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Status Updates posted by Arctic Skitle

  1. Gosh is it hard to navigate the forums :P Not when you've been on many forums a lot ago but this is my first forum tbh xD so harddddd

    1. thewolfmars12


      I know how you feel Arctic. :D You are not alone. Welcome by the way, I'm glad to meet a new pony. /)

    2. Arctic Skitle
    3. strongwilled_pegasus


      you'll get used to it :)

  2. Gosh is it hard to navigate the forums :P

  3. Just confessed to my mom I watch MLP... thanks God she just laughed

    1. strongwilled_pegasus


      isn't that a relief? my mom has known I liked mlp for a very very long time

    2. Arctic Skitle

      Arctic Skitle

      It is very reliefing because she knows it and I don't have to worry about her coming in my room and seeing me watching it or something like that. The only left thing to do tbh is to confess to my dad. That'll be hard man... very hard xD

  4. Canterlot Wedding should be called "Harry Potter and the Impostor's Wedding - The Musical" xD

  5. Finishing season 2 ^^ 5 episodes though xD This will be a long night

  6. Gonna watch more episodes now, see ya later xD

    1. ~Galloping Rainbowdash~
    2. Arctic Skitle

      Arctic Skitle

      I should be finishing 1st episode today, but forum calls xD

    3. ~Galloping Rainbowdash~

      ~Galloping Rainbowdash~

      Lmao just go watch it :P


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