poor stats or species you’ve forgotten existed. The more you want it off your team, the more you gotta keep it.

    ....... BidOOF has been practically my starter.

    1. Kujamih



    2. Kujamih
    3. Widdershins


      @Kujamih Hey now, Magikrap turns out pretty boss and undefeatable as water types go! Though I'm pretty sure its brain doesn't grow along with. I still stand that all of its Gyrados moves are just the same unskilled Splashing it did as a fish, it just hurts more when you're a thirty foot sea serpent of a ragebeast!

      Persian is manageable at least. It's stats are all over its place like its movepool, but you can work with it. You know, like the majority of the poorly designed first gen pokemon are.

      ...They "regional" updated Weezing and I still had to breed & train its stats up to be even somewhat workable.

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