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  1. The Crown Tundra finally released and I couldn’t be happier. Honest.

    I’m currently in the Slippery Slope (where there is an equal chance to both slip & slope) loping through the frosted hills and paying lip to the denizens of this sparkling countryside! The grass is filled with such Snowy Babies! Such clean, gently colored hides, cleancut edges & sharp, intelligent eyes Ice types have! 


    Caught one Amaura and let her play with a wild one.(on the right) Then my girl evolved!


    It’s... so beautiful here. I’m... so happy.

  2. Spooky, Ooky Spookertons go spookin up the place. They will go ‘n spoop themselves if you spook dey face. Spooky Spoops will spoop!
  3. Sometimes I worry what my villagers think of me with the gifts they give me.


  4. Have I mentioned I love Halloween?


    Think only Nostalgia Critic surpasses me in devotion. 

    1. Sparklefan1234


      That's pretty cool, BFFFF. :squee:

    2. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Welcome. I want to play a game.

    3. Widdershins


      You notice a little peeking visitor?~

  5. Wait, who's Silver? Which reminds me. I think that might be an ongoing rule for me in RPs. I think I might require the other characters names to be said at least once per post in narration or otherwise. If I go, heh, a week between my posts i'm gonna forget details~ Coincedentally, since it was brought up too. There any reading I ought do? Blackwater history, bio-pages of characters I might soon interact with?
  6. @Doo-a-litty Something I've been meaning to ask you for a while now. And I daresay it explains alot about the both of our mentalities. Do you feel obligated to finish a book, even if its apparent you really don't like it or care for it? Like, in my personal case, its this massive chapter-book-collected-anthology of "Young Adult Fantasy." And while it is of course Decent... I think I might have incidentally put myself off reading by sitting there and insisting I can't read anything else until I get through this slog. It's clealry teen wish fufillment, and I can't fault it for that... but it's not really gripping, per se. You feel that it's okay to put down a book halfway through and never go back? Or is it equally bad to keep picking up new books (short attention span, Yo.) so you presently have some five or seven books all bookmarked halfway though and several plotlines stuck in your head to remember? Your views on the damage "Dogearing" does and laying a book Spine-Up? Which, for non bibliophiles, is butterflying it open and just dropping the bare pages spread on the table/chair arm/floor. ... ...also... you ever just snort books? Just shove your face into a fresh made book and suck up all that good %$%*? Mmmm, Pagescent!
  7. Still kinda new to roleplaying, @Randimaxis. So, like, pretty much the only action to take on my part is to say that I've brought the package crate to its intended delivery and you write that somepony comes out to receive it? Because there's not much for me to write on just showing up back at the Blackwater's mansion, especially when there's the "character limit", for whatever that refers to. Is it too much lazy to ask you to just assume I'm in front of the place now and you move my little pawn along to the square it needs to be? I don' know what to do now. Like... I'm kind of lost as to how much room i'm supposed to leave. Like, I kinda did just speed up there and finish the conversation to state I was on my way and that kinda leaves you missing out on if there was things you wanted to touch on with what character was left behind. Like... for example, I can't really say that i owuld walk right into the quarry if your cannon is that there's this gate guarded so any newcomers would have to talk to a guard first before just being narrated that "they're here now." I don't know how things are juggled. W-what do I do? I-if that's okay to ask?
  8. So its my headcannon that a certain Grey Mare::muffins:

     She shares rent and roommates with Golden Harvest. Two mares shacking up to share a house is common practice in Equestria and doesn't imply any prior relationship.

     That she routinely changes what name she answers to several times a day on a whim, and without warning. And refuses to answer to anything that isn't a right, but random guess as to what she's decided. Pegusai do have a reputation for being "flighty airheads."

     Her full name, susceptible to change, is: Ditzy-Doo "Muffins" "Derpy" "Thognar the Destroyer" Hooves.


