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  1. @FancyHorse It took a couple seconds before Lance woke up. He absently rolled over, opposite of Fallskir. This was a mistake, and he paid for it. It woke him up plenty, however. "What the f- oh, for f***'s sake, will I ever get a break?" He wiped the toxic-smelling upchuck off of his snout, and attempted to stand up. He wobbled in place for a second before falling to his knees. "Jeebus." Back before the megaspells, Lance had been (though you would have never gotten him to admit it) a big drinker. Now, usually he saved the alchohol for when he got home-- so he wouldn't humiliate himself in public-- but the alcohol had long run out at the stable. This was the first he'd has in years. Was it worth it? No. Still, the fact remains he had developed a kind of immunity of alcohol. Not that he didn't get drunk, he simply was able to get a grip on things faster after he had slept for even a few minutes. The hangovers, on the other hand, were just as bad as always. Lance's head was pounding, and he felt like we would vomit if he hadn't barfed it all already.
  2. ( I don't know if any of you are going to hear Lance's sleep mumbles ) Mike, a young stallion, hopped out of the caravan. His mane's fiery colors jumped out, making him an easy one to spot. Behind him, Lance, looking much less noticeable with his dark mane, dark hoodie (he felt his eyes always were meant for somepony else; they shone a heroic blue, which Lance felt he didn't deserve) with the hood over his head. He looked like a polar opposite of Mike, with his bright red parka, bright red and orange mane and burning red eyes. Lance would have wondered at it further if the two hadn't had a job to do. They walked into the bank. "Everypony down on the f***ing ground, this is a robbery! Do exactly as I say and you won't lose anything. We came for the bank's money, not yours. However, if you're looking for a fresh hole through your skull go ahead and try to call the authorities." Mike aimed two civilian pistols at various targets as he shouted this. Lance had his hunting rifle against the back of a security guards head. He took the guard's walkie-talkie and said, "Two armed vandals at the clothing shop (The store a couple doors down). Situation under control." This way, if the cops did come running, they would check the clothing store first. He pocketed the walkie and eyed his hostage. If this stallion knew how weak I was I would be dead in seconds. Still, Mike's yelling kept everypony down. The two had agreed; No killing unless the others fired first. Lance had just wanted to get some bits and beat it to a faraway stable where nopony knew who he was or what he was doing right now. Mike moved toward the tellers. "5000 bits and nopony gets hurt, got it?" Mike sneered at the terrified banker. Lance kept his eyes locked on the teller, in case there was a weapon under the desk that they were getting instead of the money. This was a mistake. His captive noticed the lack of attention towards him and took his StunGun and prepared to fire at Lance. Lance noticed the movement, but it was too late. 80,000 volts of electricity flowed through his nerves, and he dropped to the ground. He dropped the gun and blacked out. ---- Meanwhile, back in the real world... "Mike... help... bits... rifle..." Lance muttered fragmented sentences as he lay on the floor (dangerously close to the vomit) of the security office. He was obviously having a nightmare, but he was so wasted he couldn't wake himself up. He'd be asleep for hours, if not more. Jeebus, what was in that drink?
  3. @Hazard Time @Arid_Blitz @FancyHorse A hammered Lance had almost gotten to the security office without face-planting. Only a few more feet to go. He stumbled and slipped on blood and corpses of the raiders and past Fallskir, and finally got to the door. He mumbled something along the lines of 'I'll be in here if anypony wants to know' opened the door, and then pitched forward with an audible THUNK. Any pain that he might have suffered was shut out by the sheer amount of alcohol in his bloodstream. As he faded from consiousness, one thought went through his mind; Duuuude, what was in that potion?.. After a few moments he began to snore quietly.
  4. @FancyHorse Lance hadn't gotten far, and heard Fallskir. If he had been sober, he would have gone back and eventually pieced it together that Fallskir had just done drugs. He had been told time and time again that 'drugs, tobacco and alcohol are bad' he hadn't listened, but still. But Lance wasn't sober, so he thought nothing of it (if he had even heard it.) @Hazard Time @Arid_Blitz Instead, he was rummaging through a corner store in search of booze. Luckily for his health, the best he found was cracked bottle with a few drops left, which he greedily drank. He also found some weird needles filled with reddish stuff, marked 'STIMPAK', and he pocketed them because he felt they looked important in some way. Lance made his way back to the security office so he could crash. The office chair looked like it could make a decent bed.
  5. @FancyHorse Lance scowled at Fallskir has he walked away. He picked up the cracked bottle and popped the cork off, and the proceeded to drink the rest of the bottle. This wasn't a good idea do to the amount of alcohol present. He giggled drunkenly as he staggered off to look for either something to collapse onto or more beer. Heavily Intoxicated: -4 Agility, -3 Intelligence, +2 Charisma (Don't ask me how, the games give you charisma for being drunk)
  6. @Hazard Time @Arid_Blitz @FancyHorse "Hey, guys! I found beer!" Lance rushed out of the potion shop, holding the now empty bottle and the other untouched potion. "Strong stuff, if you ask me." Whenever Lance was more or less drunk (like he was now), he talked about everything and everypony he saw. It was a pretty drastic change from his sober self, which stayed somewhat quiet and didn't really get emotional about anything besides pain and suffering. He made is way over to Fallskir, and waved the drink in his face. "I told you there was alcohol here!" It was very obvious that the potion had dangerous amounts of alcohol, as a small bottle had intoxicated Lance.
