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    No! :D
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    Im not a Changeling, believe me... *Nevous laugh*
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    I really love changelings.

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  1. I know right.... I will never touch a dam irl!
  2. I love it so much! :3 And you need to check skype sometime
  3. Bob the Changeling

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    411,608 I like turtles
  4. So many to choose.... they are all good!
  5. Aww, I want to watch it so bad, but I haven't seen that episode yet.. :3 Edit: I just watched the episode... wow, I love it! and nice singing!
  6. My friend drew it, its my OC! I thought it was super cute and I just... love it.. Here is the original picture ~~~~~~~>
  7. When im alone, I sing to myself loudly! xD Its so fun to do, and I love it, when my family is here, No...
  8. I stole a pretty much 1 doller plastic toy gun from my friend.... Im a bad boy! >;3
  9. My name is Tristen, its not that common.. but I like it :3
  10. Bob the Changeling

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    After reading your I just read that.. so now im thinking about the song as well xD
  11. Bob the Changeling

    Mesme Rize Fanclub

    *Bows down to the snake pone* All hail...
  12. Bob the Changeling

    Lamia Ponies Fan Club

    Huh, you have a whole club! heh, I like the club!
  13. Species: Changeling Gender: Male (Drone) Age: 19 Personality: Usually very friendly. Will err.. bite when hungry :3. Admires his fangs a lot! Does not mind ponies, in fact he likes them! Sometimes has a little hiss-like lisp for short periods of time. He's not hostile in any way, unless he's starving, or provoked. Still loves his queen even though he lives with a crazy pony scientist that drinks a LOT, kinda betraying her, but its not his fault. History: He was bred to fight alongside his brothers in the siege of Canterlot city, sadly during the fight he got hit with a powerful magi
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