    1. Sparklefan1234


      Muffins also has eyes like a chameleon which she uses to watch what everypony around her is up to. :derp:

  9. Wakin' this thread up! Because I genuinely think we haven't delved deep enough into this. While it can be technically argued that you could just as easily magic up something for foodstuffs and in this dimension it's just referred to as Milk and that just happens to coincide with the human description... Humans do use that milk for specified purposes. Like, its a binding agent along with eggs. You can't get a cupcake to hold together by any other known means. But it's glazing over a darker topic... Sure, one could argue ponies could just as well be well aware their critters and other animals in their world are sentient. If Angel Bunny can have as much personality & thought to be as undoubtedly sinister as he is, i'm sure every animal here is as smart enough to be a pony's friend. And ponies are just real in tune with nature. Like, you talk with the chickens about taking their eggs, and its sort of an arrangement. But yeah, no. That's not how any of this works. You see, we have eggs and milk SPECIFICALLY because of Human Domestication. Cows & Chickens, as we know it, would not exist if we did not breed them specifically for humans to take advantage of. Chickens do not naturally lay that many eggs, Cows (which specifically refers to the females of the species if I recall) are actively deprived of their young so they are kept constantly lactating. And this takes on a Far More Sinister Undertone... if both parties are Sentient! It's one thing for a more evolved species to do that, but... You mean to say Ponies not only became a more populated, but subjugated another species with which they can talk to & interact with, to the point where they've not only force bred them to not be able to operate their own bodies, glands or have enough intelligence to fend for themselves anymore, but ritualistically take their children away, force them to breed with selected mates all to take their gland secretion bodily fluids to put into confectionaries that are, at best, snacks and unneeded food material?!!? In short, you don't get cheese or milk or eggs without messed up practices that get even worse if the gap in intelligence is closer. ...did you know you can't even coagulate cheese without cow stomach scrapings? Yes, cows have to die in order for cheese to be made. Feel free to correct me, please!
  10. Oh neat, i'm in the minority! Yeah, i'm going to be the one opposite case again! I've actually gotten stuck in only doing Cursive and nearly completely forgotten how to do PRINT! Like, the only time I use Print form is when specifically required to do so for forms and i'm just tight-gripping the pen in my mitt like somebeing stabbed it through my pseudopod (because a hand is like a False Foot, of course*) and i'm using it like a chisel to carve into wood. Considering how hard i've been known to press down while writing, that's likely. I was durn-burn hardwired that Cursive fancy letterin' raght inta me! It feels so unnatural and painful to NOT flow the letters into each other! I ONLY do Cursive! And with pencils too, because pens are crummy devices that break after two uses. Or because i'm concetrated bad luck and have yet to use any complicated device without emitting black, cursed smoke from it. *Much in the same way a foot is like a false hand... ...what? Don't @ me on my logic, bro.
  11. I kinda don't respond to anything that isn't a Mention. Am I doing the Forums wrong? No one seems to talk to or notice me here.

     There's... like, things that happen sometimes, like, events? And I haven't a clue what they do or how to be apart of things and I wanted to use these forums as socializing practice. As I have intense social anxiety.

    ...i'm sorry. I've been having building self-doubt, what with work and the way things are these days.

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    2. Widdershins


      @Kujamih What comics have you done?

    3. Kujamih


      I made 2 amateur comics before...one was about the trash becoming alive and killing people ... Well even if it wasnt alive it's been killing people.... Im in the Fillypinnes... So trash slide is a thing....( A mountain of garbage collapsing to  a near shantee town or what not).... Flooding cities due to clogged sewage.... Yeah i just made them alive in my comics!.... And  i missed drawing...so i made fail-safe. With some of my pony oc friends here!....

      I can join you in it if you want... Just give me an OC to put in the story .

    4. Kujamih


      Heres a link


      Yey free advertising!

