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    Japan, actually. Amazingly.
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    It's all a show, I really should relax.
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    Been loyal to the gameboy console my whole life. Deeply entrenched into the Pokemon fandom to where I'll buy anything Gamefreak puts their stamp on no matter how bad of a glitchy mess their games may be. *cough*pokemongo*cough*

    Recently got into Fire Emblem & Phoenix Wright's games.
    But mostly else, I try to practice my drawing & reading. Other then alot of listening to the radio & YouTube with occasional Netflix, not much else. Haven't so much as seen any television in over a decade.

    As to topics I like, I'm usually prone to the supernatural, magical or fantastical. I'm also quite the rabid DragoNerd & am incapable of viewing anything they do as bad!
    I'm quite interested in biology & sciences and a big animal lover. Though... if the 22 dogs plus more pets I've had over the years has taught me anything, they're quite messy too... so taking care of said animals isn't all that high on the list, heh.

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  1. So! In two days i'll be on the plane flying from Japan to Oklahoma! ...then i'll be mostly homeless while i vacation with my brother-in-law's mother until we get the house, then rush to find a job!... and hopefully government assistence due to my tendency to collapse under work stress!

    I'll... be likely unreachable for a week or so around here. Maybe more. I don't... know how to cope with much.

     Uhm... let me know if any'un wants ta talk.

    1. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Same goes. I hope everything goes okay my friend!

  2. So how does one wind up becoming a Wife to hawks?

     With offerings of fish, I presume?

    Do you get clawed alot on accident?

     ... Do you use the lil' hoods?


     You have no idea how much material you are giving me!~~

  3. @Califorum Bad parents, nay, single bad situations in a being's past do not a villain make. It takes a special personality, how one took things and a very specific set of circumstances to give one the skills they need to be a threat is what makes an imposing antagonist. Take Fizzlepop Berrytwist, AKA Tempest Shadow. She got insulted as a foal and ran away... with apparently no adults to go after her. Also... she kind of also got indoctrined into a Warlord's conquest and beaten into shape to be a ruthless warrior. She didn't have that scar prior. Villains don't have personal v
  4. Widdershins

    Open Casual stroll

    Fair enough, the Rock Elemental (Is dirt in Equestria still called Earth even if it's not technically the name of the planet...?) was ponderously slow, but heavy enough to do damage. Dodging falling rocks was tricky business, yet not as difficult as some would caution... depending on situation, of course. Held true to the patience of stone, it got up and rumbled its way towards Cerberus again to try again at roughly the speed of a cart backing up. Rock didn't need to sleep... or change its mind easily for that matter, eventually it would manage to land a crushing blow. The beady eyed, fu
  5. I hear your moving back to the US, how come?

    1. Widdershins


      I've burned Japan down. I need a place that's used to being on fire.

      I kid! Mostly it's because i still can't afford my own house so I have to move where i can get a job! Hoping to save up and live in Florida with my boyfriend!

    2. Califorum


      Damn well, I wish the best for you!

  6. Widdershins

    Limestone Pie Fan club

    I do forget which one's i've shared, but hey, more of a good thing, yes? That gray mare color scheme goes so well on most any interpretations!
  7. Uh, sorry I haven't, um, been around. I've got maybe five more days before i'm on the plane moving back to the states. And then i'll probably be gone awhile before i settle in enough to be around the forums again. Stress i don't deal with too well, and from quitting my job to move and alls the paper work I haven't been around. I'm sorry! Not got much planned these next few days so i ought be able to get in some time here! I'm sorry i'm so, um, transient? Ethereal? ...Want a more mystical way o' saying unreliable~ heh~
  8. This is exactly my aesthetic. I’ve talked Creepy with @Johnny1226 before, but there’s a special kind of... “helpful” horror.


    1. Windy Breeze

      Windy Breeze

      This is so scary 

    2. Widdershins


      No one's getting hurt! Apparently!

       To paraphrase how one commenter put it "it's like several eldritch horrors from another dimension making a store to just genuinely help out the meat beings on the third dimension, they're just not quite sure the point of the endeavor."


       (Also, FYI, its an art gallery in Las Vegas that's going for an 80s-ish old school theme of surreal art and light displays. Like a whole Optical Illusion Museum!)

  9. Being a Pokemon Trainer has taught me a lot; been there since the franchise started.

     Variety promotes growth. Try all types of friends to hang out with; you can't suceed unless your surround yourself and accept others who have abilities you yourself may not be able to. We're all a team!

     Friendship can't be forced. You help, you stand by, you let those you join decide for themselves if they wish to join you on your journey. You stand by them, you help in spite of what changes or happens and you fight by each others' sides for as long as you can. 

    It doesn't matter how many lucky suckerpunches or critical damage you get... you can always try again and come back after fainting. You may have to fight sometimes, but doesn't mean its the only way or that it can't be fun even in dire situations.

    Sigh, I love my monsters.

  10. I'm so excited for the now-confirmed Sinnoh remakes! I'll be so happy to return to the colder lands, and use a Cranidos and`

    Sudden Ringing Tone of Realization!



    Arceus save us all...

  11. Gad. that mane tho!

     I'm mesmerized by your floofy, luxurious mane you're hiding behind there!

    1. Handsome Changeling

      Handsome Changeling

      Why thank you, it just does its own thing 99% of the time though :sealed:

  12. Wait, can we call them the Three Pony Races?

     Usually, growing bone structures out of the forehead to channel inexplicable force powers or sprouting air-enabling, spinal connected, limbs usually denotes an entire new Species.

    Man. Blind dating has to be awkward when you don't know what limbs your date'll show up with!

    1. Widdershins


      …hopefully their own.

  13.   ....Narutardedscum?

     That a three-point Naruto reference? New slang on me!

     What's DBA stand for?

       Dragon Ball Academy? How many spinoffs have they made now if they're starting up a show based around a Hogwarts for Saiyans? 

      ....or is that a new portable video gaming device? The DangBoy Advance?


     Sorry, I got distracted and accidentally supplied the entire conversation by myself again.

    1. Flow


      Narutardedscum is the name of my youtube account, while DBA is an abbriviation for "Doing Business As" hence the title "DBA Narutardedscum"

  14. @Randimaxis & @Flow As the stallion had noticed the large door knocker, he made his way to in in the usual unrushed way of the sort those do who look as if they've never rushed for much in their lives. A slow, steady progress generally expected of a workhorse farmpony that was uninterrupted... except the approach of a new mare and likely worker to the household he was approaching. From where he was hailed on the path, Clod Hopper turned smoothly and unencumbered by the large crate strapped, padded and nestled ontop the thickly woven and ancient back blanket that hid his wings.
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