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    Video Games, Spending Time With My Niece, Ponies Of Course, Books, Ect.
  1. ~Looking Good Spike..... Looking Real Good ~Haha! The Fun Has Been Doubled! ~Good Boy Angel! Mama's So Proud! And Finally... ~Eternal Chaos Comes With Chocolate Rain You Guys.... CHOCOLATE RAIN! Oh, But We Can't Forget.... ~yay! Louder! *Big Deep Breath* yay!
  2. Rainbow Dash Is My First And Favorite In Terms To Color Scheme But I Like Scratch Second Best
  3. Was Princess Celestia Born With Her Cutie Mark, Or Did She Have To Earn It Like Everypony Else? I Think She might Have Been Born With It Because She's A Godess. Basically MyQuestion Is: Did Princess Celestia Have To Discover She Was Going To Be The Ruler Of Equestria And The Raiser Of The Sun, Or Was It Already Decided By Some Unknown Fate?
  4. Fluttershy, Because Me And Her Are Pretty Much The Same, We Are Both Shy Around Strangerrs, But I Don't Love Animals As Much As She Does
  5. Dashie Is 20% Cooler In My Opinion
  6. Whole Series: Once Each Episode: 1 To 2 Times Favorite Episode: The Ones With Dicord, Ok?! I've Been Wathinhg MLP:FiM Since About December Or January Of 2011
  7. Fluttershy, Then Rarity Fluttershy Because She's Just SO DAMN ADOREABLE! Rarity because She's Fancy, Lol
  8. All I Can Say Is I love The Show For The Lessons I Learn And The Fun I Have Watching It, I Could Care Less I It Was Overrated Or Underrated
  9. I've Caught Myself Saying "Everypony" "Nopony" "Somepony" Etc. In My Everyday Life
  10. I Never Thought That Those Ponies Were Her Family, Just Ponyville Council
  11. If I Can Ask The Snack Guy For Maize Instead Of Popcorn, You Bet I'll March Up And Proclaim "I Came Here For Ponies", No Worries, I'll Buy Your Ticket For You
  12. ONLY After About... 38 Seasons Will I Allow My Little Pony To End, And Everybody Gets What They Want. RBD Joins The Wonderbolts, Rarity Moves To Canterlot To Marry Some Distant Royal Relative, Twilight Becomes Princess Celestia's Royal Adviser (<--- That Can't Be Spelled Right, Auto Correct, Pssshhh) Pinkie Pie Takes Over Sugarcube Corner When The Cakes Move Cause The Babies Are Getting Too Big, And Turns It Into A Super Fun Sweetshop/Nightclub, Applejack Will Finally Be Successful In Raising A Sufficient Amount Of Money For The Farm And Be A Big Success, And Fluttershy Will Remain Where Sh
  13. I Just Love Your Signature ^^ That Is All Favorite: The Return Of Harmony Parts 1&2 Least Favorite: Look Before You Sleep, Just Really Disliked The Whole Thing
  14. I Loved When Discord Turned The Roads Into Soap And Was Skating On It
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