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  1. badbob001

    Are EG Minis even popular in the US?

    Where online do you mostly find them and I mean the recent stuff? I usually just keep an eye on amazon and entertainment earth.
  2. Maybe it's me, but it seems very hard to find EG Minis in the US. When I go to large retail stores (physically or online) like Target, Walmart, and Toys R US (rip), the selection is very limited or a few series behind. My closest Target current has zero EG Minis or anything EG-related. What I have to do is hound third-party listings on Amazon or other sites for the rare availability of a recent set. Even mostly has items from the rainbow rocks series. The Rollercoaster of Friendshop web series just ended and the hasbro channel recently showed a commercial for the theme part toys, but where are the actual toys? If you check youtube for reviews, you'll see that places like Singapore or Philippines got the latest sets back in June or July. So is the real market for EG in those countries? I just hope it doesn't come to a point where I have to import these sets. If you look at the previous generation of full-size EG dolls, they had products for Friendship Games and The Legend of Everfree. But the last movie the EG Minis represented was Rainbow Rocks and yet it was still a bit of a half-effort since they still didn't match the full-size doll's release of Sonata and Aria. So perhaps even the dolls are more popular than EG minis? I wonder if Hasbro mentioned anything specific about the performance of the Minis.
  3. Maybe if you changed the "&" to VS or Versus, then it may be interesting. It'll be like GIJoe Vs The Transformers, but with more singing.
  4. The Disney Fairy movies are well made, well funded, and seem to sell well. But the Equestria Girl movies have great songs and great singers, which makes them much more memorable than the Disney Fairy movies. One issue with the fairies is that each is pretty much born into their roles in life and their stories will revolve around that basic structure. The equestria girls are more open in where the stories can go and that makes it more interesting. And I find the Equestria Girls merchandising much more interesting. Maybe the fairy stuff is geared toward an even younger audience?
  5. badbob001

    The animatics look so much better

    Where can I view these animatics?
  6. badbob001

    Magic in the human world. Should it exist?

    While the geodes may indeed have Equestrian magic, I believe the story of Gaia Everfree was made up by Timber Spruce to hide his sister's usage of the geodes. There are lots of strange unexplained things already in the world and there are countless stories/legends of such that have existed since the distant past. Perhaps magic leaking in from another world would help explain some of that. Or some level of magic already exists here. The point is, magic may have been here for a long time and though it's not as integrated into daily life as it is in Equestria, it does have some indirect influence on the world and its development over the ages. Who knows what may happen if that ancient magic is suddenly removed from the world. And what would the world be like today if all the seemingly magical things in the past never occurred.
  7. badbob001

    Can eqg stand without Sunset?

    EG without Sunset is like FiM without Twilight. Now that they have super-powers, losing her would be like the X-men without Professor X.
  8. But if the only restriction for the original portal is that it's opened for 3 days every few years, then that seems rather risky for things/people to accidentally get into equestria. It seems likely for kids to lean on it or play around it. When Sci-Twi touched the portal for the first time, you would think her hand would just push right through instead of resting on the surface. So perhaps there is some logic preventing just anything from the Earth-side to pass through. My idea is that the portal only allows access to equestria for someone that originated from equestria or is at least in close proximity to such person.
  9. I think people from Earth can use the portal BUT someone from Equestria needs to be nearby. In the end of the first movie, right after Twilight enters the statue to return to equestria, Pinkie tries to do the same but slams into it without it showing any magical effects. This is because Twilight is not next to the statue anymore. In the end of the second movie, while Twilight is standing next to the statue, Pinkie is able to stick her head in. In the beginning of Friendship Games, while Sunset is sitting near the statue, Sci-Twi touches the portal and it responds.
  10. Songs that we sung by the characters within the story and not as background music: EG: 1 RR: do I need to count them all? FG: 4 LE: 4 I didn't notice the songs being more out of place in LE compared to FG.
  11. badbob001

    So, do you think EQG is on its way out?

    The MLP movie will come out in Oct 2017, which is around the same time the EG movies normally come out each year. It wouldn't make sense for Hasbro to release two related movies at the same time and I think they definitely want all the focus on the MLP movie. It seems like the EG toys are popular since the minis are very hard to find in stores so either they are super popular or Hasbro has a big manufacturing problem. I don't think stores are simply not ordering enough because even the Hasbro webstore has trouble keeping them in stock. Frankly, if it wasn't for the EG movies, I wouldn't have been interested in the regular series. Starting out with a few movies is much less daunting than trying to catch up with 6+ seasons of the regular series. Who else got into FIM due to EG? Don't confused fans with audience. The intended audience of the show is still kids, despite their lack of presence on tumblr and at conventions. And they are snatching up all the toys and related merchandise like costumes, clothing, books, etc.
  12. I'm considering collecting some of the EG Minis, especially the original single-pack ones, but most retailers don't have them in stock and online prices are at least 2-3 times normals. I've heard that these toys break easily and that probably results in more returns. So is the low inventory due to Hasbro selling off existing inventories and then either abandoning the old sets or retooling the design / process? Or is it that the manufacturing can't keep up the high demand from collectors, who don't worry about breakage since they won't play with them much or may not even open the packaging?
  13. badbob001

    Hasbro's Officially selling to all demographics now

    I think the millennials that Hasbro is referring to are around 25-35 years old AND are now parents. And what is so special about this age range? These adults would have grew up playing with earlier generations of My Little Pony but have most likely lost touch with it, and now the marketing could tap into their nostalgia and encourage them to share a bit of their childhood with their children. My Little Pony was originally marketed toward girls and so now that these girls are mothers, it makes sense that the focus is on women. And these mothers would likely purchase MLP for their daughters than for their sons. As for bronies with kids, then they don't really need any more convincing and their children can fall under the normal Preschool / Boys / Girls demographics.
  14. badbob001

    Spoiler What Was Your Favourite Part Of Legend Of Everfree?

    My favorite part is Rarity. She was so "dramatic" and funny in this movie. Some of my favorite quotes from her: "Purple and burgundy darling! The same color family!" "Camp Everfree needs a runway!" "And I made a diamondy thing appear out of nowhere, which normally I would be excited about... I mean the facets were just Perfect!"
  15. badbob001

    Spoiler Legend Of Everfree Reactions/Reviews/Discussions (SPOILERS)

    I thought it was nice that this movie was more down-to-earth compared to the previous movies and didn't involve a world-level crisis, which allowed for more character development. I thought Rarity was especially funny with her "drama" and her interactions with Applejack were good. And of course Sunset and Sci-Twi had a lot of focus. While the remaining girls didn't have much attention, did anyone else think that Pinkie seemed a bit more "weird" or "ditzy" than usual? It seemed too stereotypical and I didn't like how that made her seem less like a "real" person. And did the pony version of her have so much focus on eating?