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  1. Recently I've been watching a YouTuber called book cover, and book cover has agreed to react to a fan made project very near and dear to me known as Turnabout Storm. He's already reacted to the first part of Turnabout Storm and it's been a very interesting watch. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the rest of his unique reaction to the project and think that anyone who likes in Turnabout Storm might want to watch as well so as to gain a new appreciation for the project. To anyone who reads this blog entry, thank you and have a nice day.
  2. Hey there everyone just wanted to let people know that YouTuber called book cover is going watching the Turnabout Storm fan made project and reacting to it. If you're a big fan of that project like me this is something you may not want to miss. I hope everyone has a pleasant day and good year.
  3. Like I said when I wrote this you're free to like the episodes as much as you want. Having said that I do not like your response whatsoever. I suppose it's partly my fault for maybe not making it clear enough but what I really wanted out of people wasn't for them to tell me that they liked or disliked these episodes so much as why do they like or dislike them, give a thoughtful explanation in short. You're basic response also makes me feel bad because it feels to me like you just read that I don't like those episodes and then skipped my entire reasoning as to why. Again you're free to like or dislike the episodes as much as you want but it kinda feels to me that you didn't give me the same leeway, I of course could be entirely mistaken it's quite likely that your intention at all, but that's just the way your response made me feel. Sorry I was just hoping for a response that had more thought put into than just that you liked the episodes. Anyway though I still wish that you have a nice day and a Happy New Year.
  4. First of all thanks for actually being willing to read through my entire post and furthermore responding to it. I've got a pretty lengthy response so hopefully you can read it. If not no hard feelings and I hope You have a happy new year. I see your point about it being consistent with the shows logic and with that being the case I shall adjust my complaint to just saying that the line from Shining Armor just shouldn't have been there as it adds nothing to the plot. If it weren't for that line the entire episode would be much more bearable for me. As to my complaints against Canterlot Wedding it's mostly based on how I perceive the characters and their relationships meaning it's fairly subjective so anyone's free to disagree with me. The characters and relationships that most caught my attention was the relationship between Twilight an the rest of the main 6 and perhaps more importantly between Twilight and Princess Celestia. To start with the one that really caught my attention, namely the relationship between Twilight and Princess Celestia, I just couldn't bring myself to see Twilight bursting into the wedding hall and accusing the fake Cadence like that in front of Celestia, maybe I could've seen it if it'd just been her friends it still would have been a stretch for me but I think it could have worked. The reason I just can't see this happening in front of Celestia is simply because of the way Twilight kind of idolized or at least admired Celestia in the previous encounters with her. Think about it, whenever Celestia is involved Twilight may go crazy yes, but she always went crazy trying to please Celestia, whereas when she bursts into the wedding hall with her announcement she had no reason to expect Celestia to be happy about it. Now I suppose you could claim that her concern for her brother overrode even her devotion to Celestia but I find that difficult to believe simply because I had no indication that her relationship with her brother was that strong, I mean sure they had the song called "My Big Brother" which pretty much said when Twilight was little they were the best of friends, but the relationship with Celestia was the one that was still fresh from Twilight being her student all those years which continued on into her time at Ponyville. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's not completely acceptable to have a relationship you just brought up trump one that's been established throughout the series that's been indicated to be very strong even with the consideration that the new relationship you brought up is between a sister and her brother. All of this is from Twilight's side, there's more I wish to say on what I see as being wrong with Celestia's side in terms of her response but I'll get to that some other time. There's a few other points I could make about Twilight's behavior just not being at all what I'd expect from her but I fear I'd risk repeating myself so I'll leave it at that.
  5. I really disliked "The Times They Are a Changeling" and you can see why for yourselves in my most recent post. Be warned though it is a long read.
