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  1. As the title says, I’m looking for people to join my independent studio, Universe Animation. Do keep in mind, this is an unpaid part-time offer for those interested in joining a 3D animation studio over at a Discord server. If anyone would like to know my studio’s goals, here they are: 1. Short films 2. Animated series (Storm the Fox is a long-term CGI series with around 700 episodes) 3. Feature films (10 for the manga-based animated series) 4. To keep being independent and untouched by major studios So, those are the goals for my independent studio. Here’s a little more information about it: About the founder: Daniel (undergoing by his username “Dawn Darkness”) has been wanting to make animations and films since he was six years old. By age 20, his dream is becoming realized with a 3D creation suite, Blender 3D. Daniel founded the independent studio, Universe Animation, with a friend from school and kept it open for people to join on a Discord server. Wishing for his future with animated films, he hopes for volunteers to help him in completing his first major project: Storm the Fox, based on an idea he had intentions to draw but abandoned until it resurfaced as a 3D CGI series. About the studio: The independent studio, Universe Animation, was founded in March, 2019, by two school students. Daniel, the founder of the studio, moved it to the Internet for people to join as they wish. The studio’s future lies in animation made in Blender 3D, the main program Daniel wanted to use instead of industry standard, Maya. He wants to make projects with people from all over, be it from Europe or United States. His wish is to have as many people as possible to help him on his journey as an animator. So, there you have a little history of my studio and dreams. If you wish to join, send me a DM or reply here. Thank you for your time.
  2. Hello. I am Dawn, and I've chosen to return to the MLP fandom for a specific reason: to communicate with fellow bronies and pegasisters. So, you're free to ask me anything related to my return, stories, and when I first began to write. Those are the topics I'll be answering about. *leans back on chair comfortably* What are you waiting for? Ask me and I'll gladly reply your questions.
  3. I am looking for two artists that might be interested in working with me for a 3D film project. What I am looking for, is a storyboard artist and a 2D artist designer for background and character designs to my film. I’ll be explaining on what project I’ll make in a private message if there’s someone who’d like to assist me in making this a reality. A small requirement is to have Discord for me to get to know you a little better. I don’t want strangers to be in my film’s credits, would I? That is all. I await a response.
  4. Script: 0% Character Modeling: 0% Main Environments: 0% Voice Actors: 0% Animation: 0% This is a fan film project that I'm going to be making in Blender 2.80 where, after I've received the last two parts to my new PC, I'll be making it a film set in the EQG universe with a few original characters playing big roles while the Main Seven is playing minor roles. I'll go into details later when I've begun the modeling process after writing the script in Trelby, my screenplay program to be used for this film and potential future projects. The film is going to be an action-science fiction feature that'll be shared on YouTube for entertainment and viewing purposes. I'm unsure how long it'll take me to make this film, since I'm also working on a book series which features my character Virin as well. I'll just go easy and write on the books a year after I'm working on my fan film project. As for voice actors, I'll wait on that subject after animation's finished. I hope that's going to be a year and a half after modeling is done with the characters and environments. I am very persistent on this project, as I've just bought a PC for $1700 for the parts I wanted for so long. I'll not ask for a composer for the film, I'll just borrow some music on a free music site. I can't afford to pay for a composer, as I don't have PayPal or something related to that. I hope you understand me. My only hopes, is that Hasbro allows me to upload this fan film to YouTube after much hard-work is being done on it. Should I ask them, or just say in the description that I only own my characters and not theirs? Please fill me in on that regard. Updates will come after I've gotten my new computer set up. That is all for now. See you later!
  5. As the title suggests, I’m in an early search for voice actors to play the characters in my 3D Blender project, Space Wars, which is set in the future, around the 23rd century (in the year 2234 to 2238), in our Milky Way galaxy. The amount of minutes is yet to be determined once animation process begins. Influences include Star Wars, Star Trek, and Babylon 5. I am going to be releasing the pilot film worldwide in the cinemas of the globe after its completion. Voices needed are for main characters, supporting and antagonist characters. Their names will be told once I’ve thought of original characters to use in the project, along with original galactic species from my endless ideas. I await any responses if you’re interested in my 3D project.
  6. I am in need for a character and background designer for a future film project I am gong to make. The designers will receive full credit for the positions, and art in the credits of the film. I'll show the volunteer the artwork of the characters once they are done. That is all for now.
  7. This is Dawn. I am here to say that, a fan series of MLP is in pre-production. I am just in the making of the concept arts for the series. The concept is drawn on a piece of paper, before eventually going into the computer production. I’ll need some artists who would like to share their own drawings of my fan series with me. It’ll be set in the Equestria Girls universe, with the main characters of Sunset, Pinkie, Applejack, Rainbow, Fluttershy, Rarity, Twilight, and three additional characters as the show’s main cast. The show’s genre is Adventure, Action, and Sci-Fi. So, if there’s some animators who, in the future of the series, would like to be in the animating process of it is interested, I’ll appreciate it, as I can’t animate monsters (the main plot, and creatures) alone. I’ll need all the help I can get for them. The main protagonist is a Kaiju called Virin, my not-so yet greatest creation of the Friendship is Magic generation of My Little Pony. I’ll need a little extra helping hand with drawing him, as he looks nearly identical to the Japanese Kaiju, Godzilla. So if an artist is willing to assist me, let me know in a PM and I’ll let that artist my Discord name so we acould discuss both the Kaiju art and plot details of the series. Keep in mind, this show is dedicated for the nine-year run of MLP: FiM. Now, for the first concept art: This is my attempt at drawing a concept of Sunset Shimmer, the main human protagonist of my fan series. Now, while this piece of concept is on paper, I can draw her very well as I am using metal pencils for attempting to draw the character concepts. Anyone willing to help with drawing a better version of this art? PM me, and let’s keep in touch. That is all for the first post of this topic. I’ll await any replies to either assist me, or just discussing of the fan show (which is going to YouTube, by the way).
  8. Most recently, I’m currently active on FictionPress and Twitter, trying my best to accomplish my goal of getting published.