  12. "Ah jobs a job, I say. Pappy used ta say its the measure of a mule an', to myself, I like to add on that it ain't the results you get but how ya do your job. Gets done iffen when it gets done. Now I thank yee kindly for help out of a healthy, kind mare like yerself but I reckon I best be gettin' on my way back to base. Iffen we meet again, don' be a stranger." With a kindly, slow and welcoming nod goodbye, Clod Hopper trudged his big hooves back along the path he had "hurried" along earlier chasing a different, more abrupt mare. He journeyed off on his route to carry the large crate back to the Blackwater emerald Quarry with it slowly swaying on his back as if cargo on a ship at sea, the rocky peaks and cliffsides like the peaks of waves.
  13. @Sekel Kaltrops gently placed her hoof back down on the table to look at her surprised and blinking. "Oh? Curing the Hoof? I don't think I could. It's up to each their own to take care of their hygiene. And, come to think of it now, I do suppose it is a trait in dragonkind to collect and take care of things. It does make us a bit..." The drake waved his claws in a loose gesture. "...eccentric." ************************************************************ @Catpone Cerberus "Okay! Looks like we're here!" The floating ball of light the sprite was addressed the catpony, Cerberus, after they had reached their destination after what had seemed like longer than the roughly two days they had been travelling together. It turned to their left, lowering the floating map Cerberus conveiniently had, to address the situation in front of them. Along the dusty, red rock cliffside they had been travelling stood a very narrow peak with a boulder perched precariously and on top of that, a small glint of gold levitating above. It was too far away from here to make out details of what it was, but it surely must have been important to glint gold from that far away. Importance makes things shiny! The compounding issue though, was that while this idol didn't seem to have any issue of stabilizing itself, the boulder it stood above was far bigger than the needlepoint spire beneath it and could give away if any unbalanced weight of, say, a pony were to be on one side of it for too long. Somehow, defying any currently written logic, the cliffside had eroded here a perfectly sharp mountain, but a wide, heavy boulder on top of it. While the spire itself was some distance away, the boulder was wide enough to come close to the cliffside the catpony was currently on, but a mere two or four meter/yard jump. Sure, feline reflexes were well known, but as how define their grace & accuracy... "It looks like you can make it from here. But you have any ideas how to get across? ...and don't look at me." The sprite fluttered, "Nothing about this form tells of me being able to support weight in flight."
  14. I ever tell you the story of my gyrados Pokemon OC, Bloodred?

     Team Rocket once experimented with radio waves at Lake Rage to force evolution in the local Magikarp so they'd be easy to catch and profitable. What I headcannoned, was that this only changed the body, not the mind and they hit one particularly large fishy boi.

     He kept his red fish color but evolved into a towering monstrosity so huge that any movement twisted the waves into cataclysm and brought the thunderclouds, his voice unable to be below an ear-popping Kaiju roar.... but he still kept his tiny, little walnut of a fish brain. He just saw the humans running and yelling, alot of smashing and rumbling going on and just assumed, as any weak fishy would, that some huger predator monster was behind him making everyone scared of him.

     That's probably why he always refers to himself in the third person, (and much like Heavy from TF2) is because he's just so happy that someone caught him and named him! If he hadn't willingly been caught, he probably couldn't have fed himself. He's just too stupid to realize that he's yelling when he talks or that others don't want hugs from a six-story tall sea serpent. Bloodred was probably the most powerful of my original pokemon, since even if he couldn't do much thinking enough to do an attack, he was far too big to be stopped. Him just going in for a pat could be life-threatening and him just turning around in an arena could count as a Thrash attack.

    "Bloodred only wahn frend!"

     "Y u run? Sit stel for tha hug!"

  15. So excited to one day play Bard! The teller of tales, inspirer & supporter of others! And I want my impressionable obliviousness reflected in my character too! Walter Shine, human bard!

     Why yes, who said humans were boring? They’re the best at being absolutely NUTS!

  16. Cooking with Widdershins:


    Okey! Now we goes to the shop for the foods! Uhp. No, It appears we have teleported inside the sun. You still filming?

    We need salt, yes, garlic salt is good substitution. As we are also out of butter, a good substitute for that is a fresh liver and for that i'm going to need my cameraman to turn around real quick for a moment.

