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  1. Lucky! Sometimes I wish I could do nothing, you should find yourself a fun game to play! :sassy:


    1. Blivy


      Also meant to reply not send a new status 

    2. Limestone-Pie


      Lol, it's completely fine. I would play some games if I didn't have some other work coming up soon. I don't want to get too invested just to stop. 

    3. Blivy


      Yeah work haha I could use some zzzs right about now but I'm at work you see! :scoots:

  2. I've been so very busy doing nothing as of late.

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      @Limestone-Pie That's great, My Friend! :ButtercupLaugh:



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      Samurai Equine

      I'm still waiting for your RP to attract attention.

  3. My cat ripped open the fabric of space-time, should I be worried?

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      Yes. Trust me. It's my specialty.

    2. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Only if your cat leaves a bunch of Twinkie wrappers all over the place.

  4. No that'd be just fine. I do think that him appearing with a helmet on would be interesting, especially when it comes to interacting with normal humans and the like. Now it's just a matter of getting some other people together to participate!
  5. College midterms are conquered, now it's time for a break. 

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      @Limestone-Pie Hooray! You deserve an absolutely beautiful pony!


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      And thus my day is already looking up! Thanks so much!

  6. @Samurai Equine I feel like you're on the right track with your Tirek application but I do think it could use some more elaboration at least in terms of the backstory and personality department. Don't feel like you need to be wholly constrained by what you see in the show, you can apply some of your own headcanons and ideas too if you feel like it'll make the character more interesting - and most importantly - fun for you to play! I do agree that he'd appear at that midway point between his weakened and fully beefed up form though. I would like to see what you'd think Tirek would wear though, the goal is to have fun as I said. Even if it is a little goofy, that'd make it all the better for him to comment on and no doubt be irritated by. Hope that helps! As for your human application, I shall accept it! Though I would like you to note exactly where they happen to be living - a town/city to be more specific. Also you called them a stallion in the backstory section by mistake - I just thought I'd mention it.
  7. This is the real Earth, absolutely, so don't expect to find a 'Canterlot High' stashed away anywhere - just boring ol' humans. I encourage you to apply if you're interested though, I'd love to see what you can bring to the table.
  8. @Limestone-Pie Thank you very much for following me! You’re way past awesome!


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      @Limestone-Pie Oh boy, another awesome Tempest picture for the collection!

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      I have quite a few Tempest images I have stashed away, you gotta collect them all :sassy:

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      @Limestone-Pie I have 52 Tempest pics so far! Gotta catch all te Tempests!

  9. Woo, my RP is finally up! Hopefully It catches a little bit of attention :sunbutt:

    1. DivinePony1000


      @Limestone-Pie It’s always nice to share your creations with your friends! B)