  7. @FancyHorse@Arid_Blitz @Hazard Time Lance shrugged. "Just trying to look on the bright side. Plus, the doors were locked after all this time, so there must be something behind one of these doors." He followed outside and stood a ways back, trying to ignore the metallic smell of fresh blood and the unnatural positions of the corpses. He didn't give a f*** if he could find some bandages for his own minor wounds. So, he put his mind onto doing something else-- looting the nearest shop. 'True Heart's Potions'. Hey, maybe one of these are alcoholic? It would help a lot. He tugged on the door, and it swung open. The inside was nearly empty, besides a few cracked empty bottles, and two green shimmering potions near the front desk as well as a few candy bars and gummies (probably rotten) on a small rack next to the desk. He picked up the candy bar and read the label. Sugarcube Corners' Finest! (Warning: Contains potentially dangerous amounts of sugar.) "Seems legit." He unwrapped it and took a bite. Tasted like burnt rubber and additives. He choked on it for a minute before spitting it out. "Ugh..." He didn't even bother with the gummies. Instead, he picked up one of the elixirs. It was marked with the generic 'XXX', like most beers or boozes have. He popped the cork off and took a sip. It tasted quite bitter. Yep, this had a potent amount of alcohol in it. However, his queasiness seemed to worsen. Bubbling Potion -- Addictive; +5 RAD
  8. @FancyHorse @Hazard Time @Arid_Blitz "GO F*** YOURSELF, WILL YOU?" Lance shouted out to the bossy one's awful joke, and then clasped his stomach again and looked downwards. He said something to Fallskir; "I noticed." He managed to say between gags. After another few dry heaves he finally was able to force himself to stand up straight. He looked rather ill. Still, he looked up towards Fallskir and saw that he was in more pain than he was. "You don't look too good. Malls usually have First Aid areas somewhere, and I bet there's some alcohol left in one of the stores that we could find." Sickness: -1 Agility, -1 Charisma
  9. Link to the RP: Fallout: Equestria Note: This may seem like it came in way after the RP started (because it did), because I didn't know that these were required for roleplays (we used private messages). My bad, forums staff! --------- Welp, this is our OOC now, @Hazard Time @Arid_Blitz @FancyHorse. *claps hands* DISCUSS IMPORTANT THINGS!
  10. @Hazard Time @FancyHorse @Arid_Blitz Lance watched as Fallskir beat the raider to a pulp. "Wow, that was--" Then he noted the three raiders, bodies mutilated. This was too much, and Lance could feel what remainder of food he had in his stomach coming back up. He briskly turned back around into the office and doubled over. Vomiting : -2 Agility, -5 Charisma; Alerts nearby of your presence ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The leader didn't stand a chance. When he went down the first time, he knew it was over. He wished he had brought more raiders with him, like the boss had said, but he hadn't and now he was dead. F***.
  11. @Hazard Time @Arid_Blitz @FancyHorse Lance had staggered out from behind the desk and peeped his head out of the doorway. His eyes focused on Ametrine and the awestruck raider. Dammit, if I had a gun righ-- wait, is that that Fallskir guy coming up behind him? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The raider's jaw dropped, and he dropped his axe. "Awwwwww, s***, I ain't dealing with this magic s***. No way. No how." He slowly began to back away, keeping his eyes locked on the metal plate where he was expecting blood. He didn't notice Fallskir behind him.
  12. Mega Thread

    Necro posting pls ban
  13. While there is other shows (kids' shows, even) where the main character doesn't appear at all/as a background character for an episode, MLP is iconic for it's character's lack of consecutive appearances. (I hope I said that right)
  14. @Arid_Blitz @FancyHorse @Hazard Time "Holy s***, that sounded brutal." He could hear the breaking of bones and small cries of pain from raiders, followed by Ametrine shouting death-threats towards the leader. Jeez, when is this grenade going to explode? We could've just picked it up and tossed it back at this poi-- KABLOOIE! The time bomb blasted through the door. Lance was hit with some pieces of shrapnel, and medical attention would be a good idea. He could still move with relative ease, though. The bossy one, though? He's prolly dead. I wouldn't of survived that. He huddled behind the overturned desk, a small pool of blood forming around him from his various cuts and gashes. --------------------------------------------------- The leader (and his medical minion) both stared at the carnage. Then the medic spoke up. "Welp it was nice knowing you I'll tell the boss that you died in a blaze of glory okaythanksseeyouinhell" He then began scampering off towards the exit, completely oblivious to the fact he was in the open for the other heroes.. The leader would have surely blasted the coward's brains out if he weren't petrified of wasting a shell. But he had never lost a battle, and he didn't plan on losing now. He grinned, dropped his Riot Shotgun, and pulled out what seemed to be a makeshift war axe, twice the size of the average earth pony and decorated with bloody skulls. Uttering a loud war cry, he rushed towards where he thought Ametrine was, hoping to get his axe a new decoration.
  15. Open

    @Blitz Boom Lance stepped out of his cottage, thinking about what to eat for breakfast. Maybe that diner where I was yesterday. The food was very good. Do they serve breakfast, though? He continued towards the restaurant, retracing his steps from his cottage to the diner (or, at least trying to). He passed Null and Void, and took a second before he noticed them. "Hey! Null! Void!" He hurried over to the two. "I was trying to find the diner to get some breakfast before work." He looked around, and his heart sank. "Wait, am I late? Oh, crap."