    1. Kyoshi


      I bet the Sun grills a mean steak though.

    2. Widdershins



       It does grill most things. .... Unfortunately, we were doing DESSERT this episode! Now my bananas has gone bad!

       Also my camera-pony. I can't allow him to die. He's in this for the long haul.

  17. Far too badly emotional to be around here much these days, I'm sorry.

    1. InfernalEnergy


      I hope you start feeling better. :kindness:

  18. Guess my next obsession. Yip!


  19. So. In a Fenzy. While listening to Faerie music. Yes. I was just tidying up my sister's kids' bookpile.

     You know, strewn about. Several books ripped to shreds, their bepaged guts strewn across tiled floor dotted with the speckled rust of encrusted debris. 

     I found an antique. This Sixty year old book on Fairy Tales. So old the embossed painting on its cover is shattering with mold. It's oldest copyright and likely compilation was in the Twenties. This, its earliest and latest reprinting is from the Sixties.

     It's got what seems to be the original Jack & Beanstalk where the giant had two heads. And one story where, on apparently a sidequest, the hero decapitates Lucifer Himself to present His head to a princess. These are the stories they don't hold back in. The olden Fairy Tales were people get fully Owned.

  20. @EpicEnergy Well now, allow me to be more precise. A "Mary Sue" does not mean inherently bad of a character. The term isn't intended to be an insult or a shorthand of just saying that your character you made is bad. It comes back to an old, if not one of the first fanfics. A Mary Sue makes the story all about herself. Because, after all, that's what Main Characters in a Story are all about, right? You follow them, so you would see only how things pertain to their views. But a Mary Sue sucks in all the attention to herself: other characters, even pre-established ones are inable to do anything but talk of the main characters qualities and how superb they are in everything they do. Nothing exists in her story, but for how it relates to her and her suceeding. ...kinda a trend these days in "Young Adult Literature." But when your making a chart or page specifically about your character's backstory and personality, it's kind of impossible to not have it be how everything centered around them. A good character should have room to interact and make friends with others, not dominate whatever situation she's in. So if a Mary Sue means, specifically, A Character that forces everything to be about themself, then the opposite would be.... A Character that forces everything on everyone else and has nothing to their own character but for how they support everyone else?... @cuteycindyhoney I just looked that... Him? up on Youtube. (You have actually blindsighted me with a reference I had not previously known. I stand flattered & in awe of you, My Good Being!) That's.... that is actually a great example. Not that he's inherently negative in all situations and only a failure as opposed to the inherent success we seed in archetypal Mary Sue... but in that he's a One-Off Character. The guy that shows up to hand over what the main cast is gonna do that episode and have literally nothing else behind them other than presenting the hook for that episode. ... Basically, yeah. How Applejack is often and ESPECIALLY Celestia. A character who only supports other characters, promotes what they're doing but otherwise has no agency or life of their own to define their own character but for how they helped others. A Support-Only Class, no offense or defense capabilities, but good at bolstering others. One doesn't have to be the protagonist and cause things to happen, it's okay to be only ever in the background cheering others on, but... it feels like having no character of your own is also a bad sign. What i'm thinking here! Is how often others tend to talk about the trope of a Hated Comedic Relief Character. The guy who always points out what others are doing to make some joke in the middle of an otherwise tense scene, basically popping in to remind the audience he still exists and checking to see if their still awake for the major plot developments. The ones that get on an audiences' nerves for their incessant pointing out of not their quirky humor (well, that too) but for what's going on currently in the story. Because, as I feel I might've said before, you can very likely go far too far the opposite direction with a character that is forcibly telling you their not part of the story. That this character so totally isn't going to come important later, even thematically, and just beggars the audience to ask why you even created the character to begin with in the first place. The shmuck that ruins everything he touches. Or the guy that never stops talking about how unimportant he is to the point of irratation. ....If it sounds like i'm talking about myself here, it's only because I am. I don't have very good self-esteem. S' why i think so much about this topic.
  21. Guess what, Internet?!!? I got me an official Snom plushie!!! The precious snowball baby!~

    Oh, and also lowkey Toxtricity.