  10. All good things must come to an end. Shows, movies, they all come and go, living on in the memories made by their fans who stuck by till the final credits roll. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was no different, garnering fans the world over, but that too had ended not long ago. The credits roll one final time, the friendship lessons through, and everyone’s favorite pastel equines at last get their final least that’s what people assumed. ... Twilight’s coronation was a complete disaster and yet everything seemed to have worked out in the end. She was now in charge of Equestria, her friends were by her side, and the the greatest villains Equestria had ever known were sealed away. With the creatures of many different lands now becoming regular sights in Equestria a new dawn of prosperity was upon them! Yet even in their brightest hours, ancient threats of all kinds still brew under the surface of Equestria. As the first year of her reign began to come to a close the eve of the first official “Festival of the Two Sisters” was upon them. To make a strong first impression she and the Mane Six sought to plan the most extravagant event that Canterlot had seen in a century! Everyone who is anyone in Equestria was sure to attend - and even from beyond. For once everything seemed to be going without a hitch, no invasions from airship armadas or suped-up magical threats, but it wasn’t to last. Just as the celebration had begun to commence with the retired Princesses Luna and Celestia taking the stage the terrifying trio of Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow spring upon the crowd - freed from their prison of stone and seeking revenge! Just before the ponies could rally their forces and make a counter attack a lone unicorn saunters on the stage, a total stranger to all, but as their horn becomes alight in a sinister swirl of black and yellow magic strange rifts in space open up all across Canterlot and begin sucking in anypony who gets too close - pony, alicorn and villain alike! Those who are left to stand and fight immediately demand an explanation, engaging in a quick skirmish with the unknown assailant, the foe pulling drawing up various portals to ensnare those who would get too close! Yet before the enclosing ponies can get in a decisive blow the unicorn opens one last portal and flings themselves inside, but not before at last declaring their name - Ambient Antique! Leaving no recourse but to either follow in after or stay behind to pick up the pieces. ————— Life doesn’t present too much variation for the average person. Go to work, do your job, return home and sleep to start it over again the next day. Human lives are defined by repetition and keeping to schedules, dealing with mundane troubles without monsters or magic. When the day had started out it seemed like it was going to be the same as the last but without warning - all over the world - freak storms swept across various regions. Torrential winds tore down branches and strange lightning flickered in the sky, but as quickly as they came the clouds vanished from sight. In their stead however the storms had left strange people in their wake, with oddly colored hair and complete unfamiliarity with their surroundings. To those who find these individuals it becomes clear that these strange characters are a bit more than meets the eye... These people claim to be Equestrians, people from a completely different world sent here by a new villain who’s motives remain unclear. Intent to reunite and find a way back to Equestria, it’s up to both the Equestrians and their human allies to team up and find a way home! ————————- Welcome one and all to a revitalization of an older concept - a pony in the human world! I’m very excited to announce this, as I do think there is a need for more large scale RP events on the forum! Hopefully the intro happened to catch your eye and you’re up to giving this a shot. The premise of this is primarily to reunite with your fellow Equestrians and have various slice of life scenarios with the humans you encounter along the way, but that's elaborated on in part below. Be sure to read onward for the rules, as those are rather important! Rules for all participants!: Notes on Character Creation: Equestrian Application Guidelines Equestrian Race Distinctions Human Application Guidelines Additional Notes: Application Forms Cast List Mane Six: Princesses: Princess Celestia - @Limestone-Pie Villains: Ambient Antique - @Limestone-Pie Misc. Canon Equestrians Tempest Shadow - @Limestone-Pie Ember - @Limestone-Pie Equestrian OCs: Humans: Faris Ritter - @Limestone-Pie Samuel Lehmann - @Limestone-Pie Example Applications: Note: No need to go into as much detail as mine, write as much as you're able/comfortable with. I just really like to fill out the particulars. Edit: There are some spoiler format issues with the applications, they shall be fixed soon! Just beware, there is a lot of scrolling. Equestrian Applications Tempest Shadow Dragon Lord Ember Princess Celestia Ambient Antique Human Applications Faris Ritter Samuel Lahmann
  11. Good afternoon folks, how's it goin'? 

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      @Limestone-Pie As long as I have this beautiful pony, every day is a wonderful day!


    2. Limestone-Pie


      A very fair point indeed!

  12. There are many things one can theorize, but Celestia did outright state that she and Luna were going to hang out at that retirement home from the "Point of No Return" episode. Though since Big Jim is leaving a lot of the epilogue material up to the fans like he states in the Q&A I shall posit a theory of my own. Luna and Celestia, even without the status of monarchs, wouldn't end up just hanging out in a swanky retirement home for the rest of time - there are so many ways they can still help Equestria while still enjoying 'retirement'. Luna in particular I think would still guide ponies in their dreams I think, seeing as how much satisfaction that seemed to bring her back in season four with the CMC. I can also see her being a therapist as some other people have stated, Luna seems to be able to relate to ponies on a more empathetic level than her elder sister and given everything she's gone through I do find her uniquely suited to the roll.
  13. It may have been several months ago but I purchased Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and just the other day I also picked up Mighty Switch Force Collection on the Switch. Both games are very fun and entertaining, but for entirely separate reasons.
  14. "Yeah, of course we do. Rocks are strong, practical, and gray. Why even bother decorating with anything else?" "You bet, lots of ponies need rocks around this time of year - you'd be surprised." "I don't really do plans. I'm going to spend time with Mud Briar and my family, but I don't have anything else in mind." "Plans? You better believe I got plans! My whole schedule is packed with parties! I already have to think of the most special and meaningful Hearthswarming gifts to get all my friends and sisters! If I don't start early then there will never be enough time!!" "Mm-hmm."
  15. It's been a busy couple of days but I'm just about to unveil my massive RP concept! Do look out for that :sassy:

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      I think I just saw that. :derp:

    2. Limestone-Pie


      You'd be correct!