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  1. I believe it makes them both more powerful and more versatile. But it’s still possible for other races like unicorns such as Starswirl and Starlight to catch up to or surpass them in raw power or pegasus like Rainbow Dash surpassing them in speed.
  2. For me it’s like this 1. Pony of Shadows (Stygian) (Far superior than Starswirl and the Pillars of Old Equestria. He was capable of taking a blast from the magic of the Elements of Harmony powered up by the Pillars of Old Equestria (basically Elements of Harmony x2) without showing any lasting damage whatsoever. Later it took the combined power of the Powered Up Elements of Harmony (Pretty much Elements of Harmony x2) on top of Starswirl, Twilight, Starlight and Sunburst’s magic at the same time to pull Stygian away from the shadows all the while he was being sucked into Limbo and was only defeated by banishment.) 2. Lord Tirek (Post-4 Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle) (Far stronger than his previous forms. Pretty much nearly doubled his magic power. In his previous form he was able to match 4 alicorn in power.) 3. Storm King w/ Storm of Sacanas (Contains the power of all 4 Alicorns plus some of it’s own. Is capable of casually moving the sun and moon at an even faster speed than 4-Alicorn Twilight.) 4. Tantabus (Far stronger than Princess Twilight, Princess Luna, Mane 5, Spike and the entirety of Ponyville with superpowers (one of which is Alicorn Big Macintosh) working together in the Dream Realm. Was still getting even stronger through absorbing Luna’s guilt.) 5. (Tied) Discord (Casually stronger than the Royal Sisters combined.) Accord (The harmony version of Discord.) 6. Nightmare Rarity (Managed to survive an Incomplete Elements of Harmony beam from the Mane 6 excluding (Generosity) Rarity herself. Also casually defeated Princess Luna while holding back.) 7. Radiant Hope (Managed to harm Celestia with her beam after using up most of her magic to completely restored King Sombra back to full power from just a horn and his consciousness when Sombra himself stated it would take him decades to recover. Was able to stop Sombra from getting destroyed by the Crystal Heart’s power on two different occasions. Supposed to have become an alicorn had she not given up her destiny for Sombra.) 8. King Sombra (Around as powerful as the Royal Sisters combined. Got even stronger after Radiant Hope healed him.) 9. Nightmare Moon (Stronger than Princess Celestia.) 10. The Dazzlings (Prime) (Stronger than Starswirl the Bearded which forced him to banish them to another dimension. Probably higher if they absorb more magic.) 11. Queen Chrysalis (Post-Love absorbed) (Defeated Princess Celestia 1 on 1 with high difficulty. She didn't even believe she could've won even after absorbing love.) 12. Alternate Royal Sisters (Reflections Arc) (Was pretty much equal to the the Royal Sisters.) 13. Starlight Glimmer (Slightly stronger than Alicorn Twilight and knows much more spells some of which can even affect the Royal Sisters. Could become even stronger when she's emotional.) 14. Midnight Sparkle (Slightly stronger than Daydream Shimmer who in turns should be equal to Demon Sunset.) 15. Demon Sunset (Uses leftover magic of the Elements of Harmony brought from Equestria to transform.)
  3. No just who is stronger in terms of raw power,
  4. So yeah recently I saw some people arguing about who is the strongest villain so I decided to make this. Who do you think is the strongest? I think the Pony of Shadows is the strongest and Tirek is the second strongest.
  5. I’m happy that this season decided to tie the show, comics, and EQG together. Now there are far more possibilities that could happen. Such as possibly Sunset returning to Equestria.
  6. Well now that the finale is out in the US does anybody have any different opinions now?
  7. I saw this and I kinda had a question what was the threat again? Like even if the Rainbow Power is no longer usable and Tirek has regained the same power he had during the Season 4 Finale which is i’d say the power of roughly 8 Alicorns. If I were to give the relevant characters that Equestria still has by Alicorns than the numbers would be something like this. Elements of Harmony (3), Pillars of Old Equestria (aka OG Elements of Harmony) (3), Discord (2.5), Princess Celestia (1), Princess Luna (1), Princess Cadence (1), Princess Twilight (1), Starlight Glimmer (1), Starswirl the Bearded (1), Tempest Shadow (1), and Flurry Heart (1). And that’s only for the show if you include the comics you have even more characters that are either on par or surpasses the Alicorns like Radiant Hope (2), King Sombra (2), Princess Amore (if they have revived her) (1?), and maybe Shadowlock (1?). If they were to transfer all of their magic to one character they would’ve completely stomped even Tirek who might’ve been a 8 by the end of Twilight’s Kingdom. Not to mention all their other allies like the Dragons, Changelings, Yaks, Seaponies/Hippogriffons, and etc. who despite being fodder can still outnumber Tirek and tire him out.
  8. The comic Legends of Magic showed that Celestia was more talented at magic than Luna was. So I guess it’s Celestia who’s stronger.
  9. Originally my favorite season was season 5 but than Season 7 happened and stole that spot now this is my favorite seasons in order from least favorite to favorite. 7. Season 3 (7/12) 6. Season 1 (9/25) 5. Season 2 (13/24) 4. Season 6/ Season 4 (16/24) 3. Season 4/ Season 6 (16/24) 2. Season 5 (18/24) 1. Season 7 (21/24)
  10. I just want to see Shadowlock meet Stygian and maybe Sunburst as well. And Twilight should start a geek club with them.
  11. For me: I want to see more comics becoming canon (specifically FIENDship is Magic.) I also want to see more comic characters appear in the show (specifically Shadowlock so he can interact with his ancestor Stygian in present time.) Sunset Shimmer returns to Equestria for a couple of episodes thanks to EQG being confirmed canon thanks to the Season 7 Finale. Tempest Shadow also joining the show for a couple of episodes. Pillars of Old Equestria readjusting into modern Equestria. Tirek returns so Scorpan also appears. Queen Chrysalis meets Starswirl (who according to the comics is the one that released the changelings into the world by accident.) New villain for the finale instead of reused villain. The new CMC from the MLP Chapter Books. Maybe also a magic battle between Starlight and Starswirl to decide who is the most magical unicorn in Equestria (They are both confirmed to be slightly stronger than Twilight after all.)
  12. Season Finales: 7. Season 1 Finale The Best Night Ever 6. Season 3 Finale Magical Mystery Cure 5. Season 4 Finale Twilight’s Kingdom 4. Season 2 Finale A Canterlot Wedding 3. Season 6 Finale To Where and Back Again 2. Season 5 Finale The Cutie Re-Mark 1. Season 7 Finale Shadow Play
  13. When did I ever say Starlight > Twilight in this scene? I just said able to fight Alicorns.