    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      Snom! snom is precious and must be protected at all costs

    2. Stone Cold Steve Tuna
    3. Widdershins


      I know, It's quite....ICE.

       Frostmoth is best bug. Very clean, very kind, very cool!~

  22. @Blitz Boom Was going to play into that Mono isn't hurt, but clearly showing that he should be. On account of not really being a pony and all. I'm kinda fine with just dropping things and picking them back up a year later or so. Like, continuing Continuity, sort of a side Timeline of events that can be then later tailored to fit whatever else is going on when its reintroduced. Like, say, I believe Ambie just went to bed and left Happy Hour with a vauge promise of his parents coming to town. That Happy would wish to visit them, that is.
  23. ... Yeah, but... I hate feeling............. "Uncreative." I feel I owe you more than "oh HaY! Now We got to Teh Next Part of Teh Story!" I wan' play wit' you, Kitty! That being said... @Blitz Boom? As much as I like my hydra, priority it may be, would it be alright if we just dropped all of that for now? Like, until ...uhm.... Certain Unstable RealWorld Events clear up? I kinda started all that ambition back before, um, the rest of life got complicated. Maybe pare it down to Cerb and Sekel? More one-to-one roleplays? I realize this would leave Razzle Dazzle (I'm aware that might not be her name, but it's too cute and now that's what her name is!) hanging, but we can work on a restart to there too, if possible. Like, sure maybe I can manage my one character with two others working off of instead of.... Me being three seperate entities in a room with another guy being three and a third guy being one or two in a list of.... Uh, have headache now, lol! And if you wanted to keep up on me on a more one-to-one, we could go back to Ambie. And I HAVE been working on a new "pony"sona.
  24. So, d'ah..... @Randimaxis? It is a part of my character that he hasn't had any "formal training" in what flight is. It's likely he's toyed around with it as a colt; had it called flying by his dad when he's been gruffly shouted at to stop fooling with it. So he probably doesn't know Wings=Flying. Should I have mentioned that? Because I kind of want to play into his alternative means of flight. Just bucking himself off a hillside like a earth pony made rocket. You want tips, bro? Because, you know.... technically speaking, two solids can make a fire in quite alot of ways. There's flint... sudden striking motions.... a stove range left on..... heck, just prolonged sunlight can burst things into flame. Even living things! Weaponized Sunlight is feasible. ... I kinda wanna try bouncing off your filly sometime, lol!
  25. Been big into D&D lately. We all know how a Lich works?

     That basically some bad dude gains immortality by tethering their soul to an object, becoming quite literally 'materialistic' as possible and becomes a boss with an obvious secret Weak Spot to Hit for Massive Damage.

     Well, did any Lich ever thing to, oh, I dunno...... do something like Make the MOON your phylactery? Let's see you destroy that!


     Oh, and now that I think of it, Widdershins, my draconequus-sona is basically a Demi-Lich.

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    2. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      there are many video games actually, Icewind dale, baldur's gate and neverwinter nights, i'm sure there are more but i only know the old ones, you can either have it turn by turn or switch it to real-time(it's still turn/dice based but the computer takes care of it), and you can pause it so you can give comands to your party without getting overwhelmed

    3. Widdershins


      So its one player playing multiple characters? Thought Dungeons and Dragons was based around not being able to tell what actions could result in, communal storytelling. Video games kind of have to be restricted in what you can do which is why many of them don't really have, like, subplots or cut-tos.

       I have to wonder how that works.

      I mean, i've played, like, Fire Emblem but that's kind of like chesspieces.

    4. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      there is an option for multiplayer but the internet wasn't that big back then (1998-2002)
      so if you play solo, you make one character that is you, and you find the rest during your adventures, they talk and interact with eachother, and may even leave your party if they don't agree with your decisions and on extreme cases even attack you, it was lot's of fun, but requires lot's of reading as they're dialogue heavy and have no voice over