    Wish me luck, everyone. My fantasy writing will most likely never be the same in a couple of years from now.

  9. What I am about to say, is that this one is going to be a big project for me and a friend of mine who is very interested into making an original anime series on YouTube. Please, this is our first time making a project together. So, be nice to either his or my work. I've asked him to draw a simple art of one of the antagonists in the series for me to have me select it and possibly making it look better. I'll do the latter on the computer as it'll look much greater there than on paper. The story for the series is coming soon, so be prepared for when that time comes. For now, I'll just say that it is currently in pre-production and is heading off to be a good start for us as we are making it into a reality. Before I dive into the help or assistant needed for the real animation, I'll need the story for the anime from my friend who is currently writing it. I just hope he'll get it done soon, or that it'll take him some time to get it finished. I'll speak to him about the plot for our anime series in a month of how it goes with both the first art and the story. Until when I have more information to the anime, I'll come back and potentially let you know about it. But, I won't be revealing too much for it as that'll spoil the surprise we have in store for it. It'll have to wait till the first episode is finished and produced.
  10. Okay. I think I've finally made a choice in my life.

    I'll be making 2D animation for sixteen years before moving onward to my manga series as I think of its plot and its outline for the years to come, for me to finish it quicker than I originally intends to.

    I'm going to be using the program called "Clip Studio Paint", a program of which you can create manga and comics as well as animation and illustration (depending on the bought version).

    I'm guessing this is going to be my final choice as I am a thinker and is using my various thoughts on something I shouldn't be doing. I need to focus on one thing at a time, whether it be writing or drawing. I chose drawing, because drawing has fascinated me since watching the many cartoons and anime shows as a kid and early teenager.

    I am glad to have made up my choices in this life.

  11. Alright. Trying to see how it works in Toon Boom Harmony. I'm doing this on my laptop for the first twenty one days until my time to use it is out.

    After the testing of the program is done, I'll most likely get the full version of it to produce full animations with it.

    (Also...what's with Discord and the music on the forum now? If anybody else can hear the music.)

  12. Sorry about me not being here. Some stuff happened, and I’m not ready to talk about them.

    Anyway, I’d like get some ideas, and thoughts before 2026, as that’s where I’ll decide what to do after writing fan fiction is finished.

    At the moment, I’m trying to think of my last series of stories on FanFiction before my time there is out from six years for now.

    I’m unsure whether I’ll be doing 2D animation, 3D or live action films after 2025. Can someone help me choose what I should do till then?

    1. Macavity Wilko

      Macavity Wilko

      Why wait till 2025? Why that date in particular? (I'm kind of new) 

    2. Dawn Darkness

      Dawn Darkness

      The reason, is that I’ll be seeing if I can make anything from those way of filmmaking. If it’s not filmmaking, then I’ll make a comic series if it’ll be too stressful.

      I don’t want to have a stressful life after that exact year. I want an enjoyable one.

  13. Written almost 11,000 words under three days! I did take some forty minute breaks in the middle of writing my chapter.

    In April, 2017, on my old Equestrian Dragon story, I had written 14,000+ words in a month and half because I only wrote 1,700 words per day.

    Man, is it good to be getting into the plot of the story with over 10K words in my story again. But, this story (Spyro: New Heroes) is going to be 24K words per chapter after the opening chapter.

    So, you could say, I've got my hands full on with my story.

