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  1. SunsetBaconDrive

    Scary Mugshots

    I'd figure I would ruin your sleep by having a thread for creepy photos, composite sketches or mugshots. First one.... This is a picture I would love to see at 4am. She was even in my own state of New Hampshire too. Marie Audrey Hilley (June 4, 1933 – February 26, 1987) I will get more, I need good ones.
  2. SunsetBaconDrive

    Pepsi Or Coke?

    I haven't drank HFCS soda in 4 years. I will occasionally have sugar cane soda that isn'f from Pepsi or Coke. When I did drink soda... I was more of a Pepsi guy. Best Coke drinks were Vanilla Coke, Dr Pepper and Sprite. Pepsi.... I drank every mountain dew and preferred the throwback drinks.
  3. Its safe to say that physically, dragons are the strongest creatures in Equestria that don't need magic. I would even say the Dragon King himself could give Tirek a run for his money. But male earth ponies vs griffons? I know female earth ponies are strongtoo, but its clear that biologically most male species are physically stronger than the female(hyenas come to mind when you have an alpha female leading the pack though) I am including all sexes for the griffons because it seems they're all naturally aggressive... The only reformed Griffon we have seen is Gilda and the only naturally kind Griffon we have seen is Gabby. ho can we say is the strongest stallion to compete with the strongest griffon?
  4. SunsetBaconDrive

    Spoiler LOE: Who think Midnight Sparkle should have controlled Twilight?

    Having all of the Magic is kinda vague. Unless since Twilight IS the element of MAGIC. Can Midnight Sparkle corrupt all 6(7) elements?
  5. During that entire final battle, I was sort of bummed Midnight Sparkle didn't dominate and assume control over Twilight again.. I have good reasons. Sci-Twi just easily gets over this hurdle, whereas Sunset changed over the course of three specials. I know having Gloriosa Everfree and Midnight Sparkle would result as a possible 'no win' for our heroines. It just makes sense that Twilight would be fearful and Midnight Sparkle would be unleashed. The whole Midnight Sparkle sub plot in my opinion was spoiled and ruined.
  6. SunsetBaconDrive

    I feel sad for Flash Sentry

    Flash needs to get over Twilight and Sunset Shimmer. Derpy has show legitimate feelings towards him.. He should give Derpy a chance at a relationship.
  7. SunsetBaconDrive

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    I'm bisexual... I lean toward women more though, never had a boyfriend in my life, most men I met are savages and I couldn't emotionally connect with them.I'm connected with my skype friend, but he's like a brother.. Not to mention he has a girlfriend.
  8. SunsetBaconDrive

    General Deism Discussion Thread

    That's great and all and I do know its a person's character and not their beliefs. A problem we have in modern society is that people think you're attacking them when you attack their beliefs and that's false. I was an atheist in my highschool years... I just changed my thinking process and decided that just because religions were created as tools for early social engineering(still work today... I tell you people thousands of years ago were ahead of their time). I just think that it is highly likely were created by a being that is beyond our comprehension so its meaningless to place value on ourselves and make god into something that reflects how we physically look.
  9. SunsetBaconDrive

    General Deism Discussion Thread

    I wanted to make a thread for fellow deists to come and explain the following. What lead you to deism? Has your life quality improved with acknowledging a Creator without illogical faith based religions? Are you a former theist or atheist? Atheists... Do you get along with or respect deists? I am a deist and the great thing about it is that I just know all life before us isn't an accident. But I don't make it a dogma to harass others into my mind set. I hold some beliefs about a creator.. Some I will conceal for my own personal reasons.. But I think an anthropomorphic god is not only absurd and egotistical of humanity... It is also laughable that we view ourselves as that important compared to every other being on the planet.
  10. SunsetBaconDrive

    Science Your thoughts on transhumanism. Good or evil?

    I really think we are heading towards that route. I'm not saying I would ever stay in some virtual reality for eternity. But I can see the longevity thing being the crowning achievement of transhumanism. The moment of truth will be in 2017. Why? A guy offered to risk having a head transplant done and such an experiment can answer questions regarding consciousness. Will it be available for us who were born in the 1990s? If not then why should I get hyped? Because the future sounds awesome and I will be spending it in the ground not living.
  11. SunsetBaconDrive

    Science Your thoughts on transhumanism. Good or evil?

    Wanted to breathe life into the topic again. If transhumanists are truly for the people and not the government or corporations, then I can see myself supporting it. I can see robotic limbs being a reality. But mind uploading? Not sure. If it were to be real and a law of nature... Then you can put to rest about 90% of thousands of years of philosophy, if you know how a mind works and can replicate it.
  12. SunsetBaconDrive

    Make America Great Again

    So this is a matter of take out some wasp(eruption)? Or Eradicate the nest and Queen(extinction) Right?
  13. SunsetBaconDrive

    Make America Great Again

    Ok guys..... Yellow Stone Eruption or 50 mile asteroid. What would be a better purge?
  14. SunsetBaconDrive

    Make America Great Again

    I just realized too. If Bernie won the DNC.... He would have destroyed, obliterated and erased Donald Trump. I know why Hillary was relevant in this campaign... She was her to get Bernie off the race and Trump to win. Its obvious if you think about it. Bernie's support clearly outmatched Hillary's. Earlier in the year I met Bernie FREAKS, after the DNC, it fizzled out like flat soda.
  15. SunsetBaconDrive

    Make America Great Again

    That's a cartoon though. Human conflict is here to stay and man doesn't truly want peace, its something we are not capable of achieving. Even the cynical men(real geniuses, screw positivism) knew we are screwed.