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  1. I’ve finally made a decision! 

    I’ve chosen to go out of any fandoms I’m in right now to focus only on my animated franchise of a Rio inspired film series.

    This series will be my only focus after Fall 2019, to early 2020, where its first short film will be in production.

    Sorry to any of you who are sad about my final decision, guys. But, my life has chosen this path for me to take, and I’ll do whatever is necessary for me to live in it.

    I’ll do the things I saw in a pipeline video on YouTube in the correct order (without 2D art) to get my movies out there to the public. 

    The movies is to be in three-dimensional, and is fully animated in Blender 3D, my only source material of animating them for now. 

    Again, sorry ‘bout the decision, but life choices has to be made, right? 

  2. Written almost 11,000 words under three days! I did take some forty minute breaks in the middle of writing my chapter.

    In April, 2017, on my old Equestrian Dragon story, I had written 14,000+ words in a month and half because I only wrote 1,700 words per day.

    Man, is it good to be getting into the plot of the story with over 10K words in my story again. But, this story (Spyro: New Heroes) is going to be 24K words per chapter after the opening chapter.

    So, you could say, I've got my hands full on with my story.

  3. This is the demon form of my Tristan character for my fan fiction story on Fanfiction. I think this is one of my better drawings than the other ones, but that’s just me. What do you guys think? (Note: he looks like someone from a ninja anime series. Can you guess which one?)
  4. This is Tyrannica from my Legend of Jaden fan fiction. I liked how it turned out. But, what do you guys think? Is this a good piece of art, or do I need more work on my drawing skills?
  5. Welp. I finally made up my mind about filmmaking. 

    I decided to work on an original monster film trilogy that is tentatively to be released ten to eleven years from now, with the first film, globally. I'll plan on the plot for the screenplay tomorrow, to my screenwriter on the project.

    Man, will this be a good film for you guys to watch. It'll have an original plot, by the way. So, expect that, too.

  6. Dawn Darkness

    Video Creating my own Anime

    I am thinking of creating my own anime series in Toon Boom Harmony. However, I am in the novice level when it comes to drawing, so I could use some help on that regard. You will be credited as the art designer and creator if I use it in the episode of the anime series. I also could use help with sound effects, voice acting, music, and co-writing of the plot. I’m in my thinking state of what it should be about, how it shall have a beginning, middle, and ending. The middle could be in the third season of the anime series, while the ending is the fifth season of the series, the first season is the beginning of the show. Sounds reasonable, right? So, with that outta the way, here’s some rough details about the anime series. Keep in mind, this is going to change in the future. Description: Alain is a young, fourteen year old kid who had lost one of his best friends in the world. He’s thrust into a world of magic, and dragons once he set foot out to the outside beyond from his village. He’ll meet allies, enemies, and most importantly, friendship along the way. What will await for him, only the world may know. So, there you have it. The rough concept idea of my anime series. As stated above, the idea may change in the future to a more suitable description that is better than what I have now. What do you guys say? Willing to lend a hand with my anime?
  7. I’ve asked for help on the forums of Unreal Engine program. The reason for that, is to get a team under my Discord game studio to produce a video game that I’m developing at the moment.

    I’ve gotten a description of the game on there, as well as to who I am in need for help with.

    Man, am I excited to direct my first video game of an concept-only idea I had for a while.

    Anyone that wants to play it once it’s done with production and is released?

  8. This is my first concept design of the main character to my video game series. NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE FINAL ART OF THE CHARACTER! Changes may be provided as time goes on to him. I’ll make the changes maybe in the program I’ll make my first game in. Anything you think I should have critique of? Let me know of the first of the many designs to the main character I am in the middle of designing.
  9. Dawn Darkness

    Game Thinking of my First Game

    I’m currently building ideas for the first video game I’ll provide self-developing of. I’ll do all the programming, player actions, visuals, etc. by myself until it’s either 2026 or 2027, where hopefully I get the first ten worlds finished if I work day by day on the game. However, what I can’t provide by myself, is music and voice acting. I’ll need quite a couple of voice actor volunteers to the game series I’m having concept arts for. The musician will be credited as the music score creator, as well as opening theme song. Who would like to be on the game project? It’s based in a style like Kingdom Hearts, was my first thought about my game’s concept. The game will be built using the Unreal Engine system, while the concept art of characters will be drawn on paper throughout 2019 to early 2020 to give me ideas on the models beforehand.
  10. Will be changing from animator to a video game developer. Sorry, guys. But, it looks like my animations will have to be cancelled.

    My first video game will be “Dragon Kingdom”, in a style like Kingdom Hearts but with originality to it.

    I’ll see if I can do the programming by myself in the first five years after 2020, where I hopefully have my concept arts done and finished to put them into the game.

    This thought came from today, after a talk with my brother about ideas I could use and what I need to have in order to get them out.

  11. My studio will be divided into four groups, with each of the group containing at least thirty members to different projects I’m developing for my animation studio.

    I just hope, that I can also get a manga artist to work on the manga series of my superhero animated series.

    Wish me the best of fortunes, everyone.

  12. I’m in need of an artist who can draw out a manga/comic for me. The reason for that, is to have a fanbase of my superhero animated series. Along with that, I hope for this manga story to be of enjoyable drawing for any one of you guys to work with for ideas of this series of manga books. I’ll plot out the story of my superhero series throughout the year, as I’m preparing to get original concept in order to start with my animation program of Blender 3D. The artist will be credited as the manga illustrator. He or she will need to know of the Japanese version of the comics, though. If you’ve read and seen the drawings of the Japanese mangas, that’ll probably help with drawing this superhero series. I’ll provide information and looks of the characters until I get a message from someone. Anyone interested?
  13. Going deeper into my animation career by making a sixty member studio on Discord. There’s two teams that is going on my server there.

    My team makes the Spyro movie and a superhero webseries while the other team under a second director makes original movies in Blender (2 hour features).

    My mind is just exploding with excitement right now, guys.

  14. I’ve decided to write a manuscript of my book, polish/edit it, then get it pitched to a Penguin Publisher agent, and finally get a publication deal with them.

    That’s going to happen as I write the story for my animated feature Spyro 3D film. 

    Wish me the best of fortunes, guys.

  15. I'll be writing the Spyro movie's story, polish it, and then get it to my screenwriter for the film's screenplay to be written. 

    That'll happen to the next few days for me in the month of January. Hopefully it'll get done in fifteen or sixteen days. Let's see what happens, right?