  14. This is the demon form of my Tristan character for my fan fiction story on Fanfiction. I think this is one of my better drawings than the other ones, but that’s just me. What do you guys think? (Note: he looks like someone from a ninja anime series. Can you guess which one?)
  15. This is Tyrannica from my Legend of Jaden fan fiction. I liked how it turned out. But, what do you guys think? Is this a good piece of art, or do I need more work on my drawing skills?
  16. Welp. I finally made up my mind about filmmaking. 

    I decided to work on an original monster film trilogy that is tentatively to be released ten to eleven years from now, with the first film, globally. I'll plan on the plot for the screenplay tomorrow, to my screenwriter on the project.

    Man, will this be a good film for you guys to watch. It'll have an original plot, by the way. So, expect that, too.

  17. I am thinking of creating my own anime series in Toon Boom Harmony. However, I am in the novice level when it comes to drawing, so I could use some help on that regard. You will be credited as the art designer and creator if I use it in the episode of the anime series. I also could use help with sound effects, voice acting, music, and co-writing of the plot. I’m in my thinking state of what it should be about, how it shall have a beginning, middle, and ending. The middle could be in the third season of the anime series, while the ending is the fifth season of the series, the first season is the beginning of the show. Sounds reasonable, right? So, with that outta the way, here’s some rough details about the anime series. Keep in mind, this is going to change in the future. Description: Alain is a young, fourteen year old kid who had lost one of his best friends in the world. He’s thrust into a world of magic, and dragons once he set foot out to the outside beyond from his village. He’ll meet allies, enemies, and most importantly, friendship along the way. What will await for him, only the world may know. So, there you have it. The rough concept idea of my anime series. As stated above, the idea may change in the future to a more suitable description that is better than what I have now. What do you guys say? Willing to lend a hand with my anime?
  18. I’ve asked for help on the forums of Unreal Engine program. The reason for that, is to get a team under my Discord game studio to produce a video game that I’m developing at the moment.

    I’ve gotten a description of the game on there, as well as to who I am in need for help with.

    Man, am I excited to direct my first video game of an concept-only idea I had for a while.

    Anyone that wants to play it once it’s done with production and is released?

  19. This is my first concept design of the main character to my video game series. NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE FINAL ART OF THE CHARACTER! Changes may be provided as time goes on to him. I’ll make the changes maybe in the program I’ll make my first game in. Anything you think I should have critique of? Let me know of the first of the many designs to the main character I am in the middle of designing.
  20. I’m currently building ideas for the first video game I’ll provide self-developing of. I’ll do all the programming, player actions, visuals, etc. by myself until it’s either 2026 or 2027, where hopefully I get the first ten worlds finished if I work day by day on the game. However, what I can’t provide by myself, is music and voice acting. I’ll need quite a couple of voice actor volunteers to the game series I’m having concept arts for. The musician will be credited as the music score creator, as well as opening theme song. Who would like to be on the game project? It’s based in a style like Kingdom Hearts, was my first thought about my game’s concept. The game will be built using the Unreal Engine system, while the concept art of characters will be drawn on paper throughout 2019 to early 2020 to give me ideas on the models beforehand.
  21. Will be changing from animator to a video game developer. Sorry, guys. But, it looks like my animations will have to be cancelled.

    My first video game will be “Dragon Kingdom”, in a style like Kingdom Hearts but with originality to it.

    I’ll see if I can do the programming by myself in the first five years after 2020, where I hopefully have my concept arts done and finished to put them into the game.

    This thought came from today, after a talk with my brother about ideas I could use and what I need to have in order to get them out.

  22. My studio will be divided into four groups, with each of the group containing at least thirty members to different projects I’m developing for my animation studio.

    I just hope, that I can also get a manga artist to work on the manga series of my superhero animated series.

    Wish me the best of fortunes, everyone.

  23. I’m in need of an artist who can draw out a manga/comic for me. The reason for that, is to have a fanbase of my superhero animated series. Along with that, I hope for this manga story to be of enjoyable drawing for any one of you guys to work with for ideas of this series of manga books. I’ll plot out the story of my superhero series throughout the year, as I’m preparing to get original concept in order to start with my animation program of Blender 3D. The artist will be credited as the manga illustrator. He or she will need to know of the Japanese version of the comics, though. If you’ve read and seen the drawings of the Japanese mangas, that’ll probably help with drawing this superhero series. I’ll provide information and looks of the characters until I get a message from someone. Anyone interested?
  24. Going deeper into my animation career by making a sixty member studio on Discord. There’s two teams that is going on my server there.

    My team makes the Spyro movie and a superhero webseries while the other team under a second director makes original movies in Blender (2 hour features).

    My mind is just exploding with excitement right now, guys.

  25. I’ve decided to write a manuscript of my book, polish/edit it, then get it pitched to a Penguin Publisher agent, and finally get a publication deal with them.

    That’s going to happen as I write the story for my animated feature Spyro 3D film. 

    Wish me the best of fortunes, guys.