  6. Just as a precaution this potentially has spoilers for season 6 episode 16 so if haven't seen that yet please avoid reading this post. Does anybody else feel that the episodes with changelings in them are of pretty poor quality. To clarify, I'm speaking about the two main instances I remember changelings from which are the season finale "A Canterlot Wedding" and the episode "The Times They Are a Changeling". Now while the title of the topic is "Episodes with changelings" the changelings actually are not my main point of contention, it's the episodes that contain them that I really wish to discuss and so the topic title is more a way to single those episodes out. Let me start with the one that I can more easily relay why I dislike it and that is the episode called "The Times They Are a Changeling". To start on sort of the opposite pole what do I like about this episode? Well I like the tension brought on by the appearance of the changeling, I like the interactions between Spike and the changeling, I like the entire concept of trying to get past barriers to being friends due to differing natures. So what is it then that ruins this episode for me? To put it bluntly, it's the establishing of a character trait that then gets thrown out in the very same episode to the detriment of the character who displayed said trait. Now what am I talking about? I am referring to Shining Armor and his going from and I quote "There's no such thing as a nice changeling" to suddenly just accepting the changeling with no real justification for why he changed his mind. Now maybe you're thinking isn't it a good thing he was willing to change his mind after all the changeling really was a nice one after all. Well yes and no, sure its great that they overcame their prejudices and were able to make friends with a being that they before had only known as enemies and it goes well with the shows motif. But no in the end they threw a part of who shining armor was out without giving him the time or even ability to change it on his own thereby making him a more shallow character. I understand you can't have extreme levels of complexity in a show like this since it's marketed towards kids but to suddenly throw a piece of a character out that makes them a little more complex without a good reason is also bad. I mean is too much complexity a bad thing? Yes of course it is, but not giving any complexity to speak of is something I feel is deserving of at least some if not equal consideration as being a bad thing. This isn't exactly what I wanted to say or how I wanted to say it but I'm having trouble coming up with the right words and hopefully people understand at least the basis for my complaints for that episode. As to "A Canterlot Wedding" I'm gonna hold off on explaining my problems with that one till I see what people think of my opinion on "The Times They Are a Changeling". Suffice to say though I have a similar kind of complaint against "A Canterlot Wedding" with other characters having character traits established then just suddenly thrown out, the main difference being I feel they had them established throughout the series up until that point not just in the same episode like with this one. Oh one more thing I forgot to mention that you of course can like these episodes as much as you want I have no intention of starting a fight over these. An intense discussion maybe but no out and out fighting please.
  7. Cool nice to hear, hope that internet connection issue gets fixed soon. If you do in fact do a reaction to it will it be on YouTube and what's your channel name if so? Is your channel name the same as your username here? Well let me know if you ever manage to get around to it and if you do what your YouTube channel name is so I can actually watch it. I really hope you enjoy it if you ever do get around to watching it.
  8. Another good question, my aim was mainly to get more YouTubers to watch it and the then post their reaction videos on their channel and hopefully they'd give me a heads up on when they were doing it (I realize now this might not be a good site to ask for this on, not because it's an unreasonable request or anything but just simply because I'm not sure how many YouTubers will even look at my post). Anyway though the pop screen isn't really necessary. I've seen reactions to it that didn't shows the reactors face at all that came out pretty good. It's more about being able to understand what it is the reactor is feeling while watching it. If you can do that with me just being able to hear you as you watch the video then by all means go ahead and do it, the ability to see your face while you react to it would just be a nice bonus. Or do you mean that you don't have a way of recording the video you're watching at all? If that's the case I'm a little less sure on what to do because I really would like to be able to see the video you're reacting to just so I can know what part of the video you're on. As to how you the video or videos that's up to you, personally I do like seeing reactions to each part separately because it means I don't feel like I have to watch it all in one sitting. Oh yeah one more question, you said you already watched it right? Now that I think about it I should of specified that I kind of want a blind reaction to it or in other words see people who haven't seen it before react to it. But hey if you still want to do a reaction to it or a review of it go right ahead and if you can post in on YouTube and I'll watch it there. If you can't post it on YouTube well I'll try and figure something else out. Either thanks for taking the time to reply to my topic, and may you have a nice day.
  9. Good question. I think I'd probably prefer the first option simply because I really like seeing people react to the video as it goes along, you know see their shock, their enjoyment, as well as their suddenly seeing how everything comes together in the end. But I think I need to leave it up to the individuals who are watching it simply because it is a very long fan made project. I just like seeing how people really get into it as it goes along so I keep hoping will do reaction videos on it so I can enjoy their perspective on it.
  10. Thanks for letting me know and thanks for moving it. I wasn't entirely sure where to put it on this site so I'm glad you took the time to help me out.
  11. Hi there, nice to meet you all hope we can all get along and have a good time. Anyway I actually accidentally posted a topic before I even introduced myself. It's asking about Turnabout Storm which is probably my favorite piece of work that I've seen besides the show itself. Again nice to meet you all.
  12. Hi there guys I'm new to this site and I was just wondering, how many people here have a YouTube account and make videos?. Also of those how many of you have watched Turnabout Storm? You see I'm kinda hoping I can get more people to do reaction videos to that fan made project if they haven't already watched it (in other words I kind of want more blind reactions to it or in other words see people who haven't seen it already, mind if you have seen it already and want to do a reaction video to it or a review of it by all means go ahead and do so. Then let me know about it here after posting it on YouTube or something like that and I'll give it a watch), or maybe they can do reaction videos to the sequel to Turnabout Storm (the sequel is called Elements of Justice and it has a trailer on YouTube) that's supposed to be coming out soon (hopefully it actually does come out). Anyway hope to hear from some people soon and even if you don't want to do a reaction video to it I still recommend watching Turnabout Storm. Have a great time everyone.
  13. Welcome to MLP Forums, Aradon92! I hope you have a great time here. /)

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      (/ Thanks for the welcome really hope to enjoy myself.