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  1. Want to partake on my movie night?

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    2. KTAG


      Also you can watch that on YouTube? No fair I reacted to an Equestria Girls movie and I had to delet it, because it got blocked world wide.

    3. leonbrony17


      Some movies are full aviable on youtube. This one even in very good quality. I depens on which movie you search for. Bambi came out in 1943 so it's sure that you can watch this movie everywhere.


      Yes i know disney movies requires a lot of "mood".


      But do you really need that kind of preparation to watch a movie?

    4. KTAG


      It's not preperation. It's just if I feel like watching the movie. I need to feel like watching it otherwise I won't fully enjoy the movie. It doesn't mean I won't like the movie if I don't feel like it, but it helps me get through the movie.

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