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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Will

    Where are you most ticklish?

    Chest, belly, belly button, sides, arm pits, and feet
  3. Will

    Ask Queen Chrysalis

    Can you be in a good episode next?
  4. Will

    Ask Pinkamena

    How many more times do you plan to jumscare me in MLP horror games?
  5. Will

    Answer the above question with a lie?

    Ponies are all black and white zebras. IS Pokemon stadium 2 easy?
  6. Will

    The Canterlot Movie Club (EG Shorts)

    They are good but I like the movies (and episodes) more
  7. Will

    Why are you single? :3

    I broke up with my BF because he wasn't making enough time for me
  8. Will

    Flash Magnus=Flash Sentry's return?

    I wouldn't mind seeing flash sentry. I met him at bronycon
  9. Will

    re-name the user above based on his/her avatar

    Thorax with clothes
  10. Will

    I wish Thorax had a longer arc

    The arc could have been longer but Thorax is a personal character so when I meet him on Friday I'm gonna cry
  11. Will

    If your OC was in a nerf war, what gun would they use?

    Honestly I don't see a difference in nerf guns