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  1. Open

    @Blitz Boom Lance nodded as he walked. "Yes, because nopony here is as normal as you are. I'll keep that in mind. Here's something to think about-- is it possible to be weird if you're too normal? And if you're weird because of it, are you still normal enough to be considered weird? It's an, uh..." He paused to search for the word. "...paradox! Yeah, paradox, I think. Pretty sure." Though something else Berry had said had given him a thought, and he quickly looked over his shoulder to see, just out of curiosity, if Stare had followed them. He didn't expect to see anypony out of the ordinary, though.
  2. Open

    @Blitz Boom Lance thought for a while as he trotted along. I could go with the cheesy 'everypony's different in their own way' response, but, like, really?.. Hmm. "I mean, my childhood wasn't exactly perfect. Uh.. I'm kind of clumsy and easy to pick on... and I'm little introverted. But I don't think I'm that abnormal. Right?" He decided to leave out a couple other things he thought he was, just to avoid looking pathetic. But this got him thinking. Yeah, what is my flaw? And-- he paused. What's Alonsus doing there? He looks pretty normal to me. I mean, he gives me the creeps, but he's not crazy. Right? But, like...
  3. I'm getting the 'more than meets the eye' vibe here. please don't suck out my brains
  4. Oh, uh... Shit.
  5. Open

    @Blitz Boom Lance smiled as Miss Gingerly closed the door. "I'm sure they'd test flu viruses on elderly ponies who have a weakened immune systems, instead of young adult ones where their immune system is at it's best." He visibly rolled his eyes while saying this.
  6. Request Shop

    @Pangur Ban OOooOOoOOOooOO! I love making people draw Lance! No specific colors needed as long as they are obviously similar colors (if it's black don't color it as white, durr) Various pictures of him I have laying around: I would prefer if he was wearing his hoodie in the art, the middle drawing is ancient, before I decided to give him a hoodie.
  7. Open

    @Blitz Boom "Their cookies are really good. I don't think they're tricking me into anything except gorging myself on sugar, and I can't complain about that." Lance dug around the bag for about eight seconds and was just pulling out the container as the elderly mare opened the door. Miss Gingerly. Okay, she seems nice enough. He smiled at her and held up the soup.
  8. Open

    @Blitz Boom Lance continued to follow Berry. "You know, you'd make a pretty good author." He was mainly dismissing the insanity she was saying as nonsense, but there was one tiny part of him that said 'what if she's right?' as there always is. But seriously, somepony needs to be writing this down somewhere, this is hilarious.
  9. Open

    @Blitz Boom Lance laughed and followed her out. "But what would they do with the clones when they ran out of money? Also, how do the clones get money in the first place? It's not like they can go to the non-cloned version of themselves job, because there couldn't be two of them at the same place without one realizing that something was up." He continued to trot behind Berry.
  10. @FancyHorse @Hazard Time Lance continued to attempt to wave away the cloud of dust around his head (and almost fell back down the stairs in the process) and, after a couple seconds of this, finally was able to reply to Fallskir. "I thought-- *cough* --Dip was going to bring up a lighter or matches. Do you want to go down there and ask or should I?" After asking this, he glanced over at the sunset. It's been so long since I've seen the sunset. You know, it's kind of nice. Besides the scorching heat at day and apparently bandits everywhere, I think this is going to work out fine. Lance smiled for what seemed like the first time today. I should try thinking like that more often.
  11. Open

    @Blitz Boom Lance nodded quickly to Chop and turned to the door, and visibly jumped. He managed to keep hold of the food without dropping any, however. "I'm pretty sure if I had any phoenix eggs in here, the containers would've melted. And I don't think anyone buying food would be shady, but I mean, bad guys have to eat too, so..." He grinned and added, "I think you're supposed to show me where this place is..." Lance read off the address. "You do know where that is, right?"
  12. Open

    @Blitz Boom Lance nodded and took the list, and began reading through it. I have no idea where that is. Lucky for me, Straw's sending somepony else with me this time. He folded up the paper and stuffed it into his hoodie. After a minute, he took at back out and unfolded it, and attempted to fold it into an origami bird. It looked more like a blob, but he was satisified as he popped it back into his jacket.
  13. Open

    @Blitz Boom Notes. I will need many, many notes. "Alright, thanks!" Lance assumed he would be told where to deliver the food when he got said food. He quickly rushed back inside and made his way to the kitchen, proceeding to warily peep his head in. "Hey, uh, Straw told me that I should come here to get the first delivery foodstuffs." He said this carefully, trying not to offend Chop for whatever reason.
  14. @FancyHorse @Arid_Blitz @Randimaxis Lance smiled as he got within speaking distance of the group. "I left a bunch of ammo behind if any of you guys want some. There's also probably some in the gun store that I didn't find right away, you're free to go take a look." @Hazard Time Lance turned to ask Ametrine if she wanted dibs on any of the loot, but noticed the look on her face as she made her way to the roof. I always had a talent for reading faces. Actually trying to do something about that face, though, I didn't have any skills in. But whatever, might as well go see what's up. He jogged after her, and nearly silently made his way upstairs. After years of avoiding attention had given him pretty decent sneaking skills. Lance got to the stop of the staircase and was immediately ambushed by a cloud of dust to the face, and he began coughing and sputtering.
  15. Open

    @Blitz Boom Lance had always had disliked royal ponies. Mainly it was just an envy thing, as he did grow up in poor conditions. He hadn't had any nasty run-ins with nobility, though, so he agreed, figuring it wouldn't be hard to get along with his other boss. "Clear as day. I'm ready to get working right now, if you wouldn't mind the help." Lance liked to tell himself he was good at telling stories and writing them. I get the feeling I'm going to get a lot of material from this job.