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  1. Will be out for a week due to visiting a family member

  2. @Blitz Boom Lance nodded and trotted towards the kitchen, keeping an eye out for Alonsus or his Pegasus friend. I wonder what Straw wants to ask about. I hope it isn't bad. Lance didn't like the idea of going on more deliveries-- if he went alone, he'd probably get lost. If Berry accompanied him, she might dig deeper into exactly what Lance needed... Oh, no. If Berry tells Alonsus that I was asking around, I'm screwed! But if I ask her not to, she might think I'm a spy or whatever and tell Alonsus, but if I keep quiet she might think I'm plotting something. Crap, what am I supposed to do? By the time Lance had reached the kitchen, he was beginning to panic. However, a staff member might think he drank some of Berry's coffee and pass it off as a rookie mistake.
  3. @Blitz Boom Lance would remain silent for a few seconds, but quickly shook his head-- he didn't want to look like he was spying. "Hey, Mr. Straw. Are there any other deliveries today?" He decided not to ask further about Alonsus right after he had said he wouldn't. Plus, he needed some time to think about this.
  4. @Blitz Boom (( Sorry about lateness of post, flu )) Lance gave Berry a look saying something along the lines of 'You are one weird pony.' "I'm pretty sure if he threw them away-- whatever. I'll keep quiet about this, thanks for the info." If he had fingers, he would probably be crossing them behind his back right now. Sure, he wouldn't go around town telling everypony on the street that Alonsus is on parole, but he definitely wasn't done sticking his snout into this. I might be able to help him. Or at least figure out what's going on. He tried to make his way out of the claustrophobic closet and make his way towards Straw's office to ask about any further deliveries, though Berry or somepony else could stop him on the way.
  5. @Blitz Boom Lance followed Berry to the back room (After taking the coffee she had given him), and looked around rather suspiciously. This reminds me of that alleyway, all cut off from everything else. "Uh... alrighty." He spent a few seconds surveying the room before he would start to talk, so Berry would get a chance to speak before him.
  6. @Blitz Boom Lance didn't speak up until he was sure Alonsus had left the diner, and even then, he spoke in a low tone. Just in case. "Something happened... I'm not quite sure what it is, though. Hey, quick question; was Alonsus ever on parole?" He felt a bit bad for talking about this behind Alonsus's back, but his curiosity outweighed the guilt.
  7. @Blitz Boom Lance trotted over to the nearest seat and sat down, just to go over mentally what just happened. It looked like Alonsus was about to rob me out of nowhere, but had second thoughts. Lance glanced around the diner as he thought. Wait... He noticed the Pegasus. After we ran into that guy, Alonsus started acting weird. Why is that? And didn't he say something about 'parolees together'? Why would Alonsus be on parole?.. It felt like a big puzzle to Lance, and he had just found a piece-- not that it was useful right now, but still! Huh. Maybe it was more than I thought. I'll have to talk to Berry about this, I'm certain she'd know more about this than I would.
  8. @Blitz Boom Lance read out the address and got on his way, hardly waiting for Alonsus to follow. He just wanted to finish up the route and take a break just to digest what Alonsus had told him and what to think of him now. Lance still kept an eye on the bigger pony, just in case he decided to pull something behind his back.
  9. @Blitz Boom "H-hey there! My name's Lance. It's n-nice to meet you!" Lance tried his best to keep a cheerful look going as he took the bucket and handed it to Mrs. Raspberry. "There y-you go."
  10. @Blitz Boom Lance felt a pang of guilt for saddening Alonsus, but any guilt he had was quickly smothered under a blanket of fear. He remained dead silent as he followed Alonsus. Maybe Ponyville isn't as good as I thought.
  11. @Blitz Boom Calling Lance 'terrified' was a massive understatement. He visibly trembled, and was sure he was about to get beaten to a pulp. So, Lance's expression changed to a somewhat relieved (thought still fearful) one when it seemed his face might not get rearranged. "I w-wouldn't dream of telling a s-soul. Promise." I knew something was up with this stallion. For a minute, a part of Lance said, I should ask about it, but was quickly silenced by the thought of I like being alive, can we keep it that way? He waited for Alonsus to say something else. It was clear Lance was no longer even remotely in charge of their deliveries.
  12. @Blitz Boom Lance had retreated a couple paces during the exchange between the two. He hadn't ever seen Alonsus this angry. I didn't even know he could get this angry. "A-alrighty! Uh, let's go." With that, Lance scurried along. He tried not to make eye contact with Alonsus, in case he would notice Lance's fearful expression.
  13. @Blitz Boom Most ponies that live in this town fall under the 'crazy' category, if I'm being totally honest. Lance failed to notice the Pegasus coming up behind the two. It was a busy street (or, at least, it sure felt like it) so he would think nothing of the nearing pony until he got closer. "Yep, let's get onto the next stop-- here's the address..." He would begin to read off the next address, but chances are he wouldn't finish before the Pegasus got close. Unless, of course, the Pegasus took their time getting to the two.
  14. @Blitz Boom Jeez, what's up with him? I know everypony has their secrets, but I don't think most involve going this far to avoid a certain pony. "That works." Lance continued the trek toward the house, still wondering what Alonsus was hiding from him.
  15. @Blitz Boom Okay, this is getting pretty weird. Lance followed Alonsus without a word and a thoughtful look on his face. But I don't have anypony to talk to. Well, maybe Void. But, I have basically no